Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
436 I don“t need 500,000 for emotional damages.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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436 I don“t need 500,000 for emotional damages.

"It's you who have no respect for your uniform!"

She snorted and then pointed to the medical reports on his desk.

"You quack, properly look at these! Once you do, you'll see that, if I punch and curse you, it's only because you deserve them!"

Receiving her haughty death glare, for some reason, the boiling fury in the doctor's heart was instantly extinguished.

He raised his head to regard her first and then lowered it again to look at the two reports from two different hospitals on his desk. After almost an eternity, he stretched his hands toward the two reports.

Just as he was diligently checking both reports, his door was opened from the outside.

"Doctor Wu, are you alright?"

"Who dares to create trouble in our hospital?!"

A few men in security uniforms walked in.

When they saw that only one woman was present, the few guards froze in confusion.

Registering the few guards that had rushed into his office, the doctor froze and, a heartbeat later, eyed the men oddly. He seemed… to have overreacted.

"Cough, cough, cough!" he coughed awkwardly and softly said, "I'm fine. I just have a few misunderstandings with this lady's mother. Nothing to fuss about."

Coldly snorting, she swept her gaze across these guards with neither haste nor fear.

"Hmph! Doctor Wu, you should quickly read them!" She threw him a cold glance and said, "My mom is a sick-free, fit person, yet your hospital amazingly diagnosed her with mid-stage gastric cancer for no rhyme or reason!"

"If not for me worrying about her condition and transferring her to another hospital, I really don't know what would happen to her because of your faulty diagnosis!"

The longer she talked of this, the greater her heart's fear became.

Just imagining the kind of fate her mother would have if she did not bring her to another hospital and just continued the treatment at this hospital that had misdiagnosed her mother, the consequences would be unthinkable!

Her mother, a perfectly healthy person, would take medicine for gastric cancer and even undergo an operation…

It was scary just thinking about it!

Any medicine was 30% poison. Medicine for cancer, in particular, had a lot of side effects, too.

By then…

She shivered in cold fear when she thought of this, and her gaze on the doctor turned even colder and fiercer.

She almost lost her mother because of this stupid hospital and quack doctor!

The few guards that had entered the office were stunned silly by her words.

"Oh, man! Doctor Wu actually misdiagnosed a patient?"

"It seems like it…"

"A healthy person being misdiagnosed with gastric cancer is really…"

"Yes! This woman is so unlucky for getting the wrong reading…"

All the guards directed looks of pity to her.

"Thi-This…" the doctor stuttered, unable to complete his statement while facing her.

She coldly smirked again. "Doctor Wu should be done reading the content of these reports, right?"

Beads of cold sweat dripped from his forehead when he took note of her attitude.

"He he! Doctor, please give me an explanation. Why is it that my mom, someone who is very healthy, was diagnosed with cancer here?!" she coldly demanded, staring intensely at him.

She might be considered as kind, but that did not equate to brainlessness and senselessness.

She was never a saint and her kindness had a bottom line!

With this being a serious issue, the hospital director quickly arrived at the scene.

After a proper investigation was conducted, apologies came pouring from the hospital. Apparently, the hospital gave her mother the wrong medical report. There were coincidentally two Zhang Manhuas that had come that day for a checkup. They even came at the same timeframe.

Hence, the hospital accidentally mixed up their medical reports.

Pei Ge was speechless at this, silently blacklisting this careless hospital.

Even if this was the hospital closest to their home, she did not intend to return here again. She would rather go far and seek treatment at the capital's main hospital.

"Our deepest apologies, Miss Pei. We never wanted something like this to happen in one of our patients." The director of the hospital gave her a very apologetic look for their mistake.

"Regarding your mother's incorrect medical reading, we are willing to give you 400,000 yuan for emotional damages. Please don't bring it to the court and let's just settle this privately."

Her expression turned uglier at the hospital director's carefulness.

She did not really care much for the issue as her mother was happy now. She only came here today to seek an explanation for her and her mother's suffering.

The slightly aged hospital director took her silence for dissatisfaction with the arrangement and raised the offered recompense. "Miss Pei, how about 500,000 yuan?"

Hearing him add another 100,000 yuan to her compensation, her lips twitched.

Do I look like an extortionist to them?

However, at the panicky look of the hospital director, she could only nod lightly. "Okay."

Since the hospital was willing to give a recompense, she would just take their offer.

The slightly aged hospital director audibly sighed in relief when she finally agreed.

"Thank you, Miss Pei. Do you want it on a check or a direct money transfer to your bank?" He politely smiled at her, seemingly happy to have settled the matter this easily.

"No need." She shook her head.

"Huh?" The director thought to himself, Does this woman want to have it in cash?

Her answer was totally unexpected, though.

"Give that amount to the person sharing my mom's name who is the actual gastric cancer patient," she ordered with a casual look.

That sum was considerable to their family, but she figured that that woman with the same name as her mother probably needed it more.

"Give all that money to Madam Zhang who tested positive of gastric cancer. I hope that your hospital will quickly treat her illness."


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