Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
457 That is true love, Miss Pei and CEO Ji!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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457 That is true love, Miss Pei and CEO Ji!

The next morning, warm sunlight filled the bedroom.

Feeling the warmth on her face, Pei Ge was stirred from her sweet dreams.

"Haaa!" She yawningly opened her eyes. Climbing out of the bed, she slipped on her slippers and headed to the bathroom.

Only after she had brushed her teeth and washed up did she notice that it was exceptionally quiet this morning.

Her mother would usually wake up before her to prepare breakfast, yet when she stepped out of her bedroom, she did not see any signs of her.

"Yi?" Feeling apprehensive, she headed into the kitchen, only to find something cooking on the kitchen stove.

She lifted the lid and white puffy steam quickly escaped from the boiling pot of porridge and some buns.

"Mom?" she called out hesitantly. Her mother did not seem to be home.

"Where did she go?" Just as she was wondering about this, there was movement from outside their apartment.

Pak! When the door grill was unlocked, she heard her mother's loud and clear voice.

"You're looking for our Ge Ge? Is there something urgent for you to seek her this early in the morning?"

Yi, yi, yi, yi?! Who is mom talking to?!

Taken aback by her mother's queries, her eyes immediately shot toward the door.

Who would find her this early in the morning?

Suddenly, Ji Ziming's face surfaced in her mind.

'Someone will pick you up at your house tomorrow.'

Don't tell me that that annoying fellow is here?!

At that thought, nervousness instantly gripped her heart.

Very quickly, however, disappointment flashed unknowingly across her eyes, for the person that stood at the door was not the man but his assistant, instead.

"Du Wen?! What are you doing here?!" she cried out in surprise.

Seeing her surprise, the assistant respectfully explained, "Good morning, Miss Pei. I was sent by CEO Ji to get you."

"…" Her lips twitched at the respectful way this assistant spoke to her.

"Yi? Xiao Ji sent you to get our Ge Ge? What for? Is something the matter?" Zhang Manhua asked curiously.

Pei Ge frowned and made eye contact with the assistant in a bid to tell him not to speak arbitrarily.

The man's assistant was thankfully used to interpreting other's expression. Smiling, he explained why he was there to pick Pei Ge up.

"CEO Ji is having a meeting this morning at a quite inaccessible place; he had me pick up Miss Pei to avoid any delays on her travel to the venue."

Zhang Manhua easily accepted his explanation and did not suspect him of lying.

"I see! Let's have our breakfast now, then, so you guys can be on your way to that meeting!"

Pei Ge sighed in relief when her mother believed the assistant's words.

Nonetheless, worried that the assistant's presence in the house would create loopholes in their story, she dragged him out of it the moment they finished having breakfast.

"You child, what's the rush?! Xiao Du just had a few mouthfuls—eh?! Ge Ge, take a few buns with you!"

Under her mother's nagging, she finally succeeded in dragging the assistant downstairs.

Peng! She expelled a breath of relief once she was seated in the car.

"Why did you follow my mother to the house?!" Only after she had settled in the passenger seat did she have the mood to interrogate the man's assistant.

At her unfriendly questioning, Du Wen felt depressed.

"Miss Pei, this isn't entirely my fault. I didn't know what block you are in and asked a random auntie for direction, but who knew that I would end up asking your mother?!"

The more he thought of it, the more depressed he felt!

If he knew which block she was in, he would not have to ask a passerby, and if he did not have to ask a passerby, he would not chance upon Zhang Manhua!

Unfortunately, a particular CEO knew of her address and her house's direction but not her exact block!

How could he find her with such incomplete information?!

He could only ask someone, right?!

"Oh." Pei Ge did not pursue the matter further upon seeing his sulky look.

Du Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she seemed to have dropped the matter.

"Alright, Miss Pei, can we be on our way now?" he asked cautiously. This was the respectable CEO's woman! He could not offend her!

"Mhm." She nodded. However, she reacted again once the car drove out of her neighborhood.

"That's not right! Where are we going?" She eyed him suspiciously. She only knew that, from today onward, she was going to take some lessons.

As for where to take those lessons, she absolutely had no clue!

"Oh, at Bauhinia Court," he replied as he drove.

Her eyes widened at his reply.

"Bauhinia Court?!" She blinked and asked with doubt, "Isn't that a private property?"

It was also the capital's most expensive and best residential area.

"Didn't CEO Ji arrange for me to take some lessons? Why would we go to Bauhinia Court?" She frowned suspiciously.

What exactly is that annoying fellow up to now?

"Oh, Miss Pei, this is CEO Ji's arrangement…" Du Wen clarified the matter once he perceived her skepticism.

She gawked at his explanation.

Shock was written all over her face.

"Heavens! What difference does this have with attending a school?!" Having recovered from her surprise, she could not help blurting this out.

From his explanation, the private apartment at Bauhinia Court would be where she would take her lessons!

She had to report to 'school' on time and at a scheduled date; different 'teachers' would arrive to teach her various 'lessons'…

She began to feel dizzy at the thought.

"Miss Pei, CEO Ji arranged it in such a way for your convenience," the assistant explained with a smile. Actually, in his eyes, making such a detailed arrangement for a woman was no easy feat for his boss.

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