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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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464 My husband paid for it!

Pei Ge felt listless the whole morning after being reprimanded by the etiquette teacher.

The latter only let the matter rest once she repeatedly owned up to her mistakes.

Being reprimanded by the middle-aged woman, she finally understood that, as her student, she had the duty to be in the room ten minutes before the start of their lesson.

Moreover, even if she was rushing, she was never to run without a care for her image, just like what she had done today.

Her footfalls should not make a sound when she walked, and even more so, she must not pant for breath.

Even when she was late, the way she ran must be pleasing to the eye…

Talk was cheap! Could she even do it?!

What did she mean by 'run in a manner that is pleasing to the eye'? And gosh, I'm not allowed to pant? Is that even humanly possible?

Attending the three lessons that morning was a painful experience.

Eventually, she discovered to her dismay that, despite being a straight A student, she was unable to cope with these social lessons Ji Ziming had arranged for her.

Perhaps she was born a disgrace to the upper class and had no talent for all this stuff.

"Pei Ge, you must not talk or sleep when you eat; you can't be distracted at the dinner table!"

""Ah!" The sudden pain at back of her hand, which was hit with a pair of chopsticks by the strict Miss Leng, made her sober up.

"Eat properly. If you start daydreaming, I'll make sure you eat until you don't daydream."

Chills ran down her spine when she heard her threat.

It was just yesterday that she had chewed so audibly it resulted into this mentor forcing her to eat three sets of meal! She had almost gone crazy then!

Even though she loved eating, that was not the way to go about it!

As such, she pulled herself together, ate her meal seriously, and even ensured that her chopsticks and plates did not clatter.

After having a very distasteful lunch and at Miss Leng's departure, she was finally able to breathe in relief.

"Sigh." She went to the villa's lounge, which was specially prepared for her, and lay in the big, comfy bed without a care for her image.

How would she go through the remaining days if even having a meal was already this bad?

She lay in the bed and ruminated on this with dry tears, but her heart only grew heavier at the thought of coming days.

"Ji Ziming, that scoundrel, is out to make me suffer!" Imagining that the pillow was the man, she punched it repeatedly.

That annoying fellow was certainly looking to torture her through those teachers! Where could she put to good use all that education, anyway?!

She was just an ordinary civilian. Even if she married, it would be to an ordinary man. Where would she be applying those skills after learning them?

For some reason, the thought saddened her.

The lunch break was over in a flash, and she ended up wasting it on these wild thoughts of hers.

The first lesson that afternoon was about fashion, which was not in yesterday's agenda.

From Du Wen's introduction of the course, it would let her know of the latest fashion in the high society and help her cultivate an eye for aesthetic.

Unlike the other courses, this one was more relaxed.

However, after her experience with those glamorous and noble teachers, she had no positive thought about this unknown mentor.

She entered the fashion room ten minutes earlier and waited patiently for her would-be guru. When it was time for the lesson to start, she was surprised to discover that her unknown teacher was late!

Thus far, except for this unknown teacher, all the other mentors would always arrive one or two minutes earlier and were never late.

It was truly surprising for her fashion guru to be tardy on their first lesson!

Time passed in minutes and seconds, and once a full ten minutes had gone by, there was finally movement at the door.

"Holla, baby! My apologies for being late."

"…" Freezing, her jaw dropped to the floor at the sound of this familiar voice. When the person fully appeared in her view, her eyes almost popped out of her sockets.

D*mn! Am I seeing things? Why is Lily here?! And did he just call me 'baby'?!

"Ah, Ge Ge, so the student I'm supposed to teach is you!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lily squealed as he ran to embrace her in his excitement. She, for her part, continued to look at him in disbelief.

"Ge Ge, this is just great!" Just like an endearing little bird, he threw himself into her arms.

She stiffly regarded Lily, her mouth twitching.

It was no wonder the teacher was late; this was indeed Lily's style!

"Ge Ge, I'll be your mentor about fashion! Don't you feel happy?" He spoke at her excitedly.

Once he left the confines of her arms and clutched her hand excitedly, she stammered, "Ha-Happy."

"I'm also very happy! Luckily, I didn't reject Mr. Ji's request to mentor a person, or else I would miss meeting you!"

Ke ke… Compared to those glamourous and noble teachers, having Lily as her teacher was much better, right?

Still, why did she feel that her life was in a panicky state at the moment?

After an afternoon full of lessons, she was truly tired.

She realized that she was more exhausted after the stylist had shown up.

Facing his probing about her relationship with Ji Ziming, she really wanted to scream, Teacher Lily, can you please start our lesson?! My husband paid for it!

By the time the day was over, she felt that all her energy had been used fully.

With her head lowered, the tired her was about to head home for a night's rest, but a pair of shiny, black leather shoes entered her field of vision.

Raising her head, her sight was greeted by the chiseled face of Ji Ziming.

"CEO Ji!" she blurted out subconsciously.

"It's Ziming."


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