Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
442 The purpose of having bitten lips makeup is to kiss you.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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442 The purpose of having bitten lips makeup is to kiss you.

Pei Ge's eyes widened when she felt the coldness on her lips. Her heart pounded as if it would burst at the smooth touch.

All feelings of being wronged and indignation melted away.

In fact, she had even forgotten what she wanted to say at the moment.

Her eyes, which were wide open, stared blankly at the man in front of her.

The kiss was unlike the ones before. It was very invasive, or perhaps… it was more fervent and more heated.

The kiss was light like a dragonfly touching water; their interlocked lips made her whole being still.

While it was not dizzying and oxygen-depriving, just like the kisses they had shared before, it was the most romantic and heart-pounding.

He saw her blank expression and a doting look graced his eyes.

This dumb woman… Other people close their eyes while kissing, yet she actually opened hers wide.

Thump, thump! She felt her face becoming more inflamed and her heart beating harder.

Feeling his fervent gaze on her again, her hazy mind instantly cleared up.

No! I can't let this annoying fellow know that I like him!

Wro-Wrong! Does he have too much pent-up energy and nothing better to do? Why is he kissing me?!

She raised her palm with some difficulty and pushed him away.

"You! What are you doing?! Why did you kiss me?!" She glared at him indignantly. Her whole face was so red it was as though someone had applied blusher on it.

Alas, the man who was pushed away did not seem to be feeling guilty at all as he slowly straightened his torso and merely regarded her coolly.

"Too noisy. That's to shut you up," he replied. There was an imperceptible laughter in his eyes, however.

"…" She was momentarily made speechless by his reason for kissing her.

"Let me tell you, Ziming. Even if I am bound to that stupid contract, you still have no right to be intimate with me!" She warned him fiercely with a red face.

Cocking a brow, he coldly smirked. "Oh, is that so? I don't remember there being a clause like that in the contract, though."

"You-You! You're so shameless!" She widened her eyes at the absurdity of the man before her.

This cunning villain actually wrote such a disadvantageous contract to me! He's too evil!

"Hur…" Ji Ziming suddenly felt the urge to tease her when he saw how she glared at him with a red face from embarrassment.

"Why? You personally signed that contract. You were even very happy to sign it, no?" He nonchalantly pointed out.

"Whe-When did you see me happily signing that contract?! Don't go reversing lie from truth!" she bellowed angrily.

This annoying fellow is really too hateful! With what eyes did he use to see me signing it so happily?!

While the two were staring at each other, the studio door was pushed open by someone.

The two people in the studio heard the sound and subconsciously faced the door's direction.

"Ge Ge, I forgot to pass you these accessories…" Shocked, Lily trailed off when he saw the position of the pair inside the room.

He blinked at her and then shifted his eyes on the man, his gaze quickly turning amorous.

"My apologies for interrupting you guys." He grinned from ear to ear at the pair.

"…" Noticing his expression, the two's lips twitched.

"Lily, you are thinking too much." She glared at him exasperatedly. I totally have nothing to do with this annoying fellow!

"He he… I'm not; I'm really not!" The stylist gave her a conspiratorial smile and took a few steps backward, apparently intending to leave the studio.

Just as he was out of the door and was about to close it, he winked at the two inside the room again.

"Aiya, Ge Ge. Sister here will help you reapply lipstick later! You guys can continue! Continue…" Bang! With that said, he closed the door quickly and did not give the two any chance to react.

"…" Her expression turned sour immediately.

"What lipstick…" she mumbled. However, before she finished her question, she got what the stylist meant.

"Ahh!" She widened her eyes and turned to look at Ji Ziming's lips.

Noticing her strange gaze, the man inexplicably frowned.

"Mhm?" he hummed, confusion apparent from his voice.

Why is this d*mn woman staring at me as if she's seen a ghost?

"Pfft!" She burst into laughter at his confused and lost look.

The crease in his forehead scrunched further when she did this.

"What's funny?" he asked expressionlessly.

His stoic face was clearly etched with sinisterly cold lines, yet it only seemed hilarious in her eyes.

Just as his face was turning a few degrees colder, she finally stopped laughing, but only long enough to say, "Li-Lips! Ha ha ha!" She pointed at her lips.

"Lips?" He frowned, not understanding what she was getting at.

"Ha ha!" She laughed even more heartily at his ignorant and lost look.

"Stupid! My lipstick got into your lips!" With that, she stood on her tiptoes and used her clean fingers to wipe off the pink shade of lipstick on his lips.

The moment her warm fingers touched his lips, he froze and did not move a muscle. He merely stared blankly at her.

"Ha ha! How stupid!" For an instant, she forgot that the man standing before her was her superior and employer. She only happily helped wipe the hilarious-looking lipstick stain on his lips like she would do to a friend.


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