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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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377 Meeting Again but with Affection

Four days had passed, and Pei Ge was still unable to achieve the target 200,000-yuan funds for her mother's surgery.

She had accompanied her mother to all the places the latter wanted to visit, but even now, that 200,000 yuan had remained outside her grasp and elusive.

She could not help but be anxious.

If she could not raise money, what should she do about her mother's sickness?

It was in this anxious state that she was reminded of the 1,000,000 yuan her relatives had stolen from her family.

"Perhaps… I can ask for money from second uncle behind my mom's back?" she murmured in contemplation.

Otherwise, where would she find 200,000 yuan?

She had already asked for help from her friends, but they could not spare her some money…

"Aiii…" she sighed bitterly.

Forget it; I'll just go see second uncle again to try and borrow money.

A flash of determination flashed in her eyes with this thought in mind.

This time, no matter how badly Pei Zhenghui treated her, she would endure and get her family's money back!

Even if it could not recoup the 1,000,000 yuan, she could at least have the 200,000 yuan back.

"Mom, I'm going out for a bit."

Carrying her handbag, she changed her shoes at the door.

Zhang Manhua expressed her curiosity upon hearing her words, "Where are you going?"

"Something came up at the office." She was thankful that she had not informed her mother of her resignation yet. Otherwise, she would not have an excuse to give in order not to arouse her mother's suspicion.

"Oh, alright; come back early for dinner. I'll prepare all your favorite dishes tonight," Zhang Manhua said with a smile, not suspecting her daughter of lying.

"Mhm!" She returned the smile and left.

Thinking that her second uncle was likely still at his office, she hailed a taxi to Pei Family Real Estate.

While inside the taxi, she began brainstorming on how she could solicit money from him when they met later.

She was still thinking hard about this even when she alighted from the taxi.

After she had paid the fare, she lifted her head to look at her relatives' company building. She moistened her lips as her eyes glinted with determination.

This time, even if she had to reveal the truth, she would give it all to get the money for her mother's surgery!

Pushing the glass door open, she walked into the main lobby of Pei Family Real Estate.

There was no one in the lobby except for the receptionists on duty.

"Hi, Miss, may I help you?"

One of the receptionists asked politely when she approached the reception desk.

"I am looking for CEO Pei Zhenghui," she replied softly.

"I'm sorry, Miss, but do you have appointment?" The receptionist politely smiled at her.

"No, but I am his niece," she explained while shaking her head.

"Niece?" The receptionist gave her a once-over, seemingly unconvinced.

"Just phone him and say that 'Pei Ge is here'; that'll do," she calmly said upon noticing the receptionist's strange look. She was not bothered by it in the least, however.

"This…" The receptionist finally relented when she saw how serious she looked. "Then, please wait a moment."

Pei Ge nodded and waited at the front desk.

When she saw the receptionist make the call and then hum in agreement at someone on the other end of the line for a few times before hanging up, she knew that something was wrong.

Sure enough, the receptionist's lips curled mockingly as she spoke.

"I'm sorry, Miss; our CEO Pei is not in right now."

"Oh, is that so? How unfortunate," she replied in an equally mocking tone. She had thought of many possibilities but not this one.

"Yes, Miss." The receptionist smiled faintly and did not speak further.

She did not want to embarrass herself further, so she merely sneered and turned her head to eye Pei Family Real Estate's magnificent lobby.

When did her second uncle begin to change?

Perhaps, her second uncle did not change, and they had just been blind to his true colors.

"Ke," she let out a mocking laugh and stepped out of his company building.

Looking at the bustling street of pedestrians and cars, she felt so lost in that moment.

Based on her online research of her mother's illness, treatment could not be delayed; the earlier her mother received treatment, the higher the chances she had of being fully cured.

Her mother had stage 2 gastric cancer right now; she could not let her mother's sickness progress to a terminal stage just because of insufficient money.

If it was delayed until it progressed to a terminal stage, then the chances of getting cured would be virtually zero.

She looked over her shoulder at Pei Family Real Estate's skyscraper and suddenly felt powerless.

If her father was still around, would he be as successful as her second uncle?

No, he would surely be more successful than her second uncle.

After all, when her second uncle was still an idler, her father was already a successful real estate businessman.

If her father was around, she and her mother would not be troubled by a mere 200,000 yuan.

"Aii…" she sighed and looked away.

What was the use of thinking about all these now?

What really mattered was to pool funds for her mother's surgical fee.

She would make a trip to his second uncle's house this evening. She refused to believe that he would not be home!

Her disappointment faded at this thought as determination filled her mind again.

My dear second uncle, we shall meet tonight.

She walked slowly to the bus stop and sluggishly waited there for the public bus.

However, unknown whether it was bad luck or otherwise, the bus did not arrive even after waiting for so long.

As she was considering taking two buses to go home, an overly familiar black Maybach suddenly drove toward her.

A look of astonishment instantly flashed across her face at the sight of this black Maybach.

This car…

Is this not that annoying person's?!

She frowned at the approaching car and subconsciously hid behind the bus shelter advertising billboard in hopes of Ji Ziming not seeing her.

Of course, her wish was never going to come true.

"Come out."

A cold and deep voice traveled to her ears, and for some reason, it made her feel as if she were in an alternate world.


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