Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
454 My precious son, Ming Ming, is in a relationship!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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454 My precious son, Ming Ming, is in a relationship!

The taxi quickly reached her neighborhood and she alit from it after paying the fare.

Bang! Opening the door grill to their apartment, she spotted her mother doing yoga in the living room by copying the posture shown on TV.

"Mom, what are you doing?" She changed into her indoor slippers and entered the living room with a perplexed look.

Her mother, who continued to copy the person on TV, answered her question with an invitation.

"I'm doing yoga. Quickly change clothes and do yoga with me." Her mother smile warmly.

She eyed the yoga instructor on TV and then amusedly shook her head at her mother. "Forget it; I should just take a shower and sleep. I'm feeling very tired today."

"Huh? Tired? Hurry to bed, then. You can do this with me tomorrow." Her mother did not insist on her to join in.

"Mhm. Mom, you should wrap it up and get to bed early, too."

She proceeded to her room, wore her pajamas, and went into the washroom.

Fresh from the bath, she stood in front of the mirror and removed her makeup. She lightly sighed as she watched herself return into the average version of herself.

"Sigh…" In that instant, she felt as though she were Cinderella.

The magic disappeared when the clock struck 12, and Cinderella returned from being a princess into the average Cinderella, leaving her prince charming behind.

"Pei Ge, what nonsense are you thinking?!" Finding the thought ridiculous, she rapped her head with her knuckles. She then made her way out of the washroom.

Noting that her mother was still doing yoga, she bid her good night and retired to her bedroom.

She settled in her bed immediately after entering her room.

She then checked her phone and, seeing no message from Tang Xiaoyu, mumbled in dismay, "Sigh… Stupid Xiaoyu, where exactly did you go?!"

"CEO Ji, I didn't manage to bring Miss Pei home myself. She was already gone when I got there." Du Wen quickly phoned his big boss to report his failure to complete the task.

"… Alright. I understand." Ji Ziming gave this reply after a long pause.

The assistant was about to let his boss end the call when his hand bumped into the item in his pocket.

Suddenly, he was reminded that he still had the film roll with his boss and that lady's photo.

"Oh, right, CEO Ji. I still have Lily's film roll containing your and Miss Pei's picture. May I ask what you want me to do with it?"

"Bring it over to me." His boss sounded a little hurried.

Acknowledging his orders, he started the car and drove toward his boss's apartment.

Pressing for the elevator, he promptly spotted his boss standing inside it when the doors parted open; it was as though the man had been waiting for his arrival.

"Er!" The assistant was taken aback by his presence in the elevator.

"Where's the film roll?" The man ignored his surprise and just indifferently demanded for the item.

"O-Oh. It's here!" The assistant repressed his surprise and quickly retrieved the film roll from his pocket and passed it over to the man respectfully.

Receiving the item, the man disregarded him altogether and just closed the elevator doors again.

Meanwhile, Du Wen was left feeling surreal. With the sequence of the elevator doors opening, closing, and then rising happening so fast, he did not have time to react at all.

"CEO Ji indeed acts oddly when it involves Miss Pei…" He muttered this as he looked at the closed elevator doors before he left the building.

Meanwhile, upon exiting the elevator and entering his house, Ji Ziming made a beeline for the darkroom in his apartment.

Luckily for him, although he was not that into photography, he had taken a crash course in film-developing at the university back then. Thus, when this penthouse was undergoing renovation, he casually had such a room be made.

After preparing all the tools required, he started developing the photo in question.

Just as developing it was almost over, his phone rang.

He knitted his brows slightly at the disturbance but did not stop his actions. It appeared that he was not going to answer the call.

The person calling seemed to have a pressing matter at hand, however, as they repeatedly redialed his number…

At the fourth ring, he annoyedly put down the photo to take the call.

When he saw the caller ID on the screen of his phone, the crease on his forehead relaxed a little as a helpless expression settled on his face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hello, Mom—" Before he could get a word in edgewise, his mother's excited voice cut in.

"Son, I heard that you have a girlfriend; is it true? They said she's very beautiful and her family name is Pei; is that right?"

He raised his hand to rub his temple at her rapid questioning.

"Son, speak! Why aren't you talking? Is it all true?" His silence only made Mother Ji more insistent.

"Yes," he helplessly admitted.

"Ahhhhh!" Mother Ji gave a squeal that could bust eardrums at his admittance.

He fortunately knew his mother well and held the phone away from his ear.

"MY GOSH, SON! You really are in a relationship!" His mother was extremely excited. After all, he had never been in a relationship before – or at least not in a mutual one!

"…" His mouth twitched at her delighted scream.

A while passed before she brought up the most important topic.

"Right, son. Your dad also heard about your relationship, and he isn't very happy about it. He said for you to make a trip home immediately."


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