Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
446 My partner has always been her and no one else.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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446 My partner has always been her and no one else.

Only after they were well out of the elevator did she turn to look at the man curiously.

What made this annoying person tick again?

Why did he slap that guy's hand away for no rhyme or reason?

"He's an eyesore," he explained, seemingly sensing her curiosity.

Her mouth twitched at his irresponsible reply.

Alright. This sounds just like him!

"When we go in later, you should speak less, especially… to men." He gave the woman leaning into his embrace an icy stare.

"Huh?" She lifted her chin to look at him uncomprehendingly. "Why?"

What does he mean by speaking less, especially to men? How ridiculous.

"That's because you are my wife now. I don't want you causing me to lose face in there." His voice turned colder when she actually dared to question his order.

"Huh? Lose face? How can I even cause you to lose face—" She wanted to argue her case, but the man did not give her a chance.

"Remember that it is clearly stated in the contract that you must abide by my orders." He reminded her in an overbearing manner.

"… Alright, alright. You are the boss; I'll listen to you…" She nudged her lips and shrugged.

She did not intend to speak to anyone, anyway. What could a commoner like her say to a group of elites?

"Mhm. Don't break your words." He gave her a deep look.

"Yes!" She lowered her head and secretly rolled her eyes at a certain CEO. Inside, she muttered in exasperation, Since you think that I'm unfit to be seen and will only bring you shame, just don't drag me into this kind of events. Do you think I want to come here?! Tsk!

Amid her internal complaints about the man, her surroundings suddenly changed. Everything instantly became brighter and sounds of chattering streamed into her ears.

When she pulled her thoughts back together, all she saw was a large group of men in expensive suits and women in lavish gowns socializing with one another.

"Er…" She blinked and reflexively glanced up at the man.

Did I zone out for so long? We are suddenly in the banquet hall.

"Is your soul finally back?" Sensing her doe eyes on him, he asked this with a light smile.

"Mhm." She nodded abashedly, not expecting him to notice her inattentiveness on their way here.

"Brace yourself and be in high spirits." His mood significantly improved and his voice softened at her shy look.

"Oh." She nodded obediently. Deep down, she was thinking, What is there to brace myself for? You're not even letting me speak to people, so I'll just treat this as a place to eat free meal! No need for me to be spirited at all.

Eventually, she placed her sights on the banquet hall.

It was worth noting that all the banquet venues she had gone with the man were always posh and grandly decorated.

This time, the banquet hall resembled a golden palace in its grandeur.

No, perhaps, this is a palace!

She noticed that the banquet hall was in French Rococo style. All the furnishings used inside were dainty and of bright colors. The furniture was also very detailed. Shells, swirls, and rocks were used as ornaments. The grass and flowers were woven together to form a pattern. The ceiling and walls were occasionally synchronized into a single, continuous design, and there were even mural paintings at every corner.

Pei Ge felt dizzy taking in all the beauty around her.

"CEO Ji…"

She was about to zone out when she heard someone call the man beside her.

She quickly pulled her thoughts back and retracted the look of awe on her face.

The greeting was like a switch as everyone's gazes instantly gravitated toward them.

Hence, the moment she focused her attention, she immediately heard the murmurings of the crowd about her.

"Who's that woman beside CEO Ji?"

"I don't know. Their relationship doesn't look simple."

"That's right. I have never seen CEO Ji look so intimate with a woman."

"Could it be CEO Ji's girlfriend?"

"It couldn't be… Doesn't CEO Ji already have a girlfriend?"

"Right! His plus one this time appears to be prettier than that one he brought before."

"Yes, she's quite pretty. Is she the young mistress of a rich family?"

"Doesn't look like it. I've never seen her in our circle before. Maybe she's a new idol."

"It can't be. Can such a cold and apathetic man play around with an idol? Doesn't sound possible."

"Although I also think that that is impossible, she kinda looks pretty familiar. Maybe, she really is an unknown idol."

Of course, their conversation did not stream entirely and clearly into her ears, but she could still tell that they were talking about her.

That was because they were blatantly looking at her!

"CEO Ji, your new partner is really beautiful."

The guy who had approached them complimented her with a smile.

"…" She speechlessly tugged at her lips.

What does he mean by 'new partner'? Did Ji Ziming bring other women into this sort of boring and tedious events in the past?

She was feeling slightly discomfited about this when the man responded.

"There's no new partner." He gave the guy a look of displeasure.

"Huh?" The guy, who was obviously baffled by his words, looked at him questioningly.

"My plus one has always been her. There's no 'new partner'." With this said, he tightened his hand around her waist.

Meanwhile, she, who was originally a little upset, was struck dumb by his reply.

An inexplicably blissful feeling surged from within her heart and a smile involuntarily crept across her lips.

Always been her…


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