Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
382 I“m sorry, the doctor is not free for the operation.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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382 I“m sorry, the doctor is not free for the operation.

"Yes, your mother's condition will deteriorate every day, and the chances of recovering will also become slimmer."

Pei Ge reflexively balled up her fists and pressed her lips tightly when she heard the doctor's words.

"Miss Pei, you should hurry and prepare your mother for the operation," he continued solemnly.

"Yes, I understand. Thank you, Doctor Wu." After expressing her gratitude to him, she left the hospital with her mother.

Her expression remained solemn and heavy the whole journey back.

She did not expect her mother's condition to be this bad.

They went to the hospital with a light-hearted and hopeful expression, but after hearing the doctor's words, the two of them came back to their house with heavy hearts and pessimistic thoughts.

Pei Ge was like this because she was worried about her mother's condition deteriorating, while Zhang Manhua was like this because she was worried that they would spend more money on her illness.

"Ge Ge, don't worry. I actually think that that doctor was exaggerating my condition," Zhang Manhua softly reassured her daughter, "I know my body the best, and I really think that it is not as bad as that doctor made it sound."

"Mom, the doctor said it earlier; you don't feel any pain because it hasn't progressed to that stage yet." She looked at her mother with a heavy heart.

Doctor Wu's words kept repeating in her mind.

'… Your mother's illness needs immediate surgery, or else… I am afraid that it will worsen.'

"Ge Ge? Ge Ge?" Zhang Manhua tugged at her daughter, feeling confused at the sight of the latter zoning out.

"Huh?" Pei Ge regained her senses and turned to face her mother with a dazed expression.

"What's gotten into you? You didn't even hear me call you just then," her mother asked with amusement.

"It's nothing important. Mom, what did you say to me?" She slowly shook her head to dislodge her depressing thoughts and asked this softly.

"Oh, I was just suggesting that we don't go to the capital's main hospital. I really think that there's no need to spend so much money just to stay at a hospital—" Pei Ge cut in at this point.

"No way! Mom, we can't continue dragging your treatment on. We will go to the capital's main hospital now." She looked at her mother in earnest and then declared this resolutely.

Zhang Manhua moved to speak but decided to remain silent when she saw her daughter's solemn expression.

"Mom, didn't you say that you'll do your best to recover? How will you recover if you're not even cooperating with me now regarding your treatment?" Pei Ge stared at her with wide, red eyes.

She really could not imagine a world without her mother.

Zhang Manhua instantly felt guilty when faced with her daughter's wide eyes and solemnity.

"Mom, you don't have to worry about money; let's just get you admitted first…" Pei Ge softly suggested upon noticing the stare her mother was giving her.

Her mother eventually nodded, saying gently, "Okay. From now on, Mom will listen to you on everything."

Her heart finally settled at her mother agreeing to be admitted to the capital's main hospital for treatment.

However, when the two reached the hospital, they realized that, sometimes, things were not as easy as they thought.

It was already noon when they reached the capital's main hospital.

Eyeing the crowded hospital lobby, she decided to bring her mother for lunch first before coming back here to queue for registering a patient for treatment.

"Mom, let's go have lunch first."

The duo entered a small eatery nearby and had an early lunch.

It was still an hour away from lunchtime, but they were already famished from all their activities this morning.

"Mom, you should go back home to get some sleep after we finish eating. I'll handle the procedure for your admittance here at the hospital," she suggested to her mother while they were eating.

Zhang Manhua promptly rejected her suggestion, though.

"That can't do; I'll accompany you."

"Mom, you don't need to accompany me. It's the same waiting time no matter how many people queue. You should just go back home to get some rest," she lightly told her mother with amusement.

"No way—" Pei Ge interrupted her mother's protest.

"Mom, didn't you say moments ago that you'll listen to me on everything?" She stared wide-eyed at her and pouted.

Zhang Manhua was instantly amused.

"Yes, yes, yes. Then, I will just go back home to rest and leave everything to you."

"That's the right thing to do!" She grinned and placed a slice of meat in her mother's bowl, speaking as though she were coaxing a child.

Zhang Manhua shook her head in amusement and laughed. "I will trouble my precious daughter today, then."

After lunch, she saw her mother off in a taxi, returned to the hospital lobby, and started queuing at the long line for registering a patient for treatment.

It had to be mentioned that this was the capital's main hospital, so the number of people seeking treatment here was something other hospitals could not compare.

After a few hours of queuing, it was finally her turn. Once she registered her mother's information, she immediately went to the Oncology Department upstairs.

Getting into the elevator, she reached the oncology section for treating gastric cancer patients and joined yet another queue.

This time, however, the line only had about ten people and could, therefore, not compare to the one downstairs.

Soon, it was her turn.

Unfortunately, when she walked inside, took out her mother's medical history, and mentioned her intention, she was dumbstruck by the doctor's response.

"I'm sorry, Miss Pei. Professor Ren, the surgical oncologist who specializes in gastric cancer, is not free to operate on your mother from now until the following year."

In the end, Pei Ge did not know how she left the hospital. She only knew that money was not the only issue for her mother's operation anymore…

She originally planned to arrange for the operation first before settling the money issue, but now…

She stood in the crowd, unable to register anything in her mind. She was utterly lost.

It was at this moment that her hand phone rang.

She automatically fished out her phone from her back pocket and answered it without checking the caller's identity.

"Hello…" A familiar voice entered her ears.


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