Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
405 I thought Xiao Ji had taken a liking to our little girl.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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405 I thought Xiao Ji had taken a liking to our little girl.

A cuisine's enticing smell instantly covered the room the moment the plate's lid was removed. This appetizing smell could easily make one salivate.

They had just taken a whiff of the dish's aromatic smell and turned to look at the plate when the other plates of exquisite Chinese cuisines were presented before them.

"This…" Zhang Manhua looked at the dishes in shock and said with uncertainty, "I think you've delivered this food to the wrong place…"

"Madam Zhang, we didn't deliver wrongly. All these are indeed for you and your daughter, Miss Pei." The man wearing white, who seemed to be the chef and the person in charge, told Zhang Manhua respectfully.

She was totally dumbfounded when the man accurately pointed out their surnames and even their relationship.

My daughter and I haven't even had the time to order a meal. What in the world is going on? Could this be treatment for the occupant of a VVIP room?

She eyed the crowd in confusion and asked, "Is this from the hospital?"

"No, these are ordered for you by Mr. Ji." The person in charge replied as he signaled the people behind him to place the dishes on the dining table in the ward.

"Mr. Ji? Could it be Xiao Ji?" Stunned and uncertain, she turned to look at her daughter, who was standing at one side.

Pei Ge only nodded helplessly. "It is mostly likely CEO Ji."

Except for that man who was a picky eater, no one else she knew would make such a huge ruckus about something as simple as sending food.

"Xiao Ji's service is too thorough when we have no relation to him. Not only did he help you look for a ward for me, he even sent us this sumptuous lunch." Her mother's suspicion was provoked again.

She was really made speechless when she again felt her mother's suspicious look on her.

That man has really outdone himself this time. The two of us don't even have such an intimate relationship.

All he's doing is make my mom suspicious of us!

"Perhaps, it's because… he likes you more." Pei Ge blinked and weaved another lie.

"Pfft! Xiao Ji likes me?" Zhang Manhua was entertained by her daughter's words.

"That's right! He told me before that you are very similar to his mother." After that first lie, the succeeding lies all became easier to deliver.

"Is that so? I thought Xiao Ji had taken a liking to our little girl here," Zhang Manhua teased with a grin.

Pei Ge reflexively refuted, "That's not possible at all! How can he possibly like me?"

She shook her head lightly at her daughter's reaction.

"How is it not possible? My daughter is such a good catch."

"Mom, stop talking nonsense. It's not possible for CEO Ji to like me," she denied vehemently with pursed lips.

Zhang Manhua frowned lightly at this, feeling heartache for her daughter.

Ever since her husband passed away and their family experienced such an upheaval, her adorable and confident daughter had somehow developed an inferiority complex.

Also, after going through that relationship with Zhou Zhuoyang, while she seemed fine on the surface, it was apparent that that event had left an emotional scar on her heart and made her feel all the more inferior and extra timid.

"Sigh… Ge Ge, you should know that you are not worse than anyone else out there. Rather, you are much better and much more beautiful than anyone else." Fondly looking at her daughter, she held her hands in hers.

Warmth slowly flooded Pei Ge's heart at her mother's words, but she continued to remain mum.

"Madam Zhang, Miss Pei, your lunch is ready. Would you like for us to stay around and assist as you have your meal?"

The person in charge spoke with utmost respect as the pair of mother and daughter was having a heart-to-heart talk.

Zhang Manhua quickly shook her head at the man's suggestion. "No need; we can just eat by ourselves. Thank you so much."

"This is part of our job." The man gave her a polite smile. "Then, Madam Zhang, Miss Pei, we will be taking our leave now."

"Alright, alright. Sorry to trouble you all. Thank you!" Zhang Manhua smilingly nodded her head.

The group left in the same way that they had come – quick and orderly.

Once the huge crowd was gone, the two made their way to the dining area from the ward's bedroom.

The dishes were in separate plates earlier, and after being arranged on the dining table, they now looked more inviting to the eyes.

Zhang Manhua observed the table of delectable food and involuntarily sighed in exasperation. "This Xiao Ji is really very thoughtful. He actually helped us order lunch."

"Mhm." Pei Ge glanced at the food-laden table and realized with a start that, although the dishes looked exquisite, they were in fact homemade food.

In fact, most of the cuisines were her favorites.

"The only thing he did not do well is order too much. There are just two of us, so we definitely won't be able to finish all of this food." Zhang Manhua eyed the table full of dishes in regret.

A light smile blossomed on Pei Ge's lips as she continued to take in the food-laden table.

This is indeed that annoying fellow's doing.

"Mom, let's stop talking now and just quickly eat. The food will turn cold soon." She pulled her mother to take a seat at the table.

Zhang Manhua smilingly acquiesced with a nod.

She had thought that the dishes were just normal homemade food, except that they were made to look beautiful, but with that first bite, her eyes widened in surprise.

"My gosh! This fish is so tender! It doesn't have a bone at all!" she exclaimed.

Pei Ge secretly laughed at her mother's reaction.

She had already seen through this food from the very start.

That annoying fellow is truly very picky with food. It is as Sister Yun has said before; their young master only eats the best and the freshest ingredients.

While all these dishes seem normal, they are not that at all!

Hm… This isn't right. When that annoying fellow was also confined at the hospital, how was he able to swallow my cooking?


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