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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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423 This Man’s Appearance

Though it was still quite awkward in the private room, with the presence of Wen Qimo, who had quite a wicked humor, the air was soon filled with laughter.

Pei Ge smiled at Wen Qimo's ability to make her mother laugh. She thought to herself, Qimo is really good at everything; how unfortunate that he is gay! If it weren't for that, it'd be nice to be with him.

Ji Ziming fumed when he spied her smiling at Wen Qimo.

"Hmph!" he coldly harrumphed. Eyeing the man who was making Zhang Manhua laugh, his eyes flashed dangerously.

Pei Ge, who happened to glance Ji Ziming's way at this moment, discovered that the latter's gloomy expression had reached a frightening degree.

"What's wrong with you?" She blinked at the man. What's making this annoying person angry when no one is provoking him?!

He fiercely swept his gaze on her but remained mum.

She pursed her lips at his cranky look, muttering inwardly, Hmph! If you don't wanna say it, then I won't bother with you anymore!

When she returned her attention on to Wen Qimo, Ji Ziming pursed his lips in displeasure and decisively grasped her hand from under the table.

At the sudden heat enveloping her hand, she turned her face to the man again and mouthed, "What are you doing?!"

She would be dead if her mother saw this!

With this thought in mind, she struggled to free her hand from him, but his grasp was vice-like, so her attempt was in vain.

Her movements only resulted in her mother looking at them.

Noticing that her mother's focus was on them, she quickly hid their hands under the table.

"Ge Ge, are you alright? Are you feeling too warm?" Zhang Manhua asked with concern when she saw her daughter perspiring.

While the sweat was a result of her struggle against his restraining grip, she still bobbed her head agreeingly at her mother's wrong guess. "Yes, it's a bit warm here."

"How about I lower the temperature?" her mother suggested.

She nodded again. "That'd be great."

What she was feeling right now was not one of warmth but of anxiety, though.

The moment her mother turned around to adjust the heater, she viciously glared at the man and hissed, "Let go!"

Her fiery gaze did not provoke his anger and, instead, made him feel satisfied as he saw himself reflected in her eyes.

"No," he stubbornly refused, the corners of his mouth faintly arching.

She was about to go crazy at his unreasonable reply!

"Are you sick?!" There was a barely suppressed anger in her voice. Does this annoying person have nothing better to do than stubbornly hold my hand?! It's in front of my mother to boot!

Her mother truly believed that she was in a relationship with Wen Qimo. If her mother saw her holding hands with Ji Ziming, she would surely fume!

With this thought in mind, her glare at the man became even more unfriendly.

"Ge Ge, what's going on?"

In the middle of their fight, Wen Qimo asked her this with a gentle smile.

Knowing that she was really angry this time, Ji Ziming was intending to free her hand, but when Wen Qimo spoke with such familiarity to her, his grip around her hand tightened, instead.

"Nothing." Perhaps, it was because of the anger in her heart, but for some reason, Wen Qimo's sweet smile was giving her an ominous feeling.

Wen Qimo was not bothered by her curt reply and just directed his gaze on to Ji Ziming.

"CEO Ji, I don't think I've formally introduced myself," he said. He then pointedly looked at their clasped hands under the table.

Ji Ziming merely eyed him coldly and did not respond.

He stood up and formally proffered his hand. "CEO Ji, pleased to meet you. I am the executive vice president of Qiming Group, Wen Qimo."

D*mn! This two-faced man, with big smiles and evil intentions, is actually a big company's vice president?!

Ji Ziming was unfazed by his introduction. She, on the other hand, gawked at the smiling man in disbelief.

Honestly speaking, although they had only met each other recently, they still knew a thing or two about the other, yet she was never aware of him being a company's executive vice president! She was totally ignorant to this fact!

While she did think that his disposition was above average, the thought had never crossed her mind that his position in a company was so far up the hierarchy, and she just assumed that he was a manager of some sort at most…

One could not fault her, though, for not even considering this. After all, why would a young vice president go on a blind date with a common citizen like her?

As such, she was utterly shocked by his formal introduction.

Ji Ziming, who was observing her stealthily, obviously noticed her reaction and inwardly cursed her for being dumb. He then shot Wen Qimo a frosty look.

He had long been suspicious of this man's ulterior motive for going on a blind date with Pei Ge and even making her pose as his girlfriend.

He was unable to uncover his intentions, though, and only discovered that Pei Ge's supposed blind date was actually Wen Qimo's employee.

This man, upon seeing Pei Ge's photograph, snatched his employee's blind date for himself.

Even now, he could not uncover how the two met prior to this. Wen Qimo's hand, which hung in mid-air, was not met by his for a long time, yet the man's face did not crumple. In fact, the twerp still had a friendly smile on his face.

"Why? Are you looking down on me, CEO Ji?"

His words and tone, however, were not at all friendly.

Ji Ziming eyed him coldly and inquisitively.

Why on earth would this twerp appear in this dumb woman's life?


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