Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
367 Everything will be solved if you marry Pei Ge!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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367 Everything will be solved if you marry Pei Ge!

"No, don't! Let's chat for a little while more. Judging from your tone, you seem to be a little heaty… Don't tell me that you had a fight with Little Chili again?" Mu Heng jokingly speculated.

Unexpectedly, he was met with eerie silence.

"…" Ji Ziming was rendered speechless by his childhood friend's spot-on conjecture.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the line, the Casanova, who knew of his iceberg friend's personality like the back of his hand, took the latter's silence as an affirmative to his question.

"Tsk, looks like I was right! Don't mind me saying this, but since you care so much about Little Chili, why don't you just get together with her? You can even get rid of the round after round of dates uncle and auntie keep arranging for you!"

The other's words stunned Ji Ziming again.

"Ziming, I'm being serious here; I really think that that is what you should do!" Mu Heng's mirthful voice had a hint of schadenfreude for his friend's messy love life.

His eyes dimmed at his Casanova friend's words, and then he frowned, seemingly in deep thought.

"Hey, hey, hey! Ziming, are you still there?" The notorious playboy had yet to receive a reply from his aloof friend despite a long bout of silence and, thinking that the other had left, decided to call out to him.

"Mhm, here." Ji Ziming unhappily pulled the phone away from his ear at his friend's irksome, loud voice.

"Come on; talk. What did you two fight about this time?" Mu Heng set aside his frivolousness to seriously ask his friend this.

"She… resigned again," he replied calmly after a pregnant pause, though one could still hear the gloominess in his voice.

"Pffft! Little Chili resigned again? She's still as feisty as ever!" The Casanova burst into laughter.

"…" Sigh… Feeling stifled, he sighed to himself.

Only that woman will dare to test my patience time and again and arrogantly stand before me to resign.

"Ha ha. In some way, I have to give it to her. She actually dares to dangle her resignation before you repeatedly."

His friend was clearly thinking along the same line.

"Why did she resign this time?" This playboy was really curious about this.

If it were as per usual, he would definitely ignore his friend's wicked sense of humor, but he was a little tired because of that woman today, so even though he did not answer the question, he did not hang up the phone, either.

"What should I do to make her more obedient and stop causing so much trouble?" His tone sounded detached, yet his words had a trace of helplessness.

As an experienced man in love and relationships, Mu Heng could obviously see through his friend's helplessness regarding that woman.

He silently gawked at this and muttered in exasperation inside, Looks like my best friend is in this too deep!

Tsk, tsk, tsk. No wonder she is the woman I once fancied! My eyes are as sharp as ever!

"That's simple." He coughed and adopted a serious tone.

Ji Ziming raised an eyebrow at his tone, suddenly feeling more spirited.

"Speak," he coldly ordered.

Although he sounded calm about this, his eyes were actually sparkling with anticipation.

"First, you marry her," he solemnly declared.

Immediately after Mu Heng said this, Ji Ziming was ready to hang up and smash the phone onto his head.

"Scram!" he growled.

"I'm not joking. I'm serious. Think about it; if Little Chili becomes your wife, she has to listen to you. She won't dare go east if you tell her to go west. She won't dare drink soup if you tell her to eat rice. Also, she will have to obediently serve you every day and even give birth to your children! Doesn't that sound really nice?" Mu Heng beamed.

"…" Ji Ziming's eyes widened and his lips threatened to curl upward.

Hmm… Thinking about it now, that does sound pretty nice.

Met with silence again, Mu Heng thought that he had probably truly angered his friend this time, so he tactfully decided to provide a solution he thought was correct.

"Alright, alright. I was just pulling your leg. This time it's the real deal and will surely resolve your issue."

"… Say it!" Ji Ziming ordered in a voice tinged with rage.

On the other end of the line, Mu Heng reflexively shivered in fear at his friend's tone. Rubbing his arms, he quickly said, "This method is neither difficult nor easy. It will depend on luck and opportunity."

"Mhm?" Ji Ziming sounded for him to continue.

"It will depend on whether you can grasp her weakness or not. Everyone is easy to control if you find their weakness; you know this better than I do. Once you grab a hold of her weakness, make her sign a legally binding contract, and everything will be solved! Then, the next time she threatens to resign, you can just dangle the contract before her eyes!"

Mu Heng grinned maliciously as he spat inwardly, He's clearly better at this than I am, yet when it comes to that woman, he forgets every scheme he knows, banging into walls everywhere like a foolish young lad.

Ji Ziming was stunned again once he heard this.


He suddenly thought of her crying look today.

Now seems to be a good opportunity to grasp her weakness…

He frowned with uncertainty as he drowned in deep thought.

"Hello, hello, hello? Ziming, why are you not speaking again?" he called out again to his friend who had fallen silent.

However, this time, he, who had achieved his goal, ignored his call and directly hung up the phone without replying.

"F*ck! What an unscrupulous merchant! He threw me aside immediately after making use of me!" he cursed his vicious friend vehemently when he got hung up on.

Meanwhile, the recipient of his indignant curses quickly dialed another number after cutting the call.

"Hello, Boss, do you have any additional orders?" A man's respectful voice came through.

"Check what illness Pei Ge's mother has," he ordered softly with narrowed eyes.


"Tomorrow. I want the results tomorrow." He thought for a little and indifferently added this to his list of orders.

"Copy that, Boss."

He hung up the phone thereafter and took a deep breath.

Perhaps, it was the shine from the lights, but his eyes looked exceptionally bright…


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