Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
366 How do I make this woman listen to me obediently?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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366 How do I make this woman listen to me obediently?

"Okay, Boss. I will be sure to follow this woman in the photo."

Within a dimly lit office, a man sat in a comfortable swivel chair with his back facing another man who was standing before the office desk.

The man standing seemed to be very servile toward the man sitting. Although he could not see the man's face, he maintained a neutral face with his back slightly bowing.

In the next moment, the chair spun around and the face of the man sitting in it was revealed.

His appearance was so perfect it seemed to have been sculpted by god itself. His aloofness and nobleness gave one the urge to grovel at his feet.

"Don't let her notice you."

The man sitting in the swivel chair was of course none other than Ji Ziming

While the woman in the photo was… Yes, that was right. It was Pei Ge.

"I got it." The man respectfully nodded and asked, "Besides tailing her, is there anything else you want me to do, sir?"

"You only need to monitor her every action and report it to me." He stared at the vibrantly smiling woman in the picture as he gave this order.

"Understood, Boss. I'll make sure to accomplish this task without a hitch," the man solemnly promised.

"Mhm. You may leave now," he dismissed the man with a cold look.

"Yes!" Feeling his superior's eyes on him, the man momentarily froze and then became more servile.

Once his subordinate left, he picked up the photo on the desk and looked at the woman in it, his gaze turning dark.

"… Why didn't you tell me anything?" he asked, unaware of his indignant and desolate look.

As he was lost in his thought while looking at the picture, his hand phone started ringing.

The ringtone jolted him out of his reverie.

He slowly put down the photo and reached for his phone.

When he saw who was calling, his forehead scrunched up.

"…" He answered the phone, but before he could speak, an exceptionally upbeat voice came through first.

"Ming Ming, are you back home now? Your dad arranged another blind date for you! When are you free to meet that lady? I heard that your date this time is really pretty! It is your Uncle An's youngest daughter! I saw her before, and she's really cute and gentle-looking."

Faced with his mother's barrage of questions, he tiredly raised his hand to rub his aching temple.

"Mom, I already said not to arrange any blind dates for me in the future," he expressed his displeasure.

"No blind dates? Alright, just bring a girlfriend back home, then!" Mother Ji's chuckle came through the receiver.

"…" He sucked in a deep breath and repressed the urge to cut the call.

"Ming Ming, Mom actually doesn't want to force you, but it's better if I'm the one doing it instead of your father. Don't you think so, too?" She, who was unable to sense her son's frustration, continued lamenting.

"… Mom, I'm tired," he informed her with a dark face.

"You're tired? No way! Agree to go on a date with your Uncle An's daughter first before you hang up!" she willfully insisted.

"… Mom, you sleep early, too. Good night." With that, he did not care for his mother's reaction and just hung up.

Toot, toot, toot! Mother Ji was stunned silly by the phone's busy tone.

"What's wrong, dear? Did that rascal hang up on you?" Father Ji put down the book in his hand and asked this unhappily at his wife's dumbfounded look.

Mother Ji regained her senses at her husband's question.

"It's your fault for forcing our Ming Ming to go on dates! Look at what has just happened! This child even hung up on me now!" she put down her phone and grumbled at him.

Father Ji, who was suddenly arrowed, could only helplessly rub his nose and mutter inside, Your son is the one who angered you, so why are you scolding me, instead?

Despite thinking of this, he, who was henpecked, did not dare to voice this aloud.

"Yes, yes, yes. My fault, my fault." He only smiled at her in resignation.

"Hng! It is truly your fault!" She childishly glared at him.

"What do we do, then? Should we just forget about that young lady from the An family?" he gently asked while maintaining his smile.

"No way! That young lady has really good upbringing! She's also a topnotch beauty!" she rejected his suggestion.

Eyeing his wife, he shook his head amusedly. Inside, he muttered, My wife clearly has face blindness. She can only recognize the faces of our family members, yet she's now speaking as though she can identify that young lady.

"What's wrong?! Why are you laughing?!" Noticing that her husband was not taking her words seriously and was, instead, chuckling mirthfully at her expense, she shot him a fierce look.

"No, no, no. I also think that the An family's daughter is really not bad," he hastily agreed to his wife's words to please the latter.

"Mhm. We should still let our son take a look at her…"

While the Ji couple was thinking of ways to dupe their son into participating in the said date, a certain great CEO was also in the middle of plotting on how to make a particular woman be obedient to him and no longer go against his will.

He lay in the bed and held the photo high as his forehead scrunched tightly in deep thought.

He thought of the matter over and over as sleep eluded him completely.

Feeling frustrated, he was about to set the photo aside and close his eyes when his phone on mute started vibrating.

Bzz, bzz, bzz! His eyebrows twitched at the sight of his phone vibrating. Picking it up, he checked the caller ID and eventually decided to answer it.

"Ziming, you're finally back! I heard that uncle and auntie have arranged another date for you," Mu Heng's boisterous voice came through the receiver.

He coldly snorted. "I'm hanging up."

"No, don't! Let's chat for a little while more. Judging from your tone, you seem to be a little heaty… Don't tell me that you had a fight with Little Chili again?"


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