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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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465 The CEO Pei Ge Loves and Hates

"Ziming, why are you here?"

Surprised by his sudden appearance before her, she asked that softly.

"To have dinner," he replied curtly.

"…" Her lips twitched slightly at his reply, and she inwardly said, Why come all the way here to have dinner? Such a weirdo.

"Let's go." He pulled her out of the room without giving her a chance to react.

Feeling the icy touch of his hand, she staggered after him. She lifted her face and saw his beguiling face that many women were obsessed with and was instantly enraptured.

Putong, putong! Her heart throbbed fast.

The man's hand was obviously cold, yet she only felt warmth radiate from it.

This man was always like this – treating her with affection and not caring for his effect on her.

Really, this man made it easy for her to love him as she hated him.

She knew very well that what they had was fake, yet his actions often gave her mixed signals and made her feel confused.

However, each time, he only ever ended up disappointing her.

He was really a very terrible man.

When she finally emerged from her thoughts, she found that she was already seated in his car.

Peng! As the man sat in the driver's seat, he closed the door and leaned toward her, and this made her display a silly look.

Once her thought processes kickstarted, the first thing she noticed was him leaning very close to her.

Their faces were merely inches apart.

"Wh-What are you doing?!" She wanted to retreat, but she was unfortunately inside his car, riding shotgun, so her attempts were to no avail.

Seeing how anxious and shy she was, his lips upturned ever so slightly.

"Fasten your seatbelt, silly."

His voice still had a frosty quality to it, yet his tone sounded endearing when he called her 'silly'.

Moreover, with him merely inches apart from her, his breath easily brought warmth to her ears.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Because of this, redness climbed from her cheeks up to her ears in an instant.

"Wh-Who are you calling 'silly'?! Give me some breathing space here, please! I can fasten the seatbelt on my own just fine; I don't need your help!" She could feel heat creeping up to the tip of her ears and the her heart furiously beating against her ribcage.

"Distance, please." She stretched her palms out to push him away.

Who knew that her strength would be so minuscule, though, that, no matter how hard she pushed, she could not even make him budge to create space between them?

"Don't move. It'll be done in a second." He gave her a helpless look when he felt her hands on his chest.

Was this dumb woman unaware that she should not be touching a man in such a way?

If she knew what he was thinking, she would probably puke blood from anger.

How was this touching?! She was clearly pushing him! He was clearly looking down on others!

Feeling his warm breath on her skin, her cheeks and ears burned once more, and the strength in her push decreased unknowingly.

Oblivious to her shyness, he carefully fastened her seatbelt.

"Done." He looked at her once her seatbelt was buckled up.

However, the moment he glanced up at her, she hastily shifted her gaze onto the scenery outside.

"T-Thanks." There was a tremor in her voice.

"Silly." He pursed his lips slightly at her refusal to meet his eyes.

"I said I'm not silly! Do you still plan to have dinner? If not, then I'm going home!" She was indignant.

He shook his head in amusement and replied plainly, "Eat, eat, eat; all you know is to eat."

Indeed, a foodie! Was it truly as what Mu Heng had suggested? Whoever could conquer this dumb woman's stomach could conquer her heart?

Then, isn't this dumb woman just too dumb for her own good?!

Eventually, the warmth in her cheeks cooled and the furious beating of her heart subsided.

Only then did she dare to look at him.

"What's wrong with eating? There's a saying that hunger breeds discontent. I'm a proud foodie." She snorted softly and then smugly lifted her chin.

Unable to hide his amusement, he chuckled at her look that was full of pride.

This smile, to her, was just like the blossoming of snow lotus in the middle of winter. It was simply beautiful.

Although this was not her first time seeing him smile, she still felt that his smile was ever so captivating to look at.

"Ziming, you look really good when you smile." She inadvertently blurted out her thought.

Pronto, his smile dissipated in a puff and his stone-cold look returned in full blast.

While she could not pinpoint the source of his sudden anger, the moment she saw the abrupt darkening of his expression, she was quick-witted enough to zip her mouth.

The initially relaxed atmosphere, thus, turned tense following her comment.

When the engine roared into life, she stole a glance at his dashing side-profile and muttered inwardly, Did this annoying fellow get angry because of my comment?

Still… It's just a remark that he looks great when he smiles. That's clearly a compliment, so why is he angry?

That's so strange!

Why exactly is this annoying person angry?


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