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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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373 CEO Ji finally answers the call!

"What kind of difficulty was it that he couldn't even tell us? If he had told us about it back then, would we not have lent him that one million? He was clearly out to cheat us off our money! I really did not expect this… I really did not expect this…"

Pei Ge did not get to finish her words as she started crying midway.

Although she had gradually come to see her relatives' true colors, she merely thought that they had changed; she truly thought that they had treated her and her mother as family before.

However, reality had given her a vicious slap on the face – it was so vicious she was stunned.

Her second uncle had never truly treated them well. Those things he used to do for them were negligible when compared to that 1,000,000 yuan.

"Ge Ge…" Zhang Manhua wiped her tears away. Someone seemed to be squeezing her heart at the sight of her daughter crying so heartbrokenly.

When she heard of this, her heart chilled, too. This was especially the case since she was the one who had been liaising with Pei Zhenghui back then!

She engulfed her daughter in her embrace and proceeded to consolingly stroke her back, saying, "Alright, alright. Many years have passed since this incident."

"It is still an important issue even if it happened a long time ago!" Pei Ge angrily stated while wiping her tears away.

"Alright, alright. Don't be angry; don't be angry." She continued to coax her daughter by gently stroking her back.

After crying for a while, Pei Ge pushed her mother aside and resolutely declared, "Mom, now is the time you need that money. I will go to second uncle's house to get back our money! I don't believe that he'll be able to shirk off his responsibility and be able to eat our money just like that!"

Zhang Manhua pulled her hands helplessly and gently persuaded, "Forget it. Don't go there."

You won't be able to get anything even if you go.

Zhang Manhua did not speak aloud the second half of her words. She thought that Pei Zhenghui had changed and was no longer a hooligan, who did nothing meaningful, only knew how to play around, and always caused trouble.

Now, it seemed that the man had never changed at all.

Even though he had already become rich and successful, it was still almost impossible to get money back from him.

"We can't just let it go like that! One can't be this shameless!" Pei Ge gritted her teeth. After what had happened yesterday, followed by knowing the truth about this one million today, she, who had always hated evil and was always direct with her feelings, was unable to contain her anger further.

All the worship and intimate feelings she used to have for her second uncle vanished in this instant.

The fact that I'm not hating on him is already really good!

"Mom, I will definitely get our one million back!" Her mother currently urgently needed that sum, so how could they just sit back and watch it fly away from them?!

"Ge Ge, your second uncle indeed cheated us off our money, but he still helped us quite a lot over the years. Let's just treat this one million as repayment for his help. From now on, our two families will have our debts all cleared." Zhang Manhua reached for her daughter's hand and lightly patted its back persuasively.

Pei Ge still felt indignant, though.

"Mom, this is one million. Our relatives didn't even help us that much! Plus, we gave them plenty of things over the years as thank you," she grumbled unhappily.

"Ge Ge, what others do is none of our business. Although your second uncle's family did not help us a lot, they at least extended a helping hand to us back when we were helpless. Also, it doesn't matter what we think anymore. Everyone else already thinks that we owe our relatives way too much," Zhang Manhua analyzed helplessly.

Pei Ge immediately fell silent at this. Pursing her lips tightly together, she mumbled, "But… That is still one million…"

If her mother were not sick, she would easily forgo that 1,000,000 yuan, but since her mother was gravely ill, this money could save her life! How could she let it go like that?!

Zhang Manhua smiled gently at her daughter and lamented, "You won't be able to get back this money, so you should stop thinking about it. In the future, we shall just treat it as if we don't know that family of three. It is not too bad to spend one million to see the true colors of these relatives of ours."

"Mom… your illness… what should we do about it?" she turned her tear-filled eyes on to her mother and choked out.

"Don't worry." Zhang Manhua slowly reached her hand out to wipe her daughter's tears away. "Mom won't leave you behind by yourself."

Having found out the true colors of her deceased husband's relatives, Zhang Manhua knew that her daughter would not have one family member left to treat her sincerely if she died. How could she think of leaving her daughter behind, then?

She… must live for a very long time to watch over her daughter and prevent anyone from getting a chance to hurt her!

Inside the meeting room for Chenguang Real Estate's senior management…

"I think that for the project this time, we—"

Within the tense meeting room, all those present were wearing suits and sitting upright with a solemn expression on their faces.

In this stifling and quiet atmosphere, a hand phone's ringtone rang about.

The abrupt ringtone startled everyone.

Flustered and frightened gazes instantly landed on a certain CEO, who was sitting at the main seat of the table. Inside, every person at the table was muttering, Who didn't put their phone on silent mode?! This person is dead this time!

However, when their eyes landed on the iceberg-like man, everyone was instantly stunned.

The man, who was sitting very upright and unmoving, slowly and calmly pulled out his phone from his pocket.

Everyone else was dumbfounded at this scene.

As they were staring at him wonderingly, they saw him frown slightly at the phone in his hand. He then stood up from his seat and left the meeting room.

Following this, to everyone's astonishment, he wordlessly left the room. After his exit, it took quite a long time for those inside to return to their senses.

"Aiyo! Damn it! It's CEO Ji's hand phone that was ringing!" someone blurted out.

As though this person's words were a cue, the others in the room buzzed with one another.

They were all thinking inside, Who is that caller? Surprisingly, the great CEO Ji, who is anal about following the company rules, is actually 'breaking the rule' by rushing out of an important meeting to answer a phone call.

Who could it be?

Could it be CEO Ji's girlfriend?


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