Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
389 Why do you want to marry me? Even if...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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389 Why do you want to marry me? Even if...

"'How long'?" Ji Ziming snorted coldly and then narrowed his pair of deep-set eyes. In a domineering tone, he declared, "I'll decide on how long this is going to last, and everything will end when I feel like it."

Pei Ge pressed her lips together in a firm line at his response.

"As for 'divorce', once the contract is no longer in effect, it means that we are 'divorced'."

"…" Listening to his explanation, she was at a loss on how to respond.

"Got any more issues? If there's none, then quickly sign it. Stop wasting my time." He felt displeased at her lost look.

In his opinion, all the terms in the contract were beneficial to the dumb woman, and there was not one clause in it that she would be at a disadvantage. Should she not be thanking the gods right now and hurrying to sign her huge name on the contract?

This stupid woman is so dumb I doubt anyone is dumber than her!

"Yes, I have another issue." She nodded and calmly looked at him.

Raising an eyebrow, he patiently said, "Speak."

"It is stated in this that I'll receive a monthly salary of 200,000 yuan. I don't need that, so please exclude it," she seriously told him.

"It's for you, so just take it." He snorted, seemingly unhappy with her suggestion.

"No, this part must be removed. If not, I'll feel like a kept woman," she stubbornly insisted with a stern gaze at him.

"… Alright." Faced with her stern look, he thought for a while and eventually yielded to her request.

"Also, even if we are married, we won't have any skinship."

"Hur. It's already been laid out in the contract."

Going through the contract for quite some time, his patience was finally exhausted.

"Pei Ge, you have one last issue, and that's it," he said with finality.

Is marrying me that hard for this d*mn woman to reconcile with? She actually has so many questions.

"Oh." She nodded. She was actually mostly done with what she wanted to know and have amended.

"Then, can I borrow 500,000 yuan from you? It's for my mom's operation." She peeked at his face nervously. This annoying fellow had offered to lend her money last time, but she had outright rejected it.

Now… I'm trying to borrow money from him; he'll probably laugh at me for this.

She actually initially did not want to be indebted to him, especially with regard to money, but since she was already troubling him with her request to have her mother be prioritized for surgery, asking him to loan her 500,000 yuan did not sound like too big of a deal anymore.

In the end, contrary to her expectation, he did not make fun of her for it at all.

"It's fine. You don't have to pay for the operation costs." His eyes were without any emotion, but his heart was actually feeling stuffy.

Does this d*mn woman have to be this calculative with me?!

"No, please don't pay the costs yourself." She shook her head firmly. "CEO Ji, just lend me that sum as I want to settle mom's hospital bills myself. Also, please let me pay you back that money in instalment."

She had already troubled him aplenty with her numerous requests; she could not let him pay for the hospital bills too as that would just be taking advantage of him when, in fact, they were totally unrelated to each other.

Her firm look made his lips curved upward in amusement.

"Okay. That amount, I'll lend it to you."

"Thank you, thank you, CEO Ji!" she profusely expressed her gratitude to him at his easy acquiescence, a bright smile creeping across her lips.

Noticing her elated look, the smile threatening to break out on his face finally did.

"Then, can you sign your name on the contract now?"

"Mhm, mhm, mhm! I'll sign it!"

She picked up the fountain pen on the desk and quickly signed her name on the last page of the contract. At his prompting, she also imprinted her thumbprint on the paper.

Once she finished signing her name and putting her thumbprint on the contract, flowers seemed to bloom for him, and his mood instantly brightened.

Receiving the contract from her and seeing the beautiful handwriting and distinct thumbprint mark in it, his lips curled further upward.

"CEO Ji, can I trouble you to make arrangement for my mom's operation now? Her condition can't wait any longer."

She started hurrying him the moment she was done with the contract.

He raised an eyebrow at her anxious look. While her anxiety did not sit well with him, he still readily nodded and whipped out his phone.

Ji Ziming only made one phone call and coldly spoke a few words to the person on the other end of the line, but he easily settled the issue of her mother's surgery.

Once he ended the call, she felt more agitated.

This was because she felt nervous when she heard from his phone conversation that her mother's operation would soon be scheduled and her mother would go for a thorough full-body checkup at the capital's main hospital tomorrow.

"Alright, your mom's illness will surely be treated; you don't need to be too worried."

He reassured her after making that call. She was a little taken aback by his words. One had to understand that this man was not the type to say anything good or reassuring to anyone.

"Mhm. Thank you so much this time, CEO Ji," she happily nodded and sincerely thanked him.

"Okay. It's only because of the contract," he waved off her gratefulness with this.

Confirming the successful scheduling of her mother's operation, she was finally in the mood to gossip.

Her mind was filled with worry over her mother's operation, so she did not ask the man about his reason for wanting to sign a contract with her.

Now that the issue with her mother's operation was settled, her curiosity immediately took over.

"CEO Ji, why do you want to sign such a contract with me?" She looked at him with eyes full of curiosity.

"Don't ask unnecessary questions." His face immediately darkened.

She noticed the change in his expression but did not back down and, instead, continued to press for answer.

"You don't like me, yet you want to marry me. What's your reason for signing a 'marriage' contract with me, then? This is just inconceivable, isn't it?"


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