Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
427 Xiao Ji digs holes for his “love rival“!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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427 Xiao Ji digs holes for his “love rival“!

Bidding Wen Qimo goodbye, the mother-daughter pair got into Ji Ziming's Maybach.

It was worth mentioning that this was not their first time riding the man's car, so they were quite familiar with the operations of it.

Once the two buckled up, the man stepped on the gas and drove off, leaving Wen Qimo, who was standing outside the car, far behind.

Wen Qimo shrugged offhandedly as he watched the Maybach recede into the distance.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. He really is a bottle of vinegar with a strong sense of possessiveness. What a pity…"

What a pity for a cute little lass like Ge Ge!

Of course, the two leads of this story were unaware of his remark.

The car steadily drove toward Pei Ge's house as the scenery outside the window continued to move in the opposite direction.

"Xiao Ji, my apologies for troubling you these few days." Zhang Manhua smiled at him.

"Don't mention it. It's not much trouble," he replied in his cold voice.

"Xiao Wen, the good lad you met today, is our Ge Ge's boyfriend. What do you think of him?" she asked with a smile.

"Mom, what are you saying?!" Pei Ge was dumbfounded by her mother's actions.

She really could not fathom why her mother brought this matter up out of the blue.

Zhang Manhua totally ignored her daughter, however, and merely focused on the man's reply.

"…" Pausing for a while, he answered coldly, "Not really good."

The car fell silent at his reply.

"Huh?" Zhang Manhua was taken aback by his reply and gawked at the man.

She had thought of every possible reply except for this clear-cut answer she had just received from her daughter's superior.

"Why?" she asked, looking at him in a slight daze. For no reason, she felt that his words were pretty trustworthy.

"Wen Qimo's rise to the position of Qiming Group's executive vice president is partly due to the CEO's youngest daughter. Still, one can't deny his capability," he explained casually. His pride did not allow him to defame the man he hated.

Zhang Manhua was stunned silly when she heard this.

It was inconceivable to hear that her future son-in-law was apparently some company's executive vice president, and it was even achieved at the backing of some CEO's daughter.

"Xiao Ji, wha-what did you just say? Xiao Wen became a company's vice president because of the support of their CEO's daughter?!" Her voice trembled as she asked for confirmation.

This can't be true, right?!

"Strictly speaking, it's not entirely because of a woman," he admitted neutrally.

Not entirely. Still, it was partly.

She received a great shock!

The man whom she had just thought was a good son-in-law material actually relied on a woman to rise up the ranks! How could her entire being not be shocked?!

"Mom, are you okay?" Noticing her mother's downcast look, Pei Ge could not help but grumble at Ji Ziming inside for telling her mother these things.

When Zhang Manhua's thought processes finally returned at her question, she exclaimed with much conviction, "Break up!"

"Huh?" She was slow to process her mother's words.

"Ge Ge, you must break up with that Mr. Wen! You can't be with a man who relies on a woman to further his career!" Her mother was adamant.

Her mouth twitched at this.

Fine. Now that her affection for 'Xiao Wen' has dropped, it became 'Mr. Wen'!

"Mom, you misunderstood. Wen Qimo isn't like that." She tried to defend the guy from her mom, truly believing that Wen Qimo was gay.

Would someone gay rely on a woman to further his career? This has got to be a joke! It's most likely that the woman likes him so much she's willing to advance his career.

"What 'misunderstood'? Xiao Ji already said so; how could it be wrong?!" her mother countered.

This made her even more speechless.

Since when did mom start trusting this annoying fellow this much? How come I didn't know about this?!

"Quickly return what you borrowed from him and then break up! You're forbidden from seeing him again. You hear me?!" Her mother's stance was clear.

"Yes, I hear you…" she answered weakly. Since she was not really dating that guy, her promise was pretty much a done deal.

Actually, thinking about it more, this was a nice way of breaking up, too. She had been trying to come up with a good excuse for calling her so-called relationship off with that guy upon seeing how fond her mother was of him.

Meanwhile, the man in the driver's seat eavesdropped on his two female passengers' conversation and very much liked what he heard!

He did not notice that a smile had slowly crept into his face.

While he knew that they were not a real couple and had never truly dated each other, his mood still improved significantly when Zhang Manhua believed his words and disliked Wen Qimo now.

The mother continued preaching the daughter until the man's car slowly drove into their neighborhood complex.

The smile on his lips did not disappear even after the car had parked in front of the mother-daughter pair's building block.

"Xiao Ji, thank you for today." Pei Ge's mother smiled warmly at him.

"No worries," he replied, clearly in a good mood.

Hopping out of the car, she finally noticed his smile. She blinked at the sight and mumbled internally, This annoying fellow seems quite happy…

Did something happen? Why is he happy?

"CEO Ji, thanks a lot for today." She reigned in her curiosity and just thanked the man.

Retracting his smile, he ordered, "Remember to come report for work tomorrow. You've been absent for so long."

Hesitating for a bit, she finally concurred. "I understand. I'll make sure to come on time for work tomorrow."

His breathing smoothened at her satisfying reply.

Hmm… The weather is quite nice today! What a refreshing, starless night!


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