Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
434 Qin Qitong and Bi Zheng seem pretty compatible.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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434 Qin Qitong and Bi Zheng seem pretty compatible.

"I got it, guys. Don't worry. I know what to do, and I can handle this myself." She happily smiled at her three friends.

Without them mentioning it, she was truly planning to hold that hospital accountable for their misdiagnosis of her mother!

If not for that, her mother would not have felt so lost and depressed those few days.

If not for that quack doctor who had claimed that postponing her mother's operation would worsen her condition, she would not have looked for that annoying fellow and would also not have been forced to sign that totally unfair contract.

If that annoying fellow had agreed to the contract's cancelation this morning, she would not be holding this much grudge now.

But since he didn't agree to it, I can only vent this bottled-up anger and frustration on the hospital that is the cause of all my agony!

Which is why I will definitely breathe my anger on them!

The four had their meal amid intermittent chattering.

They were just warming to the conversation when Bi Zheng's phone rang.

The moment he heard this, he put down his chopsticks and whipped out his phone, as though his life depended on it, which was something very unusual for him. He did not even bother checking the caller ID and just answered the call directly.

"Hello, Qiqi. What's wrong?"

Compared to his usually flat voice, a different emotion could be detected from his tone this time.

"Mhm? I got it."

The call was very short. The person on the other end seemed to be in a rush as they quickly hung up after saying their piece.

Noting his slightly panicky expression, she surmised that the caller was probably Bi Zheng's girlfriend.

"I'll be off first; you guys continue." He stood up at once the moment the phone conversation ended.

"Okay. Go ahead and do your matter." Pei Ge and Pan Xinlei nodded understandingly.

Meanwhile, the usually bubbly Qin Qitong lost the smile on her face as she glared at the man.

Her dark and grape-like eyes seemed to boil with rage.

"Hmph! Fool!" she hissed.

Everyone present knew with certainty that the 'fool' she was referring to was Bi Zheng.

The man did not pay her any heed and only bade everyone goodbye before ducking out of the room.

"Idiotic fool! A big fool!" Qin Qitong's voice grew louder at his hasty departure as an aggrieved look settled on her baby face.

Pei Ge turned to look at Pan Xinlei questioningly, but the latter merely shook her head helplessly.

"Qitong, what's wrong? Why are you suddenly getting mad at Bi Zheng?" She could only ask her question directly to the person involved.

"Sister Pei Ge, I'm just feeling frustrated over that fool!" she answered, looking maddened.

"Why?" She was now even more confused. Did something happen to Bi Zheng?

"His girlfriend clearly doesn't love him, but he still rushes to her side when she calls," she complained, her eyes reddening.

Pei Ge felt helpless and amused at this.

It looks like I made a correct guess. Qitong, this young little lady, actually fell in love with Bi Zheng, that taciturn and boring man.

"Qitong, your thinking is faulty here. That is his girlfriend; it is only right for him to treat her well. Why are you getting frustrated for him? Listen to sister; with your qualifications, you can find a boyfriend much better than that Bi Zheng." Pan Xinlei finally realized why this girl was criticizing Bi Zheng. It was because this young lady liked that man!

In the past, knowing that their male friend had a girlfriend, she did not pay much heed to this girl's abnormal behavior. Who knows that this lass would still fall in love with the man despite knowing that he is in a committed relationship?

Should I say that Bi Zheng, that enigma, has too much charisma, or should I say that Qitong, this innocent, young lass, hasn't seen many men yet?

"My two sisters, if his girlfriend is good, I won't be reacting this way, but I saw her with another man last time, s-so I…" She trailed off as the feeling of indignation overwhelmed her, and tears started streaming down her face.

She herself knew that she had fallen for that man despite him having a girlfriend. She even tried suppressing her feelings to prevent herself from becoming a third party into someone else's relationship.

She was contented with just being his friend, but… she actually saw Bi Zheng's girlfriend hugging another man, so how could she continue bearing it?!

However, when she told him about it, he actually did not believe her.

Now, the two sisters whom she respected were admonishing her like this. Could she not feel aggrieved? Could she not feel hurt?!

The two sisters in question widened their eyes in shock when they heard her words.

"You mean that… Bi Zheng's girlfriend is cheating on him?" Pei Ge had a look of disbelief on her face.

"That's impossible! That lad treats his girlfriend so well; can that woman still think of cuckolding him?" Pan Xinlei shook her head, thinking that it was a little inconceivable. "Qitong, maybe you saw wrongly."

Qin Qitong immediately flared up.

She received the tissue Pei Ge had passed to her and wiped her tears first before continuing angrily, "I didn't see wrongly! I even confronted her then! She's definitely Bi Zheng's girlfriend!"

"This…" Noting her anger, Pan Xinlei knew for sure that the girl had not seen wrongly.

"Qitong, you told Bi Zheng of this, right?" Pei Ge sighed.

She thought of Qin Qitong as her younger sister, so she felt bad seeing her this sad.

Actually, if Bi Zheng didn't have a girlfriend, Qitong and he would be pretty compatible.

"Yes, I did, but that fool refused to believe me." She pouted, feeling aggrievedly. It was obvious that she was feeling downcast.

"Qitong, forget it. Since Bi Zheng likes his girlfriend that much, you should just give up on him." Pan Xinlei shook her head helplessly.

"What?! I'm not doing this because I like him or want them to break up; I'm doing this because we are friends and I don't want to see him getting cheated!" she expressed solemnly.

Only when they heard this did the two older women realize that they were taking things in the wrong way.

That's true. Qitong is such a kind-hearted girl; how can she attempt to destroy someone else's relationship for her benefit?


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