Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
452 The great CEO Ji looks so delectable.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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452 The great CEO Ji looks so delectable.



The moment she felt her feet leave the ground, she heard him warn her in a worried voice.

For some reason, her heart calmed down at the sound of his voice.

In that short instant, before he even finished his words, he was already in position to catch her.

A pair of cold hands caught her. One hand circled around her waist and another hand looped around her back; both hands ended up touching her breasts.

The soft and smooth texture made him involuntarily squeeze his palms.

Feeling the cold touch on her body, she finally recalled her little to no cover and realized that… she seemed to have been taken advantage of!

"AHH!" she shrieked. When she thought of the little clothes she wore and their ambiguous position, with her in his arms, she felt so abashed and furious she could not lift her head.

"Let go of me!" she hissed with lowered head.

Ahhhhh! This is too embarrassing! I'm so embarrassed!

She shouted inside with no tears left to cry.

He did not know what she was feeling inside, of course, and only felt that the woman in his embrace seemed to possess a special allure, which made him not want to free her. He wanted to continue hugging her just like this.

Unable to resist, he eventually lowered his head to look at the woman, who was hiding her face in sheer embarrassment.

"Hahhh… hahhh…" Audible breaths sounded from above her.

As though compelled by this almost rhythmic sound, she slowly raised her head.

The man felt his heartbeat accelerate further when he saw the woman raise her head to look at him.

He slowly lowered his head until the tip of their noses touched…

The breaths mingled to form melodious music teeming with seduction.

Thump, thump! The heartbeat of someone, or maybe the two of them, was felt by them.

The somewhat spacious studio was suddenly heady with romance…

The tip of their noses grazed each other. Just as their faces were about to touch as well, Ji Ziming opened his eyes wide and pushed Pei Ge away with a look of shock.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Ah!" His sudden push made her logical reasoning return. She retreated a few steps before she finally stabilized herself and regained her footing.

Whatever pounding, bewitching, and amorous feelings she just had disappeared completely.

The now clear-headed her looked at the man in shock. She could not fathom what he was doing at all.

When she spotted his look of shock, as though he had seen a ghost, her heart immediately turned cold.

Yes, this man doesn't like me.

She was actually bewitched by the man just then. She actually… actually… thought of kissing him?!

OMG! How desperate am I?!

She spat to herself in vexation.

Still, I shouldn't be blamed for thinking too much! This annoying fellow did this and that first, after all! If he didn't lower his head and temptingly breathed like that, how would I even be bewitched into raising my head and thinking of kissing him?!

Yes! It's all this annoying fellow's fault!

When she raised her head again, she saw that the man had already turned around. He stood by the door and opened it.

Her mood inexplicably plummeted when he did not even look back and just rushed out, as though he could not wait to leave the room and be away from her.

Stepping out of the studio, he suddenly halted his footsteps.

"You! Quickly put on your clothes!"

"Huh?" Questions marks appeared on her forehead when the man said these words out of nowhere with his back facing her.

"Also, lock the door now!"

Once he said his piece, he slammed the door shut without hearing her reply.

Bang! The sound jolted her out of her dazedness.

"…" What does that annoying fellow mean?

Amid her confusion, she obediently locked the door after him.

Following this, she quickly picked up her clothes.

"You are the main culprit! It's all your fault!" She looked at the clothes in her hands and childishly vented her anger on them.

She herself found this behavior of hers childish and amusing.

"Pfft!" she laughed. Shaking her head wryly, she brought the clothes into the changing room.

Once she finished changing, she exited the changing room and promptly heard someone knocking on the studio door.

Knock, knock, knock! Her heart leaped at the knocking sound. Did Ziming come back?

She quickly made her way to the door, but… before she even reached it, she heard Lily's voice.

"Ge Ge, why did you lock the door?"

Oh, so it's Lily.

A light disappointment spread inside her. It seemed… to be tinged with a little regret, too.

She quickly opened the door, though.

The moment it opened, the stylist started nagging teasingly, "Why did you suddenly lock the door for no reason? Why? Do you think my salon is unsafe?"

"No, I just did it on reflex," she muttered. She could not possibly tell him that Ji Ziming had walked in on her when she came out in just her long overcoat and undergarments to fetch her clothes earlier and was taken advantage of by the man, right?

"Oh." Lily nodded and did not pry about that anymore. Looking at her, he asked another question, which had been boggling him. "Ge Ge, is your period here?"

"Huh? No, it's not." She quickly shook her head. My period just ended; why is Lily asking me this?

"Then, what are those few drops of blood at the door?" he muttered under his breath, perplexed.

Blood? What blood? Could it be that that annoying fellow…


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