Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
410 He prefers it if this woman sincerely praises him.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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410 He prefers it if this woman sincerely praises him.

Her look of suspicion gave him the fervent urge to pry open her brain.

He really wanted to know what was inside her brain.

Why did this d*mn woman always give him a look that seemed to ask questions, such as 'CEO Ji, are you alright?', 'CEO Ji, did you take the wrong medicine?', and 'CEO Ji, is your brain fried?', every time he treated her nicely?

She made it look as if he were incapable of treating her well.

Such an expression appearing on her face really fueled his rage.

"Drink your coffee!" he ordered with a sharp glare. Inside, he was gloomily asking himself why he was doing so much for this woman who could not count her blessings and seemed capable of dying from stupidity.

She was made speechless by his glare.

I'm just worried about his mental state. Does he have to be this fierce?

She nudged her lips and slowly picked up the cup in front of her. The coffee inside the white ceramic cup had turned light brown from being dark brown due to the addition of milk.

She placed the cup to her lips and sipped from it.

An aromatic and sweet taste assaulted her senses. While she tasted no bitterness from it, a thick and mellow flavor, unique to coffee, filled her mouth.

Her eyes lit up from just that one sip.

Gulp… gulp… She slowly drank a few mouthfuls of it.

Halving the content of the cup, she finally put it down.

"This coffee is so good!" She beamed at him.

The man felt a sense of accomplishment at her elated look, and the corner of his lips slowly evoked a smile.

He raised his hand, brought his own cup to his lips, and sipped the coffee within.

The late afternoon sun was bright and warm. Streaming through the window panes, the two people on the sofa were bathed by its warm glow.

Under this warm and harmonious atmosphere, the pair slowly savored their coffee in relative peace and companionable silence.

Once she finished the cup of coffee, her mood noticeably improved.

"This is the best coffee I've ever drunk!" she praised unhesitatingly.

The smile in his eyes and on his lips grew brighter and wider at her compliment.

He suddenly realized that, compared to the woman carefully and obediently listening to his every order, he liked it more when she was sincerely praising and admiring him.

"If you like it, I'll make it for you again next time." He issued this promise without running the words through his head first.

He himself was surprised when he realized what he had just said.

Why did I say that?

"Are you sure? That's great!"

Before he could frown, he heard her upbeat voice, and it easily dispelled all his thoughts just then.

With the absence of TV in his house and having finished her coffee, she started feeling bored again while facing this taciturn man opposite her.

She was just thinking if she should take her leave when he broke the silence.

"You will report for work once your mother's operation is over," he muttered while looking at her.

She nodded at his order.

"Alright, CEO Ji."

She had only resigned before to draw a clear line between them, but since she was unable to do that now and even owed the man a huge sum and favor, how could she still propose to leave?

Moreover, with the type of relationship they currently had, there was no way she could hide from him again, so her stance now was to let things take their natural course.

"Mhm?" he prompted, displeased.

"Ugh! I understand, Ziming," she mumbled.

I need to get used to calling this annoying fellow that way and to my new identity in his life!

"You'll be busier from here on – meeting new people and dealing with issues. I hope you'll quickly get accustomed to all this," he continued.

She nodded lightly and replied solemnly, "I understand, Ziming. I'll quickly get used to this and won't drag you down."

While being this annoying fellow's pseudo-wife seemed to be a very tall task, she was still going to make sure that she would meet the promise she had made to him.

After all, this was likely going to be the last contact between the two of them…

He could feel a light sense of disappointment inside when he noticed her serious look, which was void of any shyness or bashfulness.

"Right! CEO—er… Ziming, can you not let my mom know of our relationship?" she requested in a whisper suddenly.

"Why?" he questioned, slightly baffled by her request.

"Our… Our relationship is essentially fake. I don't want to make things too complicated," she explained and then pursed her lips.

Their relationship was essentially fake. If she had to pretend even in front of her mother, what would the latter think after their contract had expired?

Hence, it was better if they did not let her mother know of this.

"… I understand." He only paused for a moment, seemingly having thought of something, and did not make things hard for her.

"Thank you, Ziming." She flashed him a cheery smile in gratitude.

He only peered at her in response, humming indifferently.

"Then… Ziming, do you have other things to discuss? If there's none, I'll return to the hospital now. My mom is by herself there." She made this request with a smile.

"Wait for me." He got up off the sofa and strode out of the living room.

She blinked in confusion at his retreating back.

Where is this annoying fellow going?

The man did not take long and returned within two minutes.

"Take this with you."

He stopped in front of her and passed her a dark silver card.

Looking at the item, which greatly resembled a credit card, she subconsciously pushed his hand away.

"I can't take this. You already gave me 500,000 yuan; I have no need for more right now," she raised her head and rejected.

"Who told you that this is a credit card?"


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