Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
396 Taking a Photo for the Marriage Certificate
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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396 Taking a Photo for the Marriage Certificate


"A little closer…

"… Alright; that's good."

Pei Ge felt extremely awkward while getting photographed for their marriage certificate together with Ji Ziming.

She knew very well that this marriage was fake, yet she still felt extremely nervous sitting beside him and getting pictured like this.

"The bride, don't be too nervous; smile a little more."

Whoosh! Her face instantly reddened at the photographer's words. Now, with her cheeks' rosy glow, it was as if someone had applied blusher on her face.

"Alright. The groom, please look at the camera."

The man's cheeks did not take on a red hue at the photographer's instruction, but his ears still turned a light pink shade.


The two sighed in relief when they heard the camera's click.

This picture-taking session for their marriage certificate photo was finally over!

"This photo would look even better if the bride had makeup on." The photographer grinned at her.

Pei Ge could not help but pout at Ji Ziming for this.

If she knew that today would be her wedding day…

No, that's not right. Even if I knew of this in advance and that my groom would be Ji Ziming, I would still choose not to put any makeup on.

Everything is a lie, so it doesn't matter how I look in the wedding photo. This marriage has an expiration date, after all.

Thinking up to this, the rapid beating of her heart returned to normal.

He noticed her dismay but mistakenly attributed it to the photographer's words.

He could not help but scold himself inside, Why didn't I think of this? How about… we get the marriage certificate tomorrow, instead? I'll have her wear some makeup, then.

He was about to suggest this, but as he thought of something, he promptly swallowed his words.

"Here. Though the bride isn't wearing any makeup, she still looks really good in this picture." The photographer passed the photo to her with a smile.

While she already told herself that it did not matter how she looked in the picture, she could still not help but feel happy when the photographer said that.

Receiving the photo for the marriage certificate, she stared at the couple standing against a dark-red background. The more she looked at it, the more she liked the photo.

In the picture, the extraordinarily handsome man was well matched by the totally average woman. In fact, the pair was pleasing to look at.

The couple sat at an intimate distance. The woman's lips had a shy and open smile and, though expressionless, the man's eyes twinkled gently. Indeed, the two looked like newlyweds.

A sweet smile slowly crept into her face as she continued to gaze at the photo.

After a while, the man, who had totally been ignored at the side, snatched the photo from her hand out of curiosity.

"Ahh!" she screeched in shock when the photo was taken from her without warning. She turned around and saw the man carefully studying the picture.

"Mhm, it's nicely taken," he finally commented after some time.

The photographer felt very pleased with himself when he heard his comment.

This was his first time photographing newlyweds that were extremely compatible in a picture despite not having comparable looks in person.

More importantly, this photo had the best feel to it out of all the pictures he had taken in his whole career as a photographer.

"Let's go get our marriage certificate." Ji Ziming carefully held the picture in his hand.

She nodded in acquiescence. For some reason, ever since they finished taking this photo, her feelings for the man had become much calmer.

"Alright." She followed him out of this room for photographing couples.

The two that were deep in their thoughts remained quiet even after they were out of the room.

Walking quite a distance, the pair finally spoke.



The two stared at each other in surprise. A short pause later, they spoke again.

"You go first."

"You go first."

Not only did they happen to speak at the same time, they even said the same words. It was as if they had a tacit agreement on what to utter ahead of time.

"Pftt!" She could not help but be amused by his stunned look.

"Cough!" he coughed lightly when she laughed, his ears slightly turning pink. "You go first."

She stopped laughing at once and nodded her head before saying, "CEO Ji, I need to visit the washroom; you can wait for me at the lobby."

He raised a brow at this.

She thought that he was going to disagree, but he unexpectedly easily nodded in assent. "Sure; go on."

A bright smile lit up her face when he easily agreed to her.

"Oh, by the way… What does CEO Ji want to tell me?" she asked, feeling curious.

"Nothing." He peered at her with cold eyes.

She pouted at his answer, muttering inside, Who are you trying to bluff? You clearly want to tell me something just then! Tsk!

"What are you still standing here for? I thought you need to use the washroom?" he reminded when she merely stood pouting at him there.

"Oh, I'm off; I'm off." She blinked, then promptly turned, and walked away.

"Wait; the washroom is not in that direction." He frowningly pointed to a certain direction when he noticed her heading the wrong way.

She froze on the spot and instantly wore an awkward look on her face.

"Ha ha… I'm going in the wrong way, it seems…" She laughed dryly and then walked toward where he had just pointed.

Staring at her until she disappeared from his sight, he resolutely turned around and walked back into the room they had just exited.


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