Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
380 My mother does not look like she is sick.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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380 My mother does not look like she is sick.

Empty-handed, Pei Ge once more boarded a taxi to her home with a heavy heart.

When she unlocked the door grill, the frustration on her face was instantly replaced with a faint smile.

"Mom, I'm home. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?" Hearing television noise from the living room, she asked this question.

"Ge Ge, you're back," Zhang Manhua warmly welcomed before replying, "The show I'm watching hasn't ended yet."

Walking in, her sight was greeted by her mother laughing languidly to a TV drama that the latter was following daily.

Seeing her mother's genuinely relaxed smile, her smile also grew bigger and became more natural.

Honestly speaking, if it were not for the hospital's findings that her mother had gastric cancer, she would really say for sure that her mother was not sick at all.

She really did not know how her mother, who was clearly the epitome of a fit person with her healthy glow and good appetite, could be sick. Besides the first few days upon discovering her sickness where she was weak-hearted from shock, her mother had never shown any indication that she was not a fit person.

"Mom, how do you feel today? Is your stomach in discomfort?" She sat next to her mother on the sofa after brewing a cup of honey water for the latter.

Her mother gratefully took the cup from her. "Honestly, I don't feel any discomfort. I even think that my body is completely fine and see no sign of sickness."

While she also thought that her mother seemed well, she still knew that the latter had said those words to reassure her.

"Mom, let's go to the hospital tomorrow. We can't delay it any further," she said lightly.

They had delayed going to the hospital for a week now; they could no longer afford to delay further.

"Ah… Sounds good; I also want to ask for confirmation regarding my sickness. I really think that I'm a very healthy person." Nodding, she chuckled.

"Mom, how can you still joke around at this time?" Pei Ge muttered and then rolled her eyes helplessly.

She laughed at her daughter's disbelief.

Heaven knew that she was really fine. When others fell ill, they would ache all over, but she experienced none of that at all.

Could it be because her illness had not reached the stage where she would feel pain?

"Alright, Mom, you'd better rest early today. We'll go to the hospital tomorrow to settle the paperwork." Her mother looked to be deep in thought, and she mistook this for worry, so she gently grasped her mother's hand in reassurance, urging her to rest.

"Mhm." Her mother nodded at her.

Once her mother was in her room, she silently cleaned her body before retiring to her room as well.

While she was firm on going to the hospital tomorrow, she was actually at a loss on how to deal with this matter.

She was really worried, first, over her mother's sickness and, second, about the cost of the operation.

Her relatives refused to help her family financially, while her best friend was unreachable; her other friends did not have money to spare as well.

How could she not feel flustered?

Still, regardless of whether she had the money or not, she was determined to bring her mother to the hospital tomorrow.

Once the paperwork was settled, she would make another trip to her second uncle's office.

She refused to believe that her second uncle, who was mindful of his image, would ignore her if she kicked up a fuss at his company.

Besides, she had long decided to source for her mother's 200,000-yuan operation cost even if she had to resort to doing such shameless methods.

Once her mind was made up, the panic in her heart faded away.

"Haaaa!" She yawningly wormed into her blanket after switching off the light and lay comfortably in her bed.

Once she closed her eyes, Ji Ziming's handsome face surfaced in her mind.

The annoying person in her mind looked at her with much gentleness she uncontrollably blushed…

After a good night's sleep, she opened her eyes in a relaxed and happy mood.

This was her first time waking up in such a good mood since finding out about her mother's sickness.

Well-rested, she spiritedly rose from her bed.

She stretched her body as she watched the rays of the sun flood the sky with light.

"I probably had a happy dream last night," she smilingly concluded as she got up from the bed.

Quickly getting dressed, she opened the bedroom door.

From the bedroom door, she faintly smelled the sweet scent of porridge.

Without even seeing it for herself, she promptly knew that her mother was boiling a pot of congee in the kitchen.

"Smells delicious! Mom, are you making eight treasure congee?" she asked with a grin when she saw her mother, who was wearing an apron, busy herself in the kitchen.

Zhang Manhua smiled and nodded at her daughter. "Yes. Now, go wash up. Breakfast is almost ready."

"Okay." She turned toward the bathroom at this.

When she came out of the bathroom, the table was already laden with food and cutlery.

As she observed her mother minding the table, her nose soured.

When her mother was hospitalized, she would be alone at home…

"Ge Ge, what are you daydreaming about? Hurry up and take your seat to eat." Zhang Manhua urged once she had sat down at the table and saw that her daughter was merely standing in one spot.

"Mhm, coming." She quickly collected her thoughts and happily went over.

She pulled a chair and sat opposite her mother. She then took large mouthfuls of the porridge.

"So delicious! Mom, your cooking is simply the best! This eight treasure congee is the tastiest!" She gave her mother two thumbs up after she finished a bowl of porridge.

Zhang Manhua shook her head in amusement at her daughter's compliment and said, "Alright, stop it; just continue eating."

"Xi xi, okay." Pulling a cheeky face, she dug into her breakfast once more.

After breakfast, the mother-daughter pair organized the house and packed a bag before leaving for the hospital on a public bus.


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