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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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444 The Low EQ Man and Dense Woman

A woman in a splendid, gorgeous dress lowered her head with an abashed yet blissful look.

A man in an elegant suit carefully put the necklace around the neck of the woman in his arms, his face unknowingly softening.

Looking at the two, the stylist, Lily, felt as if he were in a fairy tale. That was because… the scene before him was so beautiful it felt unreal.

The scene was like an illustration in a storybook.

This 'illustration' seemed to convey that…

The mermaid did not turn into bubbles and disappeared. Instead, the misunderstanding between the mermaid and the prince was cleared up, and they lived happily ever after.

Right now, the prince was currently helping the mermaid put on the pearl necklace.


The clicking sound of a camera interrupted this unrealistically beautiful scene.

It pulled the two leads back to reality.

Reason returned to Pei Ge the moment the camera shutter sounded.

She raised her head to look at the source of the sound.

Ji Ziming, whose entire focus had been on helping the woman put the necklace on, frowned when he heard this clicking sound as well. When he noticed her, who was obediently leaning into his embrace, push herself away from him, the furrow in his brows considerably deepened.

As the two raised their heads in unison, they realized that the sound was from Lily.

The stylist was suddenly remorseful when the two people he had taken a picture of looked at him.

His heart, especially, shook in fear once he felt the man's sharp gaze, which seemed capable of cutting him in half!

"Ugh! Occupational habit; occupational habit…" He laughed dryly and tried to explain his action.

"You guys gave off such an amazing feeling, especially with Ge Ge's outfit today, that it would be unforgivable for me not to capture it on camera!" His courage grew once he started defending himself. He kept blinking at the woman, hinting at her to change the topic.

She noticed that the stylist's eyes were about to fold and laughed amusedly. "I really didn't expect for you to know photography."

The stylist sensed the pressure from the gaze easing up on him once she started speaking.

The stress in his heart also became much lighter.

He silently sighed in relief and mumbled inwardly, Indeed, CEO Ji can only be admired from afar. Facing him directly can scare people to death!

I really don't know how Ge Ge conquered such a man. Doesn't she find facing him every day terrifying?

"He he! It's a hobby of mine." He smilingly waved the DSLR in his hand.

She nodded and was just about to say more but felt something tighten around her waist, which was followed by the man's low voice. "Let's go."

"Huh?" She lowered her head and spotted a hand intimately pressing on her waist. She did not know since when it had been there, but her cheeks still immediately flamed red.

"Miss Pei, it is almost time. You should leave with CEO Ji now. We may be late to the event if we drag on further," said Du Wen.

She finally got what Ji Ziming meant.

"Alright. Lily, we will be off now!" She only had enough time to wave goodbye to the stylist before she was dragged away by a certain CEO.

"Hey, hey! Can you walk slower?! You're walking too fast! I'm wearing heels!"

The stylist watched them leave and laughed inside. No wonder this guy is CEO Ji's assistant. He is so eloquent… He can even lie without batting an eyelid for his boss!

Mr. Ji wasn't thinking about being late for the banquet when he said that just then! It's clearly because he's jealous!

He's jealous because Ge Ge's attention was on me!

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Mr. Ji is unexpectedly cute!

Just as he was engrossed in his thoughts, the DSLR in his hand was taken away. He only realized this when he saw it in Du Wen's hand.

"Hey. Don't you know that it's wrong to take someone else's stuff without asking for permission?!" He reproachfully pointed at the assistant with his lotus finger.

The assistant remained expressionless. "Then, you should know that it is also wrong to take someone else's picture without permission. I will be confiscating the film."

Saying that, he removed the film with practiced movement and slotted it into his suit pocket.

Lily was unable to react in time once this happened. His eyes bulged and his face paled from anger.

"You… you… you! How can you take my film away?! Return it to me!" He moved to snatch the item back.

The agile assistant, of course, did not let the stylist just snatch back the film!

Dodging the stylist's hands, he returned the camera to the man calmly. "My apologies. This is our CEO Ji's order."

Once he said his piece, the assistant strode in the direction the two had left to moments ago.

Lily held his DSLR as he furiously watched the assistant leave.

"A*shole! So what if you're the CEO?! Do you think you can snatch someone else's stuff just because you are the top boss of a conglomerate?!" Lily stood on the same spot and shouted this in anger, causing all those nearby to look at him.

"Tsk! Who doesn't know what you're thinking?!" he muttered indignantly.

You just don't want anyone else to see Ge Ge this pretty and for anyone else to have a picture of her!

Hur hur! Mr. Ji, this old lady here was originally thinking of helping you with Ge Ge! Now, this old lady here can't be bothered to lend an as*hole like you a helping hand!

I will let a low EQ man like you settle that dense woman by yourself!

Hur hur! One has low EQ and the other is very dense. It is so interesting just thinking about it! Hur hur hur!


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