Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
448 She is my woman and not someone you can touch.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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448 She is my woman and not someone you can touch.

A particular woman, who was happily digging into her food, was totally ignorant to the fact that a certain CEO was staring unhappily at her from behind.

Looking at her for a while and noting that she truly did not register him, Ji Ziming felt even more disheartened.

When he saw that she was truly famished, he eventually decided not to disturb her meal.

He lightly frowned and finally said in resignation, "Stay here and eat. Don't run everywhere; I'll come back for you later."

The happily eating Pei Ge simply nodded insouciantly. "Understood."

I'm not a kid, geez, she mumbled to herself.

Giving her one last look, he finally left her side.

Meanwhile, she, who was eating the food on her plate with much gusto, saw him go and, for some reason, lost some of her appetite.

She swept her gaze on to the other people present in the banquet hall.

Only then did she realize that she seemed to be the sole female eating.

The other women were either with a man or crowding together with the other ladies. All of them were holding wine glasses, and they took a sip of their drinks as they chatted…

I'm really quite useless…

She pursed her lips as the thought popped into her mind.

She watched Ji Ziming's receding figure and slowly put down the fork in her hand.

On second thought, even if she were by his side, she would still be useless.

It was as Ji Ziming had said: She, who did not know anything, would only cause him to lose face.

"Sigh…" She could not help but sigh heavily in frustration.

"Miss, what a coincidence; we meet again."

Just as frustration filled her mind, a man stopped by her side.

She raised her head and was surprised to see Qiao Xiuqi, whom she had just met in the elevator, standing beside her.

As she did not have a good impression of him, she merely glanced at him and then ignored him altogether by turning her head away.

"Miss, I really find you very familiar. Have we met somewhere before?" Qiao Xiuqi, who had entered the venue pretty late, did not hear Ji Ziming's previous statement.

If he did, he would not be saying this and would just be directly addressing her as 'Miss Pei'.

Pei Ge rolled her eyes at him speechlessly. When the man did not seem to get her message and showed no signs of leaving her be, she finally deigned to give him a reply.

"I'm called Pei Ge. We did meet before, but as Mr. Qiao is a busy man, it's a given that you already forgot about me."

Qiao Xiuqi was totally stunned by her reply that was teeming with frustration.

"Pei-Pei Ge?!" he exclaimed in shock and disbelief.

She only rolled her eyes at him in response.

"Er, excuse me, Miss Pei. I was just too surprised." He smiled apologetically at her.

"I didn't expect for Miss Pei to become this beautiful in such a short period of time. I really couldn't recognize you at all." He smiled with praise at her.

She exasperatedly rolled her eyes at him again.

Tsk! What do you mean by 'a short period of time'? We clearly haven't met for so long.

Also, if this man sees me without makeup, he'll most likely be scared to death.

"Hur hur." She laughed mirthlessly but did not continue the conversation.

Who would have expected that her indifference would actually make Qiao Xiuqi's heart itch further with temptation?

Qiao Xiuqi was known for being a Casanova in the social circle. Although he was not as high key as Mu Heng, he was still not one to let his desires remain unfulfilled.

"Miss Pei, do you mind if we exchange contacts?" he asked with a polite smile.

Honestly speaking, she had never been a recipient of a chat-up line before.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although she was able to be with Zhou Zhuoyang, they never had this kind of exchange before they entered their relationship. They just met every day and eventually became a couple.

As such, Qiao Xiuqi was actually the first person to have tried picking her up and asking for her contact details.

She was, for a moment, stunned by his actions.

She blinked and muttered inside, Don't tell me that I'm being picked up right now? Is this for real?

"Miss Pei?" Noticing that she was staring at him in a daze, Qiao Xiuqi's eyes shone with anticipation as he thought that he had a chance.

Her logical reasoning returned to her at the sound of his voice.

She was about to reject the man when she felt herself being embraced by someone.

"Ahh!" She was shocked into exclaiming by this sudden embrace. Lifting her chin, she easily spotted Ji Ziming's frosty face.

"CEO…" She almost addressed him professionally, but receiving his sharp gaze, hastily corrected herself.

"Ziming?" She called the man intimately, the corner of her lips curling upward.

The man did not look at her again but placed his sights on Qiao Xiuqi, who was standing beside her.

His gaze was terrifyingly frigid as he stared Qiao Xiuqi down.

Qiao Xiuqi cursed inside him at the sudden appearance of the man. When he noticed Ji Ziming's terrifying gaze next, he immediately decided to retreat.

Although she was admittedly very attractive and was a huge temptation to him, he still cared more for himself!

Ji Ziming was not a man to be trifled with. Hence, despite his love of beauties, he still did not dare snatch something of Ji Ziming right in front of the man himself!

However, just as he was about to make his retreat, he heard the man say.

"Qiao Xiuqi, stay far away from Pei Ge." His cold voice was laced with threat when he gave this warning.

"…" Qiao Xiuqi had not expected the man to say something like this to him.

"She is my woman and not someone you can arbitrarily touch. If this happens again, I believe you know what the consequences are." His eyes glinted coldly.

Despite the casualness of his tone, Qiao Xiuqi was still scared witless by it.


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