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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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428 A Major Blind Date Jerk Magne

"I'll come pick you up tomorrow." He looked at her gently. By the time she thought of a reply, he was already halfway out of the apartment complex and was soon gone from her sight.

She thought she was imagining things.

He'll pick me up tomorrow? I probably heard wrongly…

Her mouth twitched as she stared at where the car had disappeared. For reasons unknown, she deemed his behavior to be fairly eccentric.

First, he accepted her mother's dinner invitation; second, he kept supplementing her with food during their meal; finally, during the car ride, he, all of a sudden, 'defamed' Wen Qimo. What was most baffling was this last statement of his about picking her up tomorrow.

That can't be true, right?!

"Ge Ge, what's up? Why are still standing there like a fool?" She was hurried by her mother when she did not quickly follow the latter.

This call helped her return to reality.

"Coming, Mom!" She jogged toward her mother.

Once the two got inside their humble abode, she was quickly pulled by her mother on the living room sofa before she could even have a quick wash in the toilet.

"Daughter, be honest with me; what's your real relationship with Xiao Ji?" she seriously asked.

"What else could there be except for a superior-subordinate relationship?" She was not intimidated by her serious look.

She honestly viewed their relationship to be of an employer and an employee, especially after signing that contract.

"Is that so? Why do I feel that Xiao Ji likes you?" she asked, feeling suspicious and equally confused.

Her eyes widened in agitation. "Mom, what's this nonsense again? I swear we only have a professional relationship!"

Her mother was amused by her big reaction. "Fine, fine. Why are you so agitated, anyway?"

"Hmph!" She pouted. "How can I not be? This isn't the first time you've told me something like this."

"Yes, yes, yes. I won't say it ever again," her mother promised, quite amused.

"Oh." She lost her pout at that. Blinking, she regarded her mother with baffled eyes. "Still, why do you trust CEO Ji's words so much?"

Her mother knew that she was inquiring because of that issue about Wen Qimo.

"It's not that I believe him; it's more like your boss has no reason to lie to us." Zhang Manhua sighed. "Think about it; how did Mr. Wen become a vice president at such a young age?"

"He is capable," she replied confidently. From her perspective, that guy was really a capable man.

"I bet that there are plenty of capable people at their company, yet only he quickly rose to the position of a vice president, and at such a young age to boot," she remarked.

"Mom, didn't you like Qimo a lot before? Why are you suddenly so against him now?" She really could not fathom how her mom, who was very satisfied with the guy before, could do a one-eighty change in attitude just from Ji Ziming's few words.

At her daughter's perplexed look, Zhang Manhua rolled her eyes resignedly. "Isn't it because of your special constitution?"

"Huh? What special constitution?" She blinked, totally at a loss at what her mother meant.

"Go ahead and think it yourself! You've gone on so many blind dates, so why is it that none has ever been successful?" Her mother poked her head with a snort.

Blinking, she seriously thought for a while and then replied resolutely, "Of course, it's because, if not jerks, my blind dates are always weirdos. None is ever decent!"

As for the two that were slightly normal – one proposed to get back at his girlfriend and another used her to hide his sexual orientation. Her heart ached for herself when she thought of this.

Truly, her blind-date history was enough to write a book about it!

"Really, you. So you do know it, too!" Amid her amusement, Zhang Manhua did not neglect to scold her daughter.

"Ah, yeah." Pei Ge was still unsure of why her mother had brought this up.

"Do you think I'll still agree to you two being together after what I learned from Xiao Ji about Mr. Wen? Based on your probability of meeting jerks in blind dates, how can I still let you two be together?" Zhang Manhua sighed heavily. "It's better to be safe than sorry! I won't bet on your happiness regarding such matter."

Inside, she was of course feeling depressed. Other people's daughters could easily seal the deal when they went on blind dates, so why was it that, when it came to her daughter, there was zero success?

She felt fatigued inside at this thought.

"…" Pei Ge also felt a little stifled inside at her mother's words.

While she also thought the same, she still felt unhappy when her mother used this excuse to prevent her from being with that guy!

"I understand," she mumbled gloomily.

Sigh… I must say that my mom's train of thought is really accurate. Qimo may not be someone who relies on woman to reach the top, but he is still a person who can't ever bring happiness to a woman. He is gay, after all!

"You should break it off with Mr. Wen tomorrow. Understand? You can't be soft-hearted this time!" her mother ordered in all seriousness.

While they indeed owed that guy a debt, she would not sacrifice her daughter's happiness just because that.

"I got it, Mom. Rest assured; I won't be soft-hearted," Pei Ge gave in. She was not in a relationship with that guy in the first place.

"Anyway, Mom, since you know that I'm a blind date jerk magnet, why do you still always make me participate in one?" This was boggling her.

"Hmph!" With an eye-roll, her mother answered through gritted teeth, "If I don't make you participate in one, you'll definitely stay at home and be single for the rest of your life! While you are likely to meet jerks when you go on blind dates, there's still a slight chance that you'll meet someone reliable! It's still better than you always staying at home and never getting into a relationship!"

She blinked her stunned eyes upon hearing her mother's take on this.

What to do? Mom is making so much sense I actually can't think of a comeback…


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