Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
357 I am not Cinderella, so I should leave your side.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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357 I am not Cinderella, so I should leave your side.

"Ji Ziming, you bastard, I tell you! I've tolerated you long enough! I quit! I'm definitely calling it quits!"

The car came to an abrupt halt once she flung these words out.

Screech! The emergency braking threw her body forward despite having a seatbelt on.

Bang! Her body smashed back heavily into the seat when the car came to a complete stop.

"What did you just say?" he demanded unhappily, shooting her a frigid glare.

She raised her head and glared back at him. "I said that I've tolerated you long enough, so I want to call it quits! I QUIT!"

With that, she hurriedly unbuckled her seatbelt and moved to get off the car.

The next thing she knew was that the car door had been locked from the inside.

"Open the door!" She firmly pressed her lips together and glared hatefully at the man.

"You said you want to quit?" He ignored her request and just continued his interrogation of her with a dark gaze.

"Yes! Quit!" She matched his stormy gaze with her fierce and resolute glare.

"Pei Ge, your salary is already very high," he warned, looking displeased.

He really could not understand what her deal was. Besides letting her learn stuff she would not get access to under normal circumstances, he was even doubling her salary.

In return, she was throwing her temper at him by wanting to quit?

She must be purposely testing his tolerance!

"Ji Ziming, do you think that I'll be fine with anything as long as you stuff me with money? Do you think I'll let you order me around in exchange for money?" she questioned through gnashed teeth, seething with rage.

"…" He frowned at this.

Before he could answer, she continued, "Let me make this clear to you; I, Pei Ge, am not that type of person! Don't even think about controlling me with money! This lady here doesn't appreciate it!"

"… You—" Pausing for a long while, he was about to rebuke her when she interrupted him.

"You, what?! I say I no longer want to play your game! I've had enough of you and I already made up my mind. I quit!" Declaring this, she took the chance he was stunned to quickly unlock the car door by pressing the button for opening it.

Pak! She quickly opened the door and hopped out of the car.

"See you—no, it should be: Let's not see each other ever again!" She coldly harrumphed once she was out of car and then quickly flagged down a taxi.

The man could not even react to her swift and decisive actions and could only watch her disappear from his sight.

He finally regained his senses after a long time.

Beeeeeep! The ear-piercing sound of the car horn blared as he punched the steering wheel.

"Damn it!" he cursed, "what exactly is in that dumb woman's head?!"

I increased her pay to help out with her expenses, so how did it turn into something else in her eyes?

I always threatened to dock her pay, but have I ever really docked that dumb woman's pay?!

If I really thought that she is a gold digger, would I care like this for her?

Would I even make her my assistant?

"That dumb woman is really dumb!"

He commented unhappily and then stomped on the accelerator. He did not change his destination and merely continued driving toward her house.

Meanwhile, she, who was still feeling stifled from her recent argument with the man and was oblivious to him being on his way to her house, was currently sporting a conflicted look on her face.

"Sigh!" she exhaled heavily.

She was actually somewhat regretting her decision to quit. Although she had bravely shouted a while ago to the man of her resignation, now that she was off his car and away from him, she could not help but feel uneasy.

However, her decision to quit was not just fueled by his unreasonable demand earlier.

She had actually been considering resigning for quite some time now.

She knew very well that the benefits she was currently enjoying at Chenguang Real Estate would not easily be accessible to her in another company.

Nonetheless, she was really feeling very tired nowadays.

She was receiving too much pressure from her relatives and… herself.

This was because she had actually fallen in love with the man whom she called an annoying fellow on a daily basis. She did not want to admit this, but he was really charismatic and attractive.

She did not know when she had started caring so much for him, but by the time she realized it, she was already helplessly in love with him.

That was right. Other than being a little too proud—and being more temperamental than a woman on her red days, he was perfect in every way.

She realized that the longer she spent with him, the more deeply she felt for him. This feeling scared her, and she did not dare to face it.

This was because she knew that it was impossible between them.

Although her father used to read her the 'Cinderella' story when she was a child, Cinderella did not actually exist in reality.

Moreover, Cinderella's real identity was not that of a peasant's daughter and was actually that of an educated duke's daughter, instead.

Hence, she decided to leave that annoying fellow's side before she sank deeper into her feelings for him. Perhaps, by doing this, her love for him would cool down.

"Pei Ge, everything will be alright…" she muttered, staring blankly at the passing scenery outside the taxi's window.

She now had Chenguang Real Estate on her resume, so she would have an edge when she applied to another company.

She eventually reached home amid her pensive thoughts.

"Mom, I'm back." She opened the door grill and changed into her indoor slippers.

However, even when she entered the living room, she still did not receive a reply from her mother.

"That's weird. Where's Mom?" She swept her eyes across the living room and was just about to dial her mother's number when she spotted the latter walking out of her bedroom.

"Ge Ge, you're back." Zhang Manhua smiled at her.

She immediately noticed that something was not right about her mother.

"Mom, did you cry?" She frowned, noting her mother's swollen eyes.

"No, no," her mother denied.

Her mother was never good at lying, though, so she quickly confirmed that something was indeed wrong with her.

"Mom, you cried," she plainly stated. Quickly walking over to her mother's side, she looked at her face questioningly.

Why did her mother cry? What in the world happened?


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