Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
415 Remember that you are now my wife.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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415 Remember that you are now my wife.

Since today was when the medical report would be released, Pei Ge woke up earlier than usual.

However, when she went to collect it, she was told that they needed more time checking it, so the report could not be released at the moment.

She was baffled by this.

In fact, her heart shook with fear upon learning that a part of the report was a bit ambiguous.

Could it be that my mom has another illness on top of the current one?

"Doctor, is there another issue regarding my mom's health?" Her voice was quaking when she posed this question.

"Apologies, Miss Pei. I'm not privy to this matter. Please wait patiently for the result."

She felt her heart in her mouth at the doctor's reply.

Her originally upbeat face turned desolate.

In a trance, she trudged back to her mother's ward. But before she entered the ward, she pulled herself together first.

Don't panic! Pei Ge, you can't start panicking now!

She balled up her fists so tightly her nails dug into her palms, but somehow, she was numb to the pain from it.

Pak! She pushed the door to the ward open and walked in.

"Ge Ge, you're here; what did the doctor say?"

Her mother asked the moment she entered the room.

Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to sound normal.

"The doctor said that your medical report is still being processed, so we will have to wait a bit longer."

Perplexed, her mother asked, "Huh? We will have to wait more? I thought it'll be out today?"

"Mom, this is a huge hospital. They probably have many patients to deal with," she said comfortingly.

She realized that, sometimes, lying was not actually that difficult to do.

In fact, it seemed that she was telling more and more lies to her mom lately.

"I see. I understand, then." Zhang Manhua nodded with a smile, trusting her words.

Noting that her mother did not doubt her words, she lightly sighed in relief to herself.

It was better if only she knew of the truth. Her mother was currently sick; it would just affect her recovery if she got stressed out by this issue.

She initially thought that, even if they were unable to receive the report today, they would still get it the next day, but she was proven wrong.

Days slowly passed amid their waiting for the medical result. With her mind fully occupied by this matter, she failed to notice that the man had not 'harassed' her for the past few days.

If the result was only delayed by a mere one or two days, it would still be fine.

However, when the result was still not out by the third day, Zhang Manhua started to suspect something.

When her daughter said that the report was delayed due to the hospital's sheer number of patients, she easily believed it.

On the fourth day, her suspicion deepened.

"Ge Ge, why is the medical result not out yet? Did they find something else wrong with me?" She frowned.

While she really felt physically fine, she could not contest the doctor's diagnosis.

Hence, with her medical report getting delayed for so long, all she could feel was worry.

"They didn't. Mom, don't think too much." Pei Ge gently reassured her mother as she shook her head.

Actually, saying that something else was wrong with her mother was not right, but saying that her mother was all fine was also wrong.

That was because she had not gotten any information or answer from the doctor.

Each time she went to ask for her mother's health report, the doctor would always come up with an excuse not to give it. The doctor would either say that there was a questionable part in the report or that they were pretty busy and could not assist on her query. This made her so anxious she wanted to beat the doctor up.

"Sigh… Why is it being delayed for so long?" her mother remarked helplessly.

Pei Ge pursed her lips at this while thinking inside, The issuance of the medical report can't be postponed further!

It is very inefficient of them to keep dragging things out. If there's truly something else wrong with my mom's health, then it's best to learn about it early on so that we can have it treated fast!

This was when she thought of the man.

"Ah!" she involuntarily exclaimed, her eyes shining.

"What's wrong?" her mother asked, clearly confused by her outburst.

"Mom, don't worry about your health report anymore. We should be getting it soon!" She grinned. Taking her phone out, she hurriedly exited the ward.

Her clueless mother was left in the spacious VIP room by herself.

Once she exited the ward, she quickly searched for the man's number.

She was about to dial the number she had saved as 'Annoying Fellow' but suddenly halted her finger.

In the end, she still pressed the displayed number on her phone's screen.

Toot… toot… toot… She could only hear the dial tone.

The dial tone sounded for a very long time. Just as she thought that he would not pick up the call, it was suddenly answered.

"Hello." The man's low and cold voice came through the phone.

"Ziming, the…" she stopped speaking but eventually continued, "hospital hasn't revealed to us the result of my mother's medical examination even now. Can you help me rush them into giving us the report?"

Nervously making her request, she was only met with silence.

"C-CEO Ji?" She subconsciously reverted to her old way of addressing the man.

However, when she called him in that way, the man scolded sternly, "You called me wrongly."

"Ah? Ah! Ziming." She quickly corrected herself at his scolding.

"Remember that you are now my wife." His voice was low and his tone was solemn.

It seemed like a promise made in a church wedding, yet it also resembled a conclusion made after carefully mulling things over.

At the very least, it made one's heart pound… and hers considerably quickened…


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