Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
417 The medical result is finally out!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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417 The medical result is finally out!

"Alright, please leave now and don't disturb my mother's rest."

Pei Ge could not be bothered with these two people. She was already feeling frustrated over her mother's condition, so how would she have the mind to talk to Liu Yan and Pei Shishi?

"Hmph!" Liu Yan harrumphed angrily at their unwelcoming attitude.

"Our kind-hearted Shishi especially came here to give you guys some money, yet this is the attitude you two are showing us? What ingrates!"

"Mom, stop saying that! Since Big Auntie and Ge Ge don't want to see us, let's just take our leave." Pei Shishi tugged at her mother's hand. Despite saying that, her movements suggested otherwise; there was no sign of her wanting to leave.

Pei Ge disdainfully observed the spectacle unfolding before her. "Is that so? Give us money? How laughable! Now that we already have the funds for the operation, you guys are saying that you want to give us some money? How prompt you guys are."

In a cold voice, she ridiculed, "Also, Second Auntie should take back the term 'ingrates'. We are not fit for that term."

"What an uncouth mouth you have! I am your elder still, yet look at what you're saying! Really, all your manners and upbringing have been thrown out the window with Big Brother's passing." Liu Yan glared hatefully at Pei Ge.

Before Pei Ge could even come up with a retort, her mother already exploded in rage. "Liu Yan, you'd better take back your words! Our Ge Ge is sensible and filial. Everyone on the streets and our neighbors praise Ge Ge for those qualities. You are Ge Ge's second auntie, yet you are actually tarnishing your niece's reputation like this. How black your heart is!"

The usually mild-tempered Zhang Manhua actually flared up this time at Liu Yan.

Thus, the usually very fierce and unreasonable her, who had never lost an argument before, was rendered speechless at this moment.

For quite some time, she could only stutter an endless string of 'yous', unable to form a coherent line.

"Mom, stop talking anymore." Pei Shishi coaxed her mother before placing her sights on Pei Ge again.

"Ge Ge, you just said you already have the money for big auntie's operation; who did you borrow it from? Is it your best friend?" she asked softly.

"Cousin, it's none of your business, right?" she countered.

"I was just concerned that you would walk on the wrong path for the sake of money." She had a benevolent look on her face when she said this.

If an outsider were present, from that couple of actions, they would definitely think that she was a good sister who was very concerned about her younger sister.

However, having gone through so much, how could Pei Ge let herself be deceived by her again?

She only continued regarding her coolly and mocked, "The wrong path? You guys refused to lend me money, yet when I managed to borrow from someone else, look at what you people are saying. You actually still have the nerve to suspect me of such; how am I supposed to react to that?"

"I didn't mean it that way. I'm just worried about you." Pei Shishi hastily shook her head. Her action seemed to suggest that she had been misunderstood by her cousin.

"I can't be bothered to think about what you mean. Anyway, as I've just said, I already have the money for my mom's treatment. You guys should stop harassing my mom. She needs her rest." She did not mince words, not wanting to entertain the pair further.

Pei Shishi clasped her hands tightly together.

When did her cousin become this smart and sharp? She was so stubborn and hard to cheat right now, and even her big auntie was influenced by her!

Pei Shishi's appearance today was not by accident. Having heard some news about Tang Xiaoyu from her friend overseas, she suddenly thought of her cousin.

She thought that since the best friend was so preoccupied, her cousin would be unable to raise the funds for the operation.

Who knew, though, that she would be slapped in the face so fast?

Perplexed, she dialed Tang Xiaoyu's number, but the latter was still unexpectedly unavailable.

She hung up the phone and started pondering on how her cousin could have gotten the money without the Tang Xiaoyu's help.

Hence, it led to this visit.

Who was the person who had lent her cousin the money? Also… That person had actually arranged for such a VIP ward that even the rich would be unable to stay with just money alone.

With a stomach full of questions, she dragged her mother out of the VIP ward.

They stopped in front of the elevator to travel downward.

Soon, the elevator leveled on this floor.

Ding! The doors slowly parted open and a man wearing a form-fitting and smart-looking suit walked out of it.

Something exploded in Pei Shishi's brain the moment she spotted perfectly sculpted face of the man, who was as high and mighty as a heavenly being.

"Shishi, what's wrong? Why aren't you coming in?" Once she entered the lift, Liu Yan realized that her daughter did not follow her in and was still staring at the man who had just gotten off it.

Pei Shishi only returned to her senses when she heard her mother's voice.

"Ji-Ji Ziming?!" she called after the man's back.

However, the man's footsteps did not falter at all.

Indignation and anger filled her eyes as she watched the slowly receding back.

Pei Ge! So she borrowed from Ji Ziming! Since when did those two become this close?!

"Ziming? Why are you here?" Pei Ge asked in shock. She had just sent the mother-daughter pair away when the man arrived shortly after.

With a light glance at her, the man coldly replied, "The medical report should be delivered here soon. Don't be too worried."

"Oh, okay!" She nodded, feeling happy inside.

She was unsure whether her joy stemmed from seeing the man or the knowledge that she would learn the result of the full-body checkup soon, however. Perhaps… it was both.

Her mother started zealously talking to him once he came in.

Chatting for a while, the health report had still not arrived. The man frowned and was about to place a call to the hospital, but the phone in his hand rang at this moment.

His brows twitched when he saw the caller ID. Excusing himself, he answered the call outside.

He had just left the ward when a few doctors in white uniforms entered.

"Miss Pei, Madam Zhang, we apologize for the long delay in delivering the medical report." The middle-aged doctor standing at the center gave them an apologetic look.

Pei Ge quickly shook her head. "It's fine; it's fine. As long as we learn the result. Oh, right. What does it exactly say in my mom's medical report?"

Her question caused the surrounding doctors to show a strange look.

She started panicking when she noted the expression on their faces.

"Doctor, quickly tell me; my mom… shouldn't have any other illness, right?"

"Cough! Your mother is in good health – very healthy, in fact… She was misdiagnosed."


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