Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
391 We are of course not done yet; let us go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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391 We are of course not done yet; let us go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Yes, that's right! Pretend girlfriend!"

Noting Ji Ziming's disbelieving look, she pursed her lips, thought for a while, and eventually resolved to come clean.

"I am really just a pretend girlfriend. CEO Ji, if you don't believe me…"

A solemn expression crept across her face and her voice grew somber. "… I can only tell you the truth, but once you know of this, you must never ever tell anyone else."

"Mhm. What is it?" His curiosity was piqued with her acting this way.

"The truth is Wen Qimo is gay; that's why he asked me to pose as his girlfriend," she confided seriously.

He was instantly dumbfounded by her revelation.


"CEO Ji, you must never ever tell anyone about this. That Qimo is actually really pitiful," Pei Ge earnestly said, her face full of sympathy.

He noticed her sympathetic look and, for some reason, started to sincerely pity that man.

How dull and slow could this dumb woman get? Even when he had yet to meet that man, he still knew that he was not gay. He was just using this as an excuse to avoid that woman, Ji Lelin.

Forget it. That has got nothing to do with this woman. She is my person now, anyway.

"Alright. I don't care whether you are his real girlfriend or not. Just tell him clearly not to come looking for you again," he ordered with a look of indifference.

She blinked her eyes at him and muttered, "He really is gay."

"You… Give him a call right now. Tell him that you have a boyfriend now and to… stop! asking! you! to! pose! as! his! girlfriend!" He narrowed his eyes menacingly.

He put great emphasis on the 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' words.

At his insistence, she could only nod and reach for her phone in the handbag.

It could not be helped; this man speedily made two phone calls for her just then, so how could she be so petty and not do the same for him?

Under his fervent gaze, her call to the 'gay' man got through.

"Hello, Ge Ge, why are you calling?"

Wen Qimo's gentle-sounding and clear greeting came through the receiver at once.

She peeked at the man standing by the desk, only to receive the man's warning glare. Gulping, she resolutely stated, "That… Qimo, I can't continue being your pretend girlfriend in the future."

"Huh?! Why?! Hasn't our collaboration been pretty smooth all along?!" The man on the other end of the line promptly panicked.

"Er… It's because I have a boyfriend now. He… is not really fond of me doing this." She forced these words out of her mouth. At the same time, her cheeks slowly reddened because of this 'lie'.

Ji Ziming felt absolutely satisfied when he heard her words and even more so when he saw her blushing face. His entire person felt utterly blessed.

If the experienced Casanova, Mu Heng, were here, he would describe this mushy feeling as… sugary sweet like ingesting too much honey.

"Huh? You've got a boyfriend now?" Wen Qimo's voice was filled with depression and disbelief.

"Mhm, yes. I'm really sorry for this, Qimo. In any case, from here on, you should stop looking for me. Actually, that woman from last time is not too bad. She'll definitely be able to help you hide your sexual orientation from your parents!" she proposed this to him out of guilt. What she did not know was suggesting that was akin to stabbing the man's heart with a knife.

The man on the other end of the line finally experienced the feeling of being unable to spit out one's bitterness!

Ji Ziming felt extremely amused at her suggestion.

This dumb woman actually suggested that to that poor and unlucky guy. This is so amusing and entertaining.

In that instant, the enmity and repugnance he had for him disappeared.

In fact, right now, he was sincerely pitying the man.

"Pei Ge, I must thank you for thinking so much about my welfare." The man's feeble and lifeless voice came through the receiver.

She did not think much about it, though, and merely chalked it up to him feeling sad for not being able to use her as his cover anymore.

"Alright, then. Since we've cleared the air, I'll go hang up now. Bye!" She was about to hang up the phone when the other party stopped her with a bellow.

"Wait!" he hastily exclaimed.

"Mhm? What's wrong? Is there any other matter?" she asked while hugging the phone.

"I want to treat your boyfriend to a meal. I'm really curious as to what type of man has such a good eye to woo a good woman like you!" he said through gritted teeth.

Actually, what he really meant was…"I want to meet your boyfriend and see what type of a*shole spoiled this daddy's plan! I really don't know whose taste is so unique to like a woman as slow and dull as you!"

"Huh? Treat my boyfriend to a meal? He is a busy person and doesn't have time to share a meal with you," she resolutely rejected.

When Ji Ziming heard this exchange, he hurriedly told her otherwise, "Don't reject him."

Hah? She turned to look at him in surprise. While she did not know what he wanted to do, she still obediently switched tunes. Nothing could be bigger and more important than her boss.

"Still, if there is time in the future, we will surely have a meal with you."

Hearing her say that, a certain CEO smiled satisfactorily.

Hmph, hmph, hmph! Does that unlucky man think I won't understand his meaning? Hmph! Since he dares treat me to a meal, I'll let him do so until he runs crying back home!

Once she replied as such, she no longer felt like chatting with Wen Qimo, so she promptly bid him goodbye and hung up the phone.

"CEO Ji, if there's nothing else, I will take my leave now. My mom is still waiting for me at home," she softly told him while shoving her phone into her handbag.

She was already delayed for this long; her mother should be worriedly waiting for her at home.

"Who said that there's nothing else?" Noticing her desire to leave fast, his eyes coldly narrowed.

"Huh? What else is there to do?" The blur her looked at him with totally clueless eyes. Does Ji Ziming still have anything to tell me?

"Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau."


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