Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
401 I have a girlfriend, and I am also married.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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401 I have a girlfriend, and I am also married.

"He he… Xiao Ji, our Ge Ge already has a boyfriend. Since you are so outstanding, you probably have a girlfriend. too, right?"

The two fell silent the moment Zhang Manhua asked this question.

Is this still our family's extremely friendly and amicable mother?

Why do I feel that my mom is so aggressive today?

Am I thinking too much…

Pei Ge blinked and looked at her mother in hesitation.

Unexpectedly, Ji Ziming's next words were a confirmation of this!

"Yes, I do."

She was once again stunned silly, but it was by the man's admission this time.

No-No way!

This annoying fellow has a girlfriend?!

Since he already has one, why does he insist on marrying me?!

Is there something wrong with his brain?!

He remained unperturbed under her furious glare and just continued facing her mother calmly.

Zhang Manhua was struck numb for a moment.

She had initially thought that this boss was interested in her daughter. Could it be that I have misunderstood the situation?

The mother-daughter pair was stunned silly by his admission, but the most unexpected thing was the explosive news he revealed after.

"We are even married now." He peered snobbishly at Pei Ge. He sounded as though he were talking about something mundane the way he revealed this news.

Boom! Something seemed to have exploded in Pei Ge's mind.

What nonsense is this annoying fellow spouting?!

By the time her mind regained its clarity again, her face had already turned a deeper shade of pink.

"Huh? Ah, married?" Compared to the daughter, the mother apparently received an even greater blow.

When she saw the atmosphere between the two earlier, she assumed that the man liked her daughter.

Hence, she made such aggressive statements to sound him out. The result of it was unexpectedly…

… Something she did not know whether to laugh or cry at.

Am I overthinking things? This man is already married, after all.

"Mhm," the man hummed in the affirmative.

Zhang Manhua inexplicably felt her heart lightening at his admittance.

That's good, too; that's good, too. At least, my daughter won't have to feel conflicted over which man to choose.

If Pei Ge knew of what her mother was thinking, she would be totally speechless.

Of course, I don't need to be conflicted over which man to choose! That's because the two are clearly just using me as a shield!

Must I choose only between them?! You are really thinking too much, alright?

All of Pei Ge's attention was currently on Ji Ziming. She could not fathom why he would suddenly tell her mother this matter.

She was initially indignant over this annoying fellow having a girlfriend he was in love with, but in the next moment, she learned that she was this girlfriend-cum-wife of his.

How could she not be shocked by this? It was as if she had ridden a roller coaster – it was extremely suspenseful!

"Alright, Mom. Let's quickly go in to get all the paperwork done." With that said, she grabbed her mother's luggage from her hand.

"Ah, oh! I'll carry this myself." Returning to her senses, she made a lunge for her stuff.

However, neither the mother nor daughter ended up with the luggage as the man, who had been standing at the side, took it from them.

At the sight of the man effortlessly carrying the luggage, Zhang Manhua thought, Why is my daughter's superior with us?

Pei Ge easily guessed what her mother was thinking, so she offered an explanation.

"Mom, it's CEO Ji who arranged your hospitalization; that's why…"

She easily understood what her daughter meant without needing to hear the rest of her words.

My hospital admission was settled by my daughter's superior, huh. He really is a nice guy who cares about his subordinates!

She silently awarded a certain, great CEO the nice-guy card.

"It's CEO Ji who helped us, hm? Sorry for troubling you and thank you so much," she said gratefully.

He frowned at her words and said, "Auntie, you can just call me Xiao Ji as you did before."

"Ha ha. Alright, then. Auntie will continue calling you 'Xiao Ji' from here on. I, too, think that 'Xiao Ji' sounds nicer than 'CEO Ji'." She easily agreed to his suggestion without much thought.

The three quickly reached the hospital's inpatient ward.

Since the man had already arranged for everything, Pei Ge did not even need to fill out any form and only needed to follow him to the ward he had reserved.

Getting off the elevator, the sight that greeted her made her realize that this annoying fellow had actually arranged a VIP, one-person ward for her mother!

Beautiful artworks for relieving stress were plastered on the walls, crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and expensive furnishings were all around the room…

She was speechless for a moment at the extravagance she saw in the room.

"Aiyo, is this still even a ward? Why do I feel that this is a hotel, instead? It's a deluxe suite in a hotel at that!"

Her mother voiced this out before she could even say anything.

"How much does it cost a day to stay in such an expensive ward?" Zhang Manhua's forehead scrunched up tightly and she turned around to leave.

Pei Ge knew that her mother did not want her to spend too much money. Actually, if she had the money herself, she would definitely get a ward like this for her mother to stay, too.

"Auntie, you don't need to pay anything to stay in this ward." He lightly informed Zhang Manhua of this just as she was about to walk off.

"I can stay here for free? But that's impossible!" She gave him a look of disbelief.

She also looked at the man with a shocked face. For some reason, she felt that he had taken the wrong medicine today.

That's not right. It's more like he's been taking the wrong medicine for the past few days.

"Yes, Auntie. Just stay here and don't worry about anything else." His phone rang at this moment.

Reaching for it and glancing at the screen, he excused himself from the VIP ward.

"Ge Ge, what in the world is happening here?!"


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