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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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431 A new life has officially begun!

"Pei Ge, do you know how many people want to be my shield? You should be grateful!"

She rolled her eyes once more and said with disdain. "Tsk! At least I'm not included among those people."

Ji Ziming gawked at her when she said that. While he still felt something odd about her, but… he really liked this fiery attitude of hers a lot.

It reminded him of their first meeting.

"You still became my wife in the end." He regarded her with a fond smile in his eyes.

Thump, thump! She felt her heart pound when she saw his expression.

"It's 'pretend wife'," she corrected calmly. She suppressed the trembling of her heart as she nudged her lips.

"It's wife."

"It's pretend wife…"

This banter of theirs went on until the car reached the company.

After such an 'explosive altercation', the two's rapport improved significantly. At least, he was looking much better.

They soon reached Chenguang Real Estate's office building. She quickly got out of the car and disappeared into the building without waiting for him.

He coldly snorted at the sight of her running away from him and hopped out of the car himself.

He passed the car key to the approaching security before purposefully striding into the building after the woman.


"Good morning!"

Perhaps, because she had not shown her face in the company for a long time, many people that knew her were taken aback by her return.

She did not bother answering their queries and merely greeted them politely.

Ding! The elevator reached the top floor, and she quickly walked into the CEO Secretariat.

"Good morning." She greeted her colleagues with a smile the moment she entered the room.

She was expecting to see only her two colleagues in the office, but she surprisingly saw a new face.

"Pei Ge, why are you here?!"

"Pei Ge, you're finally back to work!"

Her two old colleagues had different reactions to her return.

He Yan had a sincere smile on her face, whereas Lu Huiya had an ugly look on her face, which also explained her first reaction upon seeing her.

"Something came up at home, so I had to take a long leave, and I didn't get to tell you guys about it because of its suddenness, but with everything settled at home, I can now go back to work." She gave this reason to them.

Their reaction to this also differed from one another.

"It's great that you're back." He Yan sounded sincerely happy for her.

"Sigh… People with strong backing really have it easy. She's been gone for so many days, yet she can just strut in without any consequence. He he!" Lu Huiya mocked.

Pei Ge did not react to her mocking and merely shot her a frosty look.

For some reason, Lu Huiya did not continue ridiculing her once she saw her frigid gaze.

"Ah. So you're Pei Ge." The new colleague, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke.

"Hello! I'm called Wang Ningning. I'm a secretary trainee; I just started a few days ago." Her tone and expression were amicable and sincere.

Pei Ge transferred her gaze on to this new coworker. She looked quite young. Petite and pretty.

She returned this newbie's greeting with an equally sincere and friendly smile.


"Ningning, you should keep your distance from her. The secretary who used to sit on your seat was fired because of her." Lu Huiya told the newbie with a snort.

The newest secretary merely smiled to placate her and did not respond, seemingly not believing her words.

"Tsk! Don't know how to appreciate goodwill…" Lu Huiya returned to her seat with an ugly look on her face.

Pei Ge inwardly thought that her new colleague was pretty decent. At least, she had a good head on her shoulders and was able to differentiate right from wrong.

Once they finished exchanging greetings, she made her way to her workstation.

The moment her butt hit the office chair, the man strode in.

"Good morning, CEO Ji!"

"Good morning, CEO Ji!"

The three secretaries stood up and respectfully greeted him.

Pei Ge followed suit.

"Mhm," he hummed in acknowledgment, peeking at her. When he saw that her head was lowered, his lips curled up slightly.

None of the secretaries who had respectfully greeted him noticed the curl of his lips, though.

Once the man proceeded onward and his footsteps receded, Pei Ge moved to sit down, but midway from completing her action, she heard the man's voice again.

"Pei Ge, come into my office." He gave this order as he stood just outside his office's door.

She could only nod her head helplessly. "Yes, CEO Ji."

Belying her outward appearance, she was exasperatedly nudging her lips inwardly.

This annoying fellow is certainly up to something again!

Pei Ge got up from her chair and followed the man into his office under Lu Huiya's jealous gaze.

Pak! She closed the door behind her.

"CEO Ji, what do you need me for?" She stopped before his desk and looked at the man sitting in the swivel chair.

"Hmm." He leaned comfortably against his chair and regarded her.

She promptly pricked up her ears at his hum.

"Accompany me to a dinner banquet," he said casually.

She blinked. Just that? I thought there's something big going on!

"Also…" She was about to give him a reply when he spoke again.

"Don't come to the office anymore."

Huh? Don't come to the office? Where will I report for work, then?!


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