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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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359 Whatever It Takes

Once her daughter calmed down, Zhang Manhua pulled her into the living room and took a

piece of cloth to wipe the latter's tear-stained face, just like what she would do before.

"Actually, I'm still lucky because my stomach cancer is discovered while it's still at mid stage and not at late stage." She smiled comfortingly as she continued to wipe her daughter's wet face.

Seeing the calm smile on her mother's face, Pei Ge's nose began to scrunch up in sorrow once more.

"Mom, what did the doctor say? Is it curable?" she asked anxiously.

She was rarely sick and hardly went to the hospital, so she was not knowledgeable about some sicknesses. Even so, she was aware of how scary cancer could be.

The main point was that cancer could be incurable or even terminal.

Hence, she was scared for her mother who was diagnosed with gastric cancer.

"This…" Zhang Manhua's smile faded slightly at her words.

She could not help but recall what the doctor had told her earlier today.

Her sickness was not easy to treat. Although it was currently at mid-stage, and there was a high chance of it being cured fully, treatment was very expensive – too expensive to be precise.

It was simply beyond their current means.

She did not want to be a financial burden to her daughter because of her sickness.

Seeing her mother hesitate to provide details, she could tell that it was because of the medical expenses.

"Mom, if you don't give me the details, I will just call the hospital to find out. Besides, the report has the doctor's signature in it," she said in a firm tone.

"Ge Ge…" She sighed, her eyes heavy with worry.

"Mom, Dad already left me; I don't want you to leave me as well, so you can't give up. You have to cure this sickness for me," she said earnestly while she gripped her mother's hands tightly, her eyes brimming with tears.

Zhang Manhua's nose wrinkled from holding back her tears at her daughter's words.

"Ge Ge, mom is so, so useless… for contracting such a disease…"

Hearing her mother's self-blame, she sniffed and smiled. "Mom, no matter how much it costs, we must treat your sickness, okay?"

"Mhm…" She nodded despite her tears.

"Tell me what the doctor said to you, then; how much the treatment will cost and what are the success rates." While she remained calm on the outside, she was filled with worry on the inside.

Zhang Manhua sighed and decided to tell her everything when she saw the seriousness in her daughter's clear eyes.

When she heard her mother's recount, she was first filled with worry and then hope.

Her mother's sickness was not terminal! It was still treatable!

Her mother's cancer had yet to reach the terminal stage, and the chances of a full recovery were high!

However, treating this kind of illness required a lot of money.

"Mom! Did the doctor say how much money we need?" Her eyes were now filled with only hope.

Hope that her mother would fully recover.

"The doctor could not give a definite number but only said that we will need to prepare at least…" she trailed off and seemed to be in a dilemma.

"Mom, we are already at this stage; what else is there to hide? Just quickly tell me how much we need," she urged her mother.

"We need at least 200,000 yuan," she sighed and revealed.

Never mind 200,000 yuan, her family could not even afford 100,000 yuan.

Although her daughter's salary was high, she had just started at Chenguang Real Estate. They just had no way of gathering that much at such a short notice.

"200,000 yuan?" she repeated and pursed her lips in consideration.

She knew her family's financial level, and producing 200,000 yuan immediately was impossible.

The only solution was to borrow!

"Mom! That's not an issue! 200,000 yuan is not a lot! We can borrow first!" she exclaimed happily at finding an avenue.

Although she did not like to borrow from others, this was an emergency and she had no choice in the matter.

Fortunately, her second uncle's family and best friend were wealthy; borrowing 200,000 yuan from them should not be difficult.

However, sometimes, things were not that simple.

Right now, she thought that borrowing money from her friend and relatives was just an issue of time and did not even consider the possibility of being unable to borrow from them. Regrettably, life was always full of surprises and… exceptions.

"Mom, I'll go to second uncle's place to borrow money now! Tomorrow, you can go to the hospital to start treatment!" she resolutely declared.

She knew that her best friend was still on the plane, which would not land anytime soon, so she decided to borrow from her relatives first as they were more accessible.

"Now?" she hesitantly asked when she saw how hurried her daughter was.

Sigh… My daughter only took in the good news and not the bad news.

Her sickness might have a high success rate of recovery, but there was still a chance of failure and, more importantly, she also had the possibility of not fully recovering.

The operation might be successful, but if it did not succeed, the treatment afterward would be unending, like a bottomless pit…

"Mhm, Mom, your sickness will definitely be treated! I'll go to second uncle's house now!" She nodded with firm resolve.

She already did not have a father; she could not lose her mother, too.

Her mother had yet to see her settle down and had yet to carry her grandchildren; how could she let her leave this world with regrets?!

Regardless of how difficult it was to treat her mother's sickness, and how much money she would have to spend, she would still do everything to make her mother recover fully! Whatever it took!


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