Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
420 Tell me; what is going on with you and Xiao Wen?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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420 Tell me; what is going on with you and Xiao Wen?


When she did not answer his question, he lightly snorted and narrowed his eyes at her.

With a pout, she looked at him incredulously. "I forgot."

Even if I remember, I won't tell you about it, either! He he he!

He saw her acting cutesy to him with her pouty lips, and the corners of his mouth reflexively lifted.

"What's this business about Xiao Wen, then?" While he did not bother pursuing that matter with her, he decided to probe about another issue.


She blinked guiltily at the man when he posed that question.


"Mhm?" He arched a brow at her.

Her eyes fluttered as she thought of what to reply to his question.

After all, she knew that, no matter what she replied, this annoying person would still get angry.

As she was in a pickle, she heard her mother call out to her.

"Ge Ge, why are you still there? Do you have something else to say to Xiao Ji?" her mother asked curiously. She watched her daughter discuss something with the man by the car while she held the luggage.

Pei Ge's eyes brightened at her mother's call. Using it as an excuse to avoid answering the man, she broke into a run.

"Oh! Mom, I'm coming—" Before she could initiate her plan, her wrist was grabbed by the man.

"Uh…" She awkwardly turned around and saw the man give her a cold look that seemed to say, 'Try to leave if you dare!'

When she saw his look, she could only abandon her plan.

When her daughter did not come over, Zhang Manhua figured that the two still had something to discuss, so she informed them that she would be heading up first.

Therefore, only the two remained by the car outside the building block.

"Tell me; what's up with you and Xiao Wen?" Refusing to let her hand go, he pressed her for answer.

She grumbled at his probing, Why does this seem like a husband trying to catch a cheating wife?

"Oh. CEO Ji, you already know that my mom thinks Qimo and I are dating." She decided not to care about how this annoying person would react to the truth and just came clean.

Who knew that, the moment these words left her lips, he would raise his brow?

"First, I don't know. Second, you shouldn't be calling me 'CEO Ji'," he said coolly as he eyed her sternly.

She blinked at his words. She was about to rebut when he spoke again.

"Forget it; my question isn't about that, anyway. Your mother mentioned something about you borrowing money from that man; what's that about? Besides me, did you borrow money from other men, too?" He looked at her with censure in his cold eyes.

He made it sound as if borrowing money from others was a sinister thing.

"N-No. Of course, not." She forgot what she wanted to say and just shook her head to refute his assumption.

"How would I dare borrow money from Qimo?"

They just met recently and were unfamiliar with each other; she did not have the cheek to borrow money from that man.

"Why do you need to return money to him, then?" He probed further.

"Ah? Oh… Actually, I…" she cautiously mumbled while peering at him, "… lied to my mom about the money I borrowed from you. I said it's from Qimo."

"… Why did you do that?" His brows knitted tightly together and his eyes filled with displeasure as he glared at her.

"I-I just felt that my mom would be more receptive if I said it's from Qimo…" Her voice grew softer as she guiltily averted her gaze from him.

For a moment, he did not know how to react.

He, therefore, continued glaring at her with pursed lips. He was about to speak when his phone rang.

At this, he settled on shooting her with a warning look before answering the call.

She was relieved when he picked up the call.

However, when he remained mum with a gloomy look and a tightly folded forehead while on the phone, she began to feel alarmed.

Did something happen?

She blinked and started to feel more anxious when his expression darkened further.

Right at this moment, for whatever reason, his gloomy face turned in her direction.

At their eyes' collision, she inexplicably felt that this call was about her.

She quickly discarded that notion, though.

Pei Ge, stop thinking about nonsensical things!

Suddenly, as she took in his steadily sinking face, she recalled what she was meaning to say earlier before she got interrupted.

It's not right! Shouldn't I be discussing with this annoying fellow about voiding the contract?

Her mother was not sick and needed no surgery or money!

If she returned that 500,000 yuan to him, the contract would become invalid, right?

Mulling over this, she felt that it would be better for her to quickly return the money to the man!

His phone conversation happened to end at this moment.

She hurried to his side, thinking that the earlier she settled the matter, the faster she could have her peace of mind.

"Ji—" It was just a pity that, before she could speak her mind, he brushed her off.

"Something came up; I'll have to take my leave now. Call me this evening for the address." He waved at her and then got into his Maybach.

She blinked and stood rooted to the spot as she lovingly looked at the way he rushed into his car.

Only after he had driven off and his car was a distant away did she return to her senses.

D*mn that annoying person for not knowing how to listen properly! He just loves to interrupt others when they are talking!


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