Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
394 If only this marriage is not just a transaction...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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394 If only this marriage is not just a transaction...

By the time she followed Ji Ziming out of the building, the sky was already dark.

It was winter now, so although it was only 4 PM, the sun had already begun its descent, and the sky was now a bit dark.

With the absence of the bright rays of the sun, the temperature had significantly dropped.

The weather was freezing. Although the passing cold wind made Pei Ge pull the coat tighter to herself, it nevertheless helped clear her mind.

Recalling her impulsiveness of contesting with the man back in his office, she was rendered momentarily speechless now.

What if she had enraged him into withdrawing his support for her mother's treatment?

Ai, she was really too reckless for not repressing her anger earlier.

She sighed surreptitiously as her heart filled with admonition and happiness.

This annoying person fortunately did not kick a fuss with her. In fact, what difference did it make whether it was a genuine or counterfeit marriage? They were actually in the same boat.

Either way, the man had no fondness for her and was just purely using her as a shield.

Getting a marriage certificate was only to make their lie of being husband and wife factual to others.

With this thought in mind, she turned to look at the man who was walking abreast of her.

Did this man have no one he had romantic feelings for?

Otherwise, why would he let her be his shield?

Honestly speaking, she had gotten agitated earlier because she was feeling disappointed with the man and, therefore, involuntarily spoke her emotions.


If she could not even be rational with this man now, how could she do any better in the future?

Still, a counterfeit marriage was a sham through and through.

How could they be a real couple…

No! She could not let the matter get out of hand! She must control her feelings for him well and must not let this man discover them…

"Why are you staring at me like that?" How could the man not notice that she, who had been walking alongside him all this while, was staring at him?

Turning to face her, his eyes easily collided with her crystal-clear ones, of which the focus was entirely on his person.

It was as if her eyes could only see him.

At the sound of his crisp, cold voice, she collected her thoughts. She hastily lowered her head and then gently shook it.

"Nothing; I just find it hard to believe."

He raised a brow faintly at her reply and, in his ever-cold voice, asked curiously, "What's hard to believe?"

"I never thought a day when I will be getting a marriage certificate together with you would come," she answered in a mellow voice. Having finally calmed down, the quarrelsome behavior she had earlier displayed in the office was now nowhere to be seen.

He was relieved to hear her calm, albeit insipid, voice. In fact, he was still slightly apprehensive that she would start another tiff with him.

"Hmph." Not knowing how to respond to her words, he disguised his reaction with apathy.

In truth, she was not the only one with that thought. He himself did not expect that a day when he would get a marriage certificate with her would come.

He, in fact, started considering this idea of marrying her at Mu Heng's advice, but the real conviction came from this woman's act of walking away from him so decisively.

The both of them boarded the car in silence.

After the car set off, neither of them spoke and simply sat in silence.

Suddenly, her voice broke the stillness in the car.

"I did not bring my residence booklet. I should go home and get it."

She suddenly remembered that a marriage registration required a residence booklet as she was looking at the scenery outside the window.

"No need," he promptly rejected.

"Ah? No need? How can we get married without my residence booklet?" She was speechless for a moment.

"Don't tell me that what you said about getting married is a lie—"

Her question was cut short before completion by the man.

"No!" he stated with conviction.

It was actually just a casual inquiry on her part as she believed that the man would not lie to her about that stuff.

"How do we get married without my residence booklet, then?" she asked before mumbling, "Do you even know how to register a marriage?"

He lifted a brow slightly at her remark and stated calmly, "All we need is a photo of us to get married."

"Yi?!" she cried in surprise. She was about to ask why a photo of them together was sufficient to get married but did not do so in the end when she recalled the man's status.

Just like the capital's main hospital, he probably also had connections in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Ze ze ze. Being wealthy really is different; they can get special treatment everywhere.

She could not help but think of this.

Soon, the car reached the Civil Affairs Bureau.

When they entered the building, quite a number of couples were still present despite it nearing closing time.

She did not feel a shred of unease while she was in the car earlier, but now that she was standing at the entrance to the bureau, a feeling of nervousness suddenly arose in her.

One could not blame her for being nervous, though. Marriage was, after all, a big part of every woman's life. While their marriage was a sham, this man was still her true love, so she felt a little nervous.

"Let's go." Mistaking her stiff expression for hesitation, his mood immediately took a turn for the worse.

"Mhm." She nodded lightly and followed him in to the lobby of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

As soon as they entered the lobby, a warm atmosphere embraced her.

In the lobby, the smiles on the surrounding couples' faces were of happiness and bliss.

She suddenly felt lonely at such a sight around the two of them.

She really did not expect that the most precious moment of her life would happen like this.

Though she loved the man whom she was about to marry… the 'marriage' between them was a total sham.

If… If this marriage was not a deal and a genuine one, instead, that would really be good…


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