Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
386 CEO Ji, I have gotten Miss Pei her payback.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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386 CEO Ji, I have gotten Miss Pei her payback.

"Are you Miss Pei Ge?" Secretary Xu Li asked in a neutral voice.

"Yes, I'm Pei Ge. Did CEO Ji send you to escort me up?" She nodded with a smile before making this inquiry.

The secretary nodded to affirm. "Yes, boss sent me down here to bring you to him."

At the secretary's reply, the receptionist, who had initially been thinking that she would teach the plump woman a lesson, widened her eyes in shock and disbelief.

"Secretary Xu, is there some sort of mistake here?! Why would CEO Ji want to meet her?!" the receptionist forgot herself in her shock and daringly posed this question.

With eyes narrowed into slits from irritation, the secretary stared down the rude receptionist as she demanded, "What rights do you have to question CEO Ji's choice of whom to meet and not to meet?!"

The receptionist paled at her question and shook her head without arguing.

When Pei Ge saw the front-desk clerk's reaction, she felt neither happiness nor smugness. All her thoughts were channeled on Ji Ziming; her mother was still awaiting surgery.

"Secretary Xu, can we please go up now," she requested softly when she saw her stand in one spot without showing any signs that she would leave soon.

Who knew that the secretary, who had specifically come to escort her up, would actually shake her head to deny her request?

"Miss Pei, there's no rush," she calmly refused.

She almost blurted out her thought of 'I'm in a rush! I'm in a very big rush!' at the secretary's reply.

However, upon noting the secretary's no-nonsense attitude, she swallowed her retort down.

She had just mustered up her courage to ask the secretary to bring her to Ji Ziming once more when the woman spoke.

"Which of you treated Miss Pei with disrespect and insulted her?" Xu Li coldly eyed the two receptionists.

Her words caused the two, be it the one who had been rude to Pei Ge or the one who had done nothing of the kind, to be frozen stiff.

"Who was it?" Sweeping the two with her cold gaze, she repeated her question in a much louder voice.

Somehow, the secretary seemed to be showing anger because of Pei Ge.

"I-It's me…" admitted the rude receptionist, who had insulted Pei Ge earlier, with a tremor in her voice.

"Very well, you are fired; you don't have to report for work tomorrow," the secretary said coolly.

"F-Fired?!" She reeled back in disbelief. "Based on what?! And on whose authority?! How could you fire me just like that?! What did I even do wrong?!" Quickly recovering from her shock, she started screaming this.

Xu Li did not have the patience to explain the reason to the woman and simply waved her hand to summon the security personnel into the grand reception hall.

"Escort her out. Don't let her make a scene here and destroy the company's image."

"Yes, Secretary Xu."

Pei Ge was shocked to see the rude receptionist being dragged out of the lobby and could not comprehend how such a simple altercation between them had resulted into the latter losing her job.

"Alright, Miss Pei, we can go up now. CEO Ji is waiting for you," the secretary reminded the still wondering her.

"Ah? Oh! Oh, yes!" She hastily nodded.

As she trailed after the secretary, confusing thoughts filtrated her mind. Somehow, the woman seemed to be showing indignation on her behalf.

She dared not utter aloud these thoughts of hers, however.

Still, she could not help but wonder why this woman, whom she did not know personally, would be angry and mete out punishment for her. Anyway, she was probably overthinking things again.

Ding! The elevator doors parted open, and she hurriedly followed the secretary into it.

Once the both of them were inside it, the secretary pressed the button for the top floor. Pei Ge found herself unable to make small talk with this traditional woman that was like a headmistress.

"Ke, ke!" she coughed lightly to break the ice yet eventually decided not to strike a conversation with this secretary, whom she once shared the same profession.

Eventually, the elevator reached the top floor where the CEO's office was at.

Ding! The elevator doors once more parted open and, although the secretary had low heels, they still made a clacking sound across the marble floor once the two were out of the elevator.

Following behind her, Pei Ge walked with surreptitious steps at the immaculate corridor.

One must know that the view from this topmost floor was truly exceptionally breathtaking.

The warm sunlight streamed in through the huge glass windows. Underneath these windows were pots of beautiful flowers with pleasant smell.

In what part did this resemble a company? This was clearly a garden for one to admire.

Da, da, da!

They arrived quickly at the door to an office.

Only then did she realize that there was just a single office in this floor.

Knock, knock, knock!

A series of knocks echoed in the empty corridor as the secretary lightly tapped the door with her knuckles.

"Come in." A man's voice was heard from the other side of the thick mahogany door.

Just as his voice rang out, the secretary raptly opened the door.

Pak! The moment the door was opened, the beating of Pei Ge's intensified. Pu, dong, pu, dong!

"CEO, I have brought Miss Pei here. Do you have any other instructions for me?" the secretary asked respectfully.

The woman's current behavior was very far from her earlier conduct; even the headmistress vibe she initially had going completely vanished.

Under his strong disposition, the secretary, who was not that outstanding to begin with, suddenly seemed very plain.

"Mhm, nothing else; you may leave," coldly said the man, who was sitting in front of a desk, without peeling his eyes off the files before him.

"Yes, CEO Ji."

With that, Xu Li left the office.

As such, only Ji Ziming and Pei Ge remained in the spacious office.

With the secretary gone, she could not help but gulp as she roamed her eyes on the man behind the desk first and then to the office at large.

While this CEO's office was much bigger and had more partitions, its appearance was actually identical to the one at Chenguang Real Estate.

Its interior design and color scheme were still simple yet elegant.

Just as she was engrossed in comparing the two offices, he suddenly posed a question.

"Why aren't you saying anything?"


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