Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
425 She seems to be more compatible with Xiao Ji...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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425 She seems to be more compatible with Xiao Ji...

"It's just a rumor, Auntie; I'm not picky at all."

Ji Ziming smiled disarmingly at her.

If anyone familiar with him saw this scene, their eyeballs would probably pop out of their sockets from shock.

In fact, even if their eyeballs were to fall out of their sockets, they would still not believe that this man, who was nonchalantly denying that he was a picky eater, was the extremely proud and aloof great CEO Ji. They would rather believe that this man merely resembled him.

Of course, as one of the people in the know, Pei Ge was scared silly by this entire scene.

Oh, my mama! This annoying fellow is actually smiling! He even said such obedient words! Why do I feel that he is like a kindergarten who is trying to be more likeable to his teacher by saying such sweet words?!

She was totally taken aback by his out-of-character action.

Extremely cute! Isn't he?!

She fangirled inside as she stared unblinkingly at the smiling man.

Still… Why does it seem that he's trying to get on my mom's good side?

Zhang Manhua, who was feeling a little anxious due to Wen Qimo's comment, promptly discarded her worry at Ji Ziming's smile and cutesy reply.

Noting the young man's faint smile, for some reason, she actually thought that it looked even nicer than Wen Qimo's!

In response to the man, she laughed happily. "It's great if you're not choosy. Let's hurry and dig in, then!"

Everyone, thus, proceeded to pick up their chopsticks and eat their meal.

"Come, Ge Ge; I know that you like meat, so have more of it." The first portion Wen Qimo had lifted with his chopsticks was not meant for himself but for Pei Ge, instead.

A satisfied smile blossomed on Zhang Manhua's face at his actions.

Hubby, our precious daughter finally found a decent boyfriend this time! You can be at ease up there now! Looks like our baby will be marrying soon!

"Er… Thanks," she expressed. Her mouth twitched as she eyed the meat in her bowl.

If her mother were not present, she would really ask this twerp what he was doing!

They were clearly not in a relationship, so why was he acting like they were?!

Giving him a discontented look, she soon discovered why he had done that.

That was because—

A certain big boss was fuming!

She had just used her chopsticks to lift Wen Qimo's given meat when she heard Ji Ziming's angry harrumph.


The palpable anger in his voice made her hand tremble, causing the meat she had wedged between her chopsticks to drop on the table.

"…" She nudged her lips speechlessly. Before she could say anything, another pair of chopsticks descended on her bowl and drop another chunk of meat into it.

Her eyes followed the chopsticks back to the one holding them, and she was shocked when she saw that it was actually Ji Ziming.

Oh, my gosh! Am I seeing wrongly?! Did this annoying fellow just get me food?!

Perhaps, because her gaze was too obvious, his forehead scrunched up.

"Cough!" He lightly coughed and turned his head away from her. "Eat."

"Oh." Nodding in a daze, she lowered her head and picked up the piece of meat in her bowl again.

She made sure that, this time, the meat was securely wedged between her chopsticks as she promptly delivered it into her mouth.

Mhm! Delicious!

She thought happily while chewing.

She thought that he had only given her that chunk as compensation for that meat he had caused her to drop and would not give her one again, but… she soon realized how wrong she was!

Throughout their dinner, she needed not reach out her chopsticks to get herself food! That was because the two men on either side of her seemed to be competing on who could put more food into her bowl!

Forget about the cunning Wen Qimo – as it was still normal for him to get her food – the fact that Ji Ziming was also doing the same was just too abnormal!

"Ge Ge, this is pretty good. Here; have more!"

Watching Wen Qimo put food into her bowl, she really felt like screaming at this smiling tiger, Please let me off the hook! I really want to get the food myself and finish this meal in peace!

However, whenever she saw her mother's happy smile, she could only grudgingly lower her head and try to finish the small mountain of food in her bowl.

"This is good."

She had just lowered her head to eat when Ji Ziming also placed food into her bowl.

She glanced up at him silently, yet under his cold gaze, all she could do was lower her head to eat his given food.

Meanwhile, Zhang Manhua, who was seated opposite the three, leisurely watched this scene unfold. Still, the longer she watched, the odder she felt about this.

Why do I feel that my daughter's superior also likes her?

More importantly, after watching for so long, I actually feel that the air between my daughter and Xiao Ji is more harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

My daughter seems to be more compatible with Xiao Ji…

I must be overthinking stuff again!

Zhang Manhua shook her head fervently, yet the confusion and suspicion inside her only grew further.

The three involved parties were unaware of her bafflement, though, and merely continued to try 'currying favor' while they ate.

"I want to eat prawns," Ji Ziming said softly to Pei Ge. He indicated the huge tiger prawns at the center of the table to her with his eyes.

"… Then just have it." No one is stopping you, so why are you looking at me? she grumbled about him inside.

"I don't know how to shell it." He made it sound as if not being able to shell prawns was normal.

"…" F*ck! She could not help but curse. Nonetheless, since the man gave her so much food, she decided to shell him a tiger prawn.

Ji Ziming's lips slowly curled up at the sight of her carefully shelling a tiger prawn for him.


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