Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
413 You actually married Little Chili for real.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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413 You actually married Little Chili for real.

"Oh… It's you!"

She looked at the man walking toward her and exclaimed in surprise.

The man approaching her was none other than Wen Qimo, whom she had just 'broken up' with.

"Ge Ge, why are here?" He gave her a warm smile, apparently happy to see her.

She looked at the casually dressed man with a smile. "Yes. My mom is currently confined here."

"Auntie is sick? Is it serious?" He was slightly taken aback by this news and expressed his concern.

"Yes. She should be fine after the surgery, though," she replied softly.

"I am free at the moment, so let me visit auntie with you," he proposed with a smile.

She blinked guiltily and tried to decline. "You don't have to…"

She told her mother that the surgery cost was borrowed from this man in front of her. If he were to go up with her now, would he not reveal her lie?

"Ge Ge, why are you being so formal with me? We used to 'date' before, you know." He was all smiles as he teased her.

She knew she could not hide the lie she had told her mother from him, so she decided to turn the man into her accomplice right there and then.

"It's okay if you want to come with me, but if my mom thanks you later, you should just accept it without a question," she said with a serious look.

"Why would your mom thank me?" He shot her a suspicious look.

At his question, she could only confess the lie she had told her mother the last time.

However, she remained mum on who had actually lent her the money. This man was not a very close friend of hers, after all.

"It's like that, hm. I understand." The man, who was quick on the uptake, did not press for details and merely nodded in assent.

"Then, I'll thank you here in advance." She sighed in relief when he easily agreed to her request without asking any question.

The two of them made their way into the elevator, but once they were in it, he grew very perplexed.

The fee for staying in this particular inpatient building was very expensive. Moreover, the floor she had pressed for was one that even the rich might be unable to stay on.

He knew her family's situation, so how did she manage to have her mother stay on that floor?

"Oh, right. Why are here? Are you here to visit someone, too?" She friendlily smiled at him.

With a helpless nod, he admitted, "That's right."

Her interest was instantly piqued when the ever calm and collected man actually revealed a helpless expression.

For Qimo to show this kind of expression, who exactly is the patient?

"Is it serious?"

"Nope." He shook his head and laughed. "It's not even the least bit serious, and confinement is not a requirement."

Since confinement isn't required, why is that person staying in the hospital? Do they have plenty of cash without anywhere to spend? A normal person won't like to stay in a hospital if not need be.

She grumbled that inside. She did not ask for more details, however, as she could tell that the man was disinclined to discuss the matter.

The elevator soon reached the floor her mother's ward was located amid their intermittent chatter.

Ding! The elevator doors parted open and they got off it.

She perfunctorily greeted the few nurses she recognized along the way.

Eventually, her smile turned askew upon seeing the envious look the nurses were shooting her.

She even faintly heard the nurses whispering about her always being flocked to by topnotch handsome men.

She threw their comments at the back of her mind and just brought the man to her mother's side.

"Mom, I'm here," she announced loudly.

Her mother's reply came quickly. "Ge Ge, you're here?"

"Mhm." She guided the man inside while giving this reply to her mother.

Once he entered the bedroom with her, her mother's eyes instantly lit up.

"This must be… Mr. Wen!" her mother exclaimed in delight.

She could only peer at the elite man beside her as she nodded her head. "Yes, Mom; he is."

"Hello, Auntie. I came here in a rush and didn't manage to bring you something. I'll definitely prepare twice the gift in my next visit," he said politely.

His gentlemanly behavior scored points to her mother.

"He he! You don't have to. No need for any presents. I'm satisfied with you visiting me." Zhang Manhua smiled at him affectionately.

As the middle-aged woman's precious daughter, Pei Ge could obviously tell that her mother was treating the man as her son-in-law.

"Mr. Wen, really thank you so much this time. We'll quickly return the money you lent our Ge Ge."

Expectedly, her mother did not neglect mentioning the issue of her borrowed money. She quickly fixed her gaze on to him.

"It's nothing. As long as it can help treat Auntie's illness." He smiled at her mother. "Anyway, Auntie, please stop calling me 'Mr. Wen' and, instead, just call me 'Xiao Wen'."

"Yes, yes, yes. Xiao Wen…"

Watching the pair spend a harmonious time together, she inadvertently felt aggrieved on behalf of a certain CEO, who had actually lent the money, settled the surgery, and even gotten this ward for her mother.

This really was a case of having one's fame stolen after doing a good deed.

At this moment, the great CEO, whose fame had been stolen, was sitting in his office and seriously reading some files.


The quiet atmosphere was abruptly broken by a man rushing into his office.

He frowned and raised his head to shoot the man, who had just barged in, a cold glare.

"Get out. Knock on the door." Displeasure was apparent from his cold tone.

"Aiya, Ziming, don't be so petty. I only forgot to knock on the door because of you!"

The person, who had just entered, was none other than his childhood friend, Mu Heng.

Although the new arrival noticed his best friend's reluctance to deal with him, Mu Heng still paid no heed to that and just sat down on the sofa opposite the man.

"Ziming, I didn't expect you to move so fast! You actually married Little Chili for real!"


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