Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
388 Who ruled that marrying equates to liking?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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388 Who ruled that marrying equates to liking?

"CEO Ji, do you like me, then?"

Pei Ge stared unblinkingly at him, as though afraid of missing a single change in his expression.

Alas, even then, his expression still did not give her a clue of his thoughts or emotions.

"I like you?" He looked coolly at her. The statement was clearly phrased as a question, yet no sense of doubt could be gleaned from his voice.

Of course, one was also unable to catch the emotions incorporated in his words when he spoke them or what he was thinking at all.

"… Mhm," she hummed to confirm.

"Why would you think that?" asked Ji Ziming in a very neutral voice while staring at her.

"If you don't like me, then why do you want to marry me? We… are not compatible at all. Isn't that right?" she spoke her true thoughts and then pursed her lips.

If it's not because of him liking me, then what reason does he have for wanting to marry me?

Still, if he really does like me, then why does he like the average me?

Also, him liking me is just too far-fetched, isn't it?

"Heh…'not compatible'…" He smirked at her words.

This d*mn, stupid woman actually dared to say that we are not compatible?!

"Who ruled that marrying equates to liking?" With an apathetic look, he coldly shot her down. "Or are you thinking this because you like me?"

Her fast heartbeat immediately calmed at his denial.

She felt a blunt ache in her heart as if it had been pricked by a thousand needles.

"That's not possible. How can I possibly like you? We… are not compatible at all," she rebuked him using words that were meant more for herself.

"Great, great, great!" he repeated thrice with narrowed eyes.

She kept her eyes on his expressionless face and inexplicably felt that the man was a little angry.

"It's for the best that you have no such feelings for me!" His fists slowly balled up and his veins popped out underneath his sleeves from overexertion of force in his arms.

She quickly hung her head low at his words to hide the desolation and hurt evident on her face.

While she had already expected that his reason for wanting to marry her was anything but like, she still wanted to keep alive that tiny bit of hope – hope that this annoying fellow was proposing because he liked her.

"Then, may I ask CEO Ji's reason for suddenly suggesting marriage to me? I will agree to any request you have as long as you can help my mother arrange for surgery," she calmly stated her stance, having given up any hope inside.

Her tone was flat and her face was expressionless; she looked unaffected by all this.

His heart burned with rage when met with her unfeeling look.

How can this d*mn woman just agree to this so calmly?! Will she just say yes to anyone as long as they can help her mother arrange for surgery, even if it means sacrificing the second half of her entire life?!

When he thought of this and of how she could marry any other man, the rage in his heart reached its peak.

Pak! He smacked his palms loudly on the table.

The sudden thump startled her.

"… CEO Ji?" She carefully looked up at him with clueless eyes. She could really not fathom this man, whose anger seemed to come out of nowhere.

He shot her a look through his narrowed eyes and then proceeded to turn his back on her, seemingly finding the view outside to be more interesting.

Although she was extremely confused by his action, she still obediently stood on one spot and did not dare to speak a word.

Hence, within the spacious office, a pair of man and woman stood still on their respective spots without speaking a word to each other for quite some time. It was him who broke the silence in the end.

"Pei Ge, since you have agreed to this, sign the contract then."

He turned his indifferent face to her once more.

For a moment, there was a burning fire in his seemingly cold eyes, but when she wanted to take a closer look, it was already gone, as if it had never been there in the first place.

"Contract? What contract?" She looked at him in confusion. She realized that, ever since she entered the office, her head seemed to have become heavier, and she seemed to have lost her way in the fog. It was baffling.

Rather than answering, he merely pushed the contract toward her.

"Take a look at it. See if there is any issue, and if there is none, then sign on it."

She directed her gaze on the contract he had pushed toward her and, with a frown, picked it up.

The further she read on the A4 sheet of paper, the more incredulous she felt.

It was not any average contract but… It detailed about this 'marriage' between her and him.

However, rather than marriage, it was more like a slave contract.

She had to listen to his every word, and it must be absolute obedience.

All the clauses in the contract were in his favor; in this case, she was as good as his slave.

If it were not for her part in this being clearly termed as 'Ji Ziming's wife', she would really think that the man was to become her sugar daddy.

When she remained mum for a long time, his eyebrows twitched, and he asked impatiently, "Is there any issue?"

"Yes," regaining her senses, she quickly answered in the affirmative.

"What issue?" he casually asked with a raised brow.

"For how long does this contract last? Also, if we are going to be married, how do we divorce?" She looked at him with her bright eyes as she calmly posed this question.

Actually, my biggest and most important questions are why he wrote this kind of contract and why he chose me for the role of his wife.

I am actually not the most suitable person for that role, right?


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