Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
466 CEO Ji takes up cooking lesson for his girlfriend!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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466 CEO Ji takes up cooking lesson for his girlfriend!

The car reached its destination amid this silence.

Getting out of the car, she was shocked by the sight that welcome her eyes.

She turned to look at Ji Ziming in disbelief.

His eyebrows twitched at the look she was giving him and coldly asked, "What's wrong?"

"Er…" She blinked in confusion, mumbling, "Are we at the wrong place?"

"Hm?" He frowned. "Why are you asking me this?"

"Ugh…" For a moment, she could not comprehend his words.

"Well, this doesn't appear to be a place where we can have a meal." She coughed and shifted her gaze from him and on to the building before them.

The white brick walls made the building seem like a garden-style private bungalow in Jiangnan instead of a restaurant.

The minimalist building was surrounded by lush greenery and a hill at the back.

It gave off an oriental vibe, which reminded one of a line in an old Chinese poem: 'While plucking chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, my eyes fall leisurely on the mountain in the south.'

Simply put, it looked nothing like a restaurant of any sort.

Peering at her, he merely said, "Follow me in."

She blinked after the man's figure and mumbled inside in wonder, Heavens. This really is a restaurant?

She obediently followed him into this restaurant, which did not resemble one at all. Once she was inside it, she instantly fell for its ambiance.

The same thought crossed her mind still. This really doesn't seem like a restaurant.

The notion that it resembled a private garden, as was described by that ancient poem, grew even stronger.

While the restaurant looked shabby overall, every part of it represented the owner's frank and carefree personality.

"Wah!" She inevitably breathed in awe as she swept her gaze across the building interior.

The man's lips curled upward at her silly look, his mood somewhat improving.

As she was admiring the scenery, imperceptibly, a youthful-looking elderly gentleman with a crown of white stopped before them.

"Xiao Ji, my lad, you are really treating my place as a restaurant."

She hastily retracted her gaze on the vibrant flowers at one side when she heard this spirited voice.

Upon seeing the speaker's traditional Chinese attire, she recognized him for the owner of this place.

"Old He." Ji Ziming remained expressionless, yet when he addressed the elderly gentleman, there was clearly respect in his voice.

"Ha ha!" Old He laughed as he swept his gaze over to her, teasing, "Is this your girlfriend? Is it because of her that you're planning to—"

Ji Ziming prevented him from completing his words.

"Cough! Old He, we simply want to eat your homecooked food," he hurriedly said, a trace of panic in his voice.

"He he he… I know; I know. Your cute girlfriend likes eating homemade food, hm?" Old He stroked his beard while he looked at her with a profound smile.

She inexplicably felt something fishy between the two from the way Old He smiled at her.

What was Old He planning to say moments before?

'Is it because of her that you're planning to…' do what?

Come here for a meal?

However, no matter how hard she pondered, she still could not figure out what Old He's speech and look meant.

"What are you thinking of, stupid woman?"

Ji Ziming looked down at the woman holding hands with him, and seeing that she was deep in thought, he squeezed her tender hand in resignation.

Why do I feel that this stupid woman is zoning out more and more often lately? The rate she's zoning out is more frequent when she's beside me, too.

"Ah!" She involuntarily yelped in surprise when he squeezed her hand.

She raised her head to give him a complex look.

Why did this annoying fellow have to squeeze my hand? Can't he just talk if he has something to say?

"Stop zoning out." The moment she raised her head, he promptly gave this order, but there was none of the usual coldness in his eyes.

"Oh!" She nudged her lips in acquiescence, looking a little unwilling.

Stingy man! What if I zone out? It's not even harming you, yet you're being so bossy about it! Hng!

This was when she realized that, as she was in a daze while holding hands with him, they had already walked past the lush greenery and were now on a wooden bridge.

She sucked in a deep breath when she heard the sound of flowing water.

This place is so beautiful!

All her thoughts dissipated at the sight of this breathtaking beauty before her.

She really honestly felt that this place was nothing like a restaurant and more of a piece of paradise on Earth.

"Where is this place exactly?" she murmured, tugging at his hand.

"It's a place to have a meal," he curtly replied.

She subconsciously rolled her eyes at him.

Hur hur… A place to have a meal, really? Only ghosts would believe you!

"He he! This young friend here, how should this old man address you?" Old He, who was walking in front, suddenly turned to ask her this with a smile.

Previously, he saw that she was immersed in the scenery around them, so he did not try to strike up a conversation with her, but now that she was back to reality, he began prying for information from her.

After all, his lifetime best friend's grandson showed interest in being mentored by an old man like him regarding cooking just because of her!

Ha ha! This sounds totally incomprehensible and unbelievable!

Although he barely witnessed the growth of his best friend's grandson, he still understood this child's character well.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, last night, receiving that call from the young man about wanting to learn how to cook, this old man was so scared he suffered from insomnia!


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