Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
459 Pei Ge, display your learning skills again!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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459 Pei Ge, display your learning skills again!


The sound of the door being slammed shut made Zhang Manhua, who was in the kitchen, jump in surprise.

"Ge Ge, are you home?" She stopped what she was doing and dried her hands before she exited the kitchen.

She quickly spotted her daughter, who had just returned from work and was looking very fatigued, near the doorway.

She was clearly very energetic when she left this morning, but upon her return, her face only held a look that spelled: 'I'm beat. I'm very, very beat!'

"Ge Ge, what made you this tired?" She hurried over to her daughter's side in concern.

Seeing her mother's worry, Pei Ge moaned grievously, "Mom…"

"Aii, my daughter, what made you like this? Did you get bullied at work?" Zhang Manhua's heart ached for her daughter.


I didn't just get bullied, alright!

Pei Ge was even more aggrieved upon hearing her mother's question.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even she did not know how she had survived this entire day!

She had just completed touring the villa with the assistant and had just gotten the gist of the lessons she would be taking when the first mentor arrived for a lecture.

She really felt that she had gone back to preparing for her exam in her third year in high school.

Thinking more into this, she was only reminded of her days studying as a high school student!

Who would have thought that, once the teacher arrived, she would feel so stupid?

Each of those teachers was more arrogant than another! And after a day of lectures, she firmly believed that this was worse than her third year in high school!

"Ge Ge, what's wrong? Why aren't you speaking?" Her mother grew anxiously when she did not respond to her question despite showing an indignant look.

"Mom, it's nothing; I'm just feeling really tired." She shook her head to assure her mother who was looking more worried with each passing second.

How could she tell her mother about all this stuff? Moreover, she did not even know where to begin explaining what she had experienced today.

"What did you do that made you so exhausted?" Her mother cast her a suspicious look.

She smiled consolingly at her mother before she gave a helpless reply. "Today, I met some people who feel dissatisfied with my work performance, so I'll be under their close supervision for a while. That's why I'm feeling so tired."

Aii! They're just being too fussy. They simply just want to show off their skills!

I really don't know where that annoying fellow found all those people; each is more arrogant and noble than the other. They look at me with eyes full of disappointment and contempt, as if I'm a good-for-nothing!

As she went through today's series of events, she felt nothing but exhaustion.

Oh, did anyone ask what I learned today?

Sorry, but she really did not remember anything except those mentors' contemptuous looks as if she were not worth the effort and a hopeless case that could not be taught anything.

She felt really drained! Her heart grieved at the thought of facing those arrogant and noble mentors, who seemed to think of themselves as immortals, every day from here on!

Honestly, she had never been looked on and deemed as a slacker by any teacher since her primary school! She was always a straight A student!

"Guiding you strictly? That's great! That only means that they value you so much they are willing to personally guide you." Zhang Manhua lightly patted the shoulder of her daughter who looked depressed.

"Think about it; if they dislike you, they won't bother teaching you this much. They probably saw potential in you, so they are stricter with you."

"… Really?" Her mother's words made her reconsider things from a different perspective but eventually cast aside her mother's words.

Those teachers were not looking at her potential but were probably following Ji Ziming's instruction to a T in exchange for a lot of money.

"Of course, stop thinking that others dislike you; learn well from them. Once you master their teaching, they become your own skills. Be good now and stop feeling depressed." Zhang Manhua comforted further when she saw her daughter not warming to the thought.

Her mother words gave her a different goal.

Yes! The more those glamourous teachers disliked her and did not see potential in her, the more she should strive to prove them wrong and excel in their lessons!

Most importantly, those teachers were hired by that annoying fellow; she could not let that money go to waste.

"Mhm! I know, Mom; I will do my best to learn!" She nodded vigorously. The tired look on her face faded and in its place was determination.

At her daughter's revitalized look, she smiled approvingly and said, "Go wash your hands, then. Dinner will be ready soon."

"Okay!" She beamed and went to the bathroom.

Zhang Manhua was amused by her quick recovery. "Silly daughter."

"Hm… mmm… mm!" Pei Ge hummed a tune while washing her hands in the bathroom.

While washing her hands, her eyes happened to land on her mirror reflection, and she suddenly thought of the etiquette teacher's instruction.

'Maintain a proper sitting posture at all times! No matter what kind of posture it is, be it standing upright, standing relaxed, or standing lazy like a cat, it should be pleasing to the eyes.'

This instruction made her think.

She blinked and eyed her hunched posture as she hummed a popular song. She immediately stood up straight.

She could not do that lazy-as-a-cat pose, but she could still stand straight while relaxed.

"Pei Ge, come on! From now on, even if you don't want to learn those things, you should strive to learn them! Put on your rusty scholarly spirit and master all that stuff!" She determinedly told her mirror reflection this.

After giving herself this pep talk, she walked out of the bathroom.

"Ge Ge, come and eat; I made your favorite sweet and sour pork tenderloin today."

"Mhm-kay!" She immediately felt better at her mother's words.

Unfortunately, the moment she sat at the table, picked up the sweet and sour pork tenderloin with her chopsticks, and about to sink her teeth into it, her phone rang.


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