Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
414 Can one really fit two people inside a single heart?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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414 Can one really fit two people inside a single heart?

"Ziming, I didn't expect you to move so fast! You actually married Little Chili for real!"

Mu Heng made himself comfortable on the sofa in Ji Ziming's office as he gave his best friend a sidelong glance.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm really proud of your ability to learn so fast." He looked at his best friend teasingly. "Those sayings about the disciple starving the master to death and the student surpassing the master are apt for people like you."

His non-stop chattering ever since he stepped into the room finally made Ji Ziming put down the documents in his hands and pay attention to him.

"Are you very free?" He peered coldly at him.

"Free? Of course, not! With such a significant event happening in your life, how can I be free?" Mu Heng sat up straight and gave the man a dubious smile.

"Ziming, I really didn't expect you to suddenly get a marriage certificate with Little Chili."

"…" Ji Ziming's brows twitched, but he kept mum.

Frankly speaking, his initial plan did not include marrying her for real. The contract he had first drafted was, in fact, not the one he and she had signed.

However, when she evaded him and refused his help, he inexplicably had a change of mind.

"Ziming, are you serious about this?" Mu Heng turned solemn as he regarded his best friend.

"If you are serious about this, I won't stop you guys from being together. Rather, I'll actually support you two. Little Chili is a good lady. The only downside is that your family backgrounds are worlds' apart. Auntie should be fine, but as for Uncle, I'm afraid…"

His clear-cut words made Ji Ziming's brows twitch again.

He moved to speak but heard his phone ring.

Once he saw the displayed caller ID, he immediately picked it up.


Mu Heng sighed lightly when his best friend answered the call.

Looks like my best friend still has a long way to go before he can understand his heart…

Mu Heng lounged on the sofa again.

Instead of looking at the man, he took out his phone and started chatting with his most-recent girlfriend.

He only put down his phone once his best friend's phone conversation ended.

"She called?" While this was posed as a question, it was indubitably an affirmative statement.

"You're still here." Ji Ziming indifferently raised his chin a little to regard him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Our topic from just now hasn't concluded yet." Mu Heng did not pay heed to his act of giving him the cold shoulder.

"I have work to do." He frowned.

"Yes, yes, yes. I'll leave after you answer this one question," Mu Heng said in a placating tone.

"…" He did not say anything and merely glanced up at him, silently giving him permission to ask.

"Ziming, think seriously; did you marry Little Chili because you like her?" Mu Heng retracted his smile and stared unblinkingly at his best friend.

It was precisely because they were best friends that he did not want him to walk on the wrong path.

Nonetheless, it was also precisely because they were best friends that he understood him. Telling him straight up was useless.

His best friend was very proud. He would not listen to others' words unless he thought through them himself.

Ji Ziming's movements froze at his question. After a long while, he replied, "… She is just a shield."

Why is it, though, that when I say this, my heart aches so much?

"Are you sure about that? If she were just a shield, would you go this far? Ziming, you must be broad-minded in some things. Feelings can change." Mu Heng gave him a knowing look. Speaking his piece, he did not wait for his reply and just made his way out.

Pak! Ji Ziming remained in a trance even after the door had closed.

He continued looking at the documents on his desk, but none of the information written in them entered his brain.

Every time his gaze landed on a spot, Pei Ge's face would appear in his mind.

His best friend's words played on loop in his mind.

Those words made him confused and lost.

He admitted that he cared about her, but if it was about liking her… Did he really like her?

Do I… like her?

He only knew that he disliked seeing that dumb woman go on blind dates, be in a relationship with someone else, and evade him.

Is this how liking someone is like?

I… I can't possibly, and shouldn't, like that woman…

Can one really fit two people inside a single heart?

Pei Ge finally sighed in relief once she sent Wen Qimo off.

Why did she sigh in relief?

The reason was simple! Wen Qimo was the best friend of all aunties! He had only stayed in the ward for a little while, but her mother's affection for him had already topped the charts!

"Ge Ge, Xiao Wen is a good man. You must definitely latch on to him!"

Look here; my mother is already telling me this upon my return to the VIP ward, she muttered inside in exasperation.

We've already broken up—no. It should be that we have never truly dated! Also, Qimo likes men, so nothing short of a miracle can let me latch on to him.

"Oh." She did not dare say a contradicting word out, though.

"Aye. Mom feels reassured now with you finding yourself such a good match." She looked with fondness at her daughter.

Pei Ge sat on the bedside. As she peeled the skin of an orange for her mother, she said helplessly, "What are you saying, Mom? It's too early for you to be relieved. You still need to help me take care of your grandchild."

"He he he! Yes, yes, yes! I still need to take care of my grandchild!" Her daughter's words made her happy.

A bright smile also blossomed on Pei Ge's face at her mother's joyful expression.

I feel that our days are gradually getting better…


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