Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
451 Are you trying to seduce somebody by being naked?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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451 Are you trying to seduce somebody by being naked?


Her shriek echoed in the studio.

"Wh-Who let you in?!" She screeched at the man by the door while she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Get out! Get out! Ji Ziming, you get out now!"

She furiously screamed as the man remained standing there, unmoving.

Yes, the man she was driving out was none other than Ji Ziming, who had been standing outside the door just a while ago.

Previously, his expression was a mask of gloom and his aura was freezing, but when he opened the door and saw this incredible sight, he immediately went still.

His tightly pursed lips parted slightly; his previously dark and simmering eyes widened slightly, too. Right now, the look on his face was unexpectedly… cute.

Unfortunately, in Pei Ge's eyes, he only looked extremely detestable!

"Ji Ziming, you-you're still looking! Get out! A*shole!" Feeling extremely abashed at his hot gaze, her cheeks heated up and she hugged her chest more tightly.

However, even though her front was covered, her bottom, which was only protected from view by a white knicker, was exposed to the man's open eyes.

"…" He did not blink at all at the seductive sight before him. Belying his outwardly emotionless face, he was actually totally stunned inwardly.

Noting his unblinking look, she angrily followed his gaze, only to realize that he had been staring at her white, strawberry-designed underwear.

"Pervert!" She moved her palms away from her chest to cover her bottom.

By doing this, her chest was instantly exposed, which made her look sexier and more seductive.

"…" At the sight, the man's face turned even more blank. Although his face remained expressionless, his ears were actually already beet red.

"AHH! JI ZIMING, YOU A*SHOLE, WHY ARE YOU STILL LOOKING?!" She was totally infuriated when the man still stood as steady as a mountain at the door.

"Hm? Did you guys hear someone scream?"

"Yes, I heard it, too!"

"Someone indeed just screamed."

The sound of conversation interrupted this 'stalemate' where one party was angrily shrieking while another was standing stock-still.

"Did something happen?"

"Let's go take a look."

Ji Ziming finally reacted when the sound of talking drifted to his ears. Quickly stepping into the studio, he—

Bang! With a slamming sound, the door blocked all the noises outside.

He even locked the door for good measure as if it were the most natural thing to do so.

"…" She could not react in time to his series of movements.

Once he finished doing all these things, he finally placed his gaze on her again.

The two stared into each other's eyes.

"You! You!" Realizing what had just happened, she glared at the man and then turned her body around.

This annoying fellow! I keep scolding him, yet he turns a deaf ear to me! Can he be more shameless?!

"You get out!" she bellowed angrily, her back facing him.

He frowned at her back.

"Hey! Are you deaf? I'm telling you to get out!" She once more shouted this when she heard no movement from behind her.

This time, though, the man did not stay mum, except that she preferred his silence over the words he spoke.

"Pei Ge, are you treating this as your home, or are you trying to seduce someone by taking off these many clothes?!" He frowned at her. While she wore a long overcoat, the man's mind could only register her current look.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You! You! You annoying fellow! What did you just say?! What nonsense are you spouting?!" She was so angry that her face turned red. She almost wanted to turn around to give him a tight slap.

"Hmph! What did I say? You, dumb woman, didn't even lock the door, yet you dared to strut around naked! Where is your dignity?!" he unhappily reprimanded, shooting her a cutting gaze.

Albeit he was reprimanding her out of concern, as the venue and timing were wrong, and she was still very angry, the effect of his words was…

"Ji Ziming, you a*shole! Who are you calling dumb?! Also! Who is strutting around naked?! Are you blind?!" The string of rationality in her mind snapped when she heard him call her dumb. In her anger, she completely forgot about her current state and faced the man again.

"You a*shole! If I have no dignity, then you have no respect! You didn't even knock before you came in!"

Her sudden turn startled the man, who had been scolding her sternly.

Spotting the seductive landscape in front of him, he could feel heat rush up to his nostrils.

"Hur! You're not naked? Care to tell me what nonsense you are wearing now?!" He stared at her venomously, his heart boiling with anger.

Just the thought of others possibly seeing her like this made him feel as if he would go crazy.

"You're the one wearing nonsense!" She was so mad at him she almost laughed. "I really didn't expect that you, the great CEO Ji, is this conservative! What's wrong with what I'm wearing? There're a lot of people wearing nonsensical clothes like mine at beaches and swimming pools; do you also consider them as fully naked?!"

"Pei Ge!" He narrowed his eyes warningly at her when she dared retort to him.

His glare angered her further, though. Still not remembering her current state, she stepped closer to the man.

His heart started accelerating like a loser when she moved closer to him.

F*ck! He dared to say that I'm naked?! I can't tolerate this!

Just as she took another step closer to him, the careless her tripped over a protruding part of the carpet, and her body tilted forward.




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