Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
430 You refuse to rescind the contract because you like me.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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430 You refuse to rescind the contract because you like me.

"Pei Ge, what right do you have to rescind the contract?!"

Silence. There was only silence. Silence, enough to shake one's heart into fear, reigned in the car.

She looked at the man who had unbuckled his seatbelt to regard her fully.

His expressionless face was grave. An unreadable emotion lurked in the depth of his irises.

"…" She felt her heart shake at the darkness in his eyes and was unable to utter a sound for a long time.

The air in the car stilled. In this deafening silence, the two faced each other with only their eyes doing the talking.

If not for this stifling atmosphere in the car and the look that they gave each other feeling so off, one would think that a pair of lovers was boring into each other deeply.

"… Pei Ge, the contract won't be revoked." He decisively told her this after a long pause.

Only after he had spoken those words did she wake up from her reverie. She gazed at him with a wan face.

"Why? Why can't we rescind it?" Is it because… Is it because you like me? Is that why you… Why you refuse to end our relationship?

She stared at him dazedly, her watery eyes shining with dim hope.

'Why do I feel that Xiao Ji likes you?'

'Ge Ge, does your boss like you?!'

Thinking of her mother and best friend's questions, she could not help but clarify things with him.

Do you like me, too? Can I… be like the heroine in a fairy tale? The one where the heroine meets her prince charming and lives happily ever after with him in mutual love?

Her heart's thumping accelerated when she thought of this. With hopeful eyes, she looked at the face she felt she would never get tired of looking at.

Be more confident. Maybe… Maybe this annoying fellow likes you, too…

Seeing her clear eyes brim with hope, Ji Ziming's heart skipped a beat, and for some reason, his throat felt dry.

"'Why can't we rescind it'?" He narrowed his eyes as he suppressed the trembling of his heart.

"Pei Ge, do you think I sign contracts for fun?" He laughed humorlessly, feeling an inexplicable rage well within.

No matter how nice he treated this woman, she always heartlessly wanted to leave his side!

This d*mn, deplorable woman! Revoke our contract? No way!

With his fists balled up, he watched her clear eyes stare at him silently.

"Pei Ge, the contract won't be revoked," he reiterated, trying to calm his emotions and repress the fire in his heart.

"Why?" She continued to look at him with hope.

Dad, can I… try to hope a little? Can I be a little more confident and believe that this man actually likes me?

"Why do you need so many reasons? I need a woman to act with me, and you happened to appear. That's all there is to this." He turned his head away, unwilling to meet her eyes, which were as clear as spring water.

His voice reverberated in her ears. She seemed to hear the nonchalance in it.

This made her heart shake involuntarily.

At his casual look, her eyes reddened. She took a deep breath to try and calm herself.

"Why me? You can easily find a more suitable person to act as your wife, so why must it be me?" She closed her eyes, asking the last question that potentially held any hope.

Why must it be me? Is it because… Is it because you like me just a tad bit? Is that why you are so adamant on having me as your pretend wife?

The fury in his heart burned hotter at her question.

Does this d*mn woman really not want to be with me, be my wife, that much?!

"Pei Ge, do you really want me to answer that?" He narrowed his cold eyes. "Alright, then. I'll give you an answer.

"That's because you are easy to control. Yes, you are not the most suitable person, but you are also the type I dislike the most."

She seemed to hear her heart break into pieces at his answer. Instantly, she felt as though she had fallen into hell.

'You are the type I dislike the most.'

Ke ke… Dad, I really thought too highly of myself. I should know better than anyone that I won't ever be a fairy tale heroine…

She remained silent for a long time.

Pei Ge, your dream has come to an end. Wake up. You two live in different worlds. You are two parallel lines that won't ever intersect, so how will you guys end up together?

Don't let this man know about your feelings and make a fool of you.

Enough. Just quietly stay by his side from now on. Just go with the flow.

"Pei Ge, don't ever entertain thoughts of breaking the contract again. Unless I no longer need you, our contract will forever be in place." He could not help but face her again when she remained silent for a long time.

Unexpectedly, he was met with her bright smile.

While her smile was charming, for some reason, he could sense sorrow in them.

"I got it, CEO Ji. I won't speak such things again in the future." She smiled at him very brightly and very casually.

Actually, an ending like this isn't that bad.

At least, I can be with the person I like for now. Isn't that already enough?

"…" The longer he observed her bright smile, the stronger this feeling of wrongness he got. Because of this, he did not notice that she had just called him 'CEO Ji' again.

"Pei Ge, are you alright?" Confusion filled his voice as the furrow between his brows deepened.

She rolled her eyes at his question and lightly harrumphed. "Of course, I'm not fine! Can I still be be fine when an adult like me got cheated into signing a contract with you?!"

Her fiery attitude made him inwardly sigh in relief. He felt really uncomfortable just then when she was so obedient to him.

"Pei Ge, do you know how many people want to be my shield? You should be grateful!"


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