Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
467 Everyone in the Ji family loves with devotion.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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467 Everyone in the Ji family loves with devotion.

What kind of person was Ji Ziming?

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The moment he took his first breath into this world, he was already destined to inherit the Ji Group.

In preparation for that, he was provided the most elite education.

As a result, his personality was pretty much fixed at a young age.

The man was proud, cold, and aloof. Surrounded by riches since birth, for him to seek the help of an old man, whose only merit was his outstanding culinary skills, if one were to tell ten individuals of this, eleven of them would refuse to believe it!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Cough, cough, cough! The eleventh person was of course the speaker.

One could infer that Old He, the person the man was asking a favor from, was in disbelief!

However, the moment he saw him holding a girl's hand as the pair entered his Eastern Fence Abode, his disbelief instantly dissipated.

He now knew that the man was serious when he requested for him to teach him how to cook.

Ha ha! I almost forgot that, despite every generation of the Ji family's successors looking very proud, cold, and aloof, they all have one thing in common, and that is that they love with single-minded devotion.

My best friend is like that, and his son is, too, so his grandson will, of course, be no exception!

"He he!" While he did know of this fact, he was still shocked that the Ji family's heir could lower himself to such an extent for a woman.

"I am called Pei Ge, and I a-am…" Amid her self-introduction, she stumbled to define her role in the man's life.

"She's my girlfriend." Ji Ziming shot her a disgruntled look when she failed to define her standing in his life.

"Oh…" Old He watched the pair's interaction and stroked his beard in amusement before he teased, "You are Xiao Ji's girlfriend, hm! Not bad; not bad!"

"He he… Yes, thank you." Her smile was strained as she nodded.

This was her first time being introduced like that by Ji Ziming to someone – and the person was an elder to boot – so she could not help feeling a little guilty about this inside…

"Since you are Ziming's girlfriend, then just call be Grandpa He." Old He grinned at her affectionately.

She threw the man a sideway glance before she returned her eyes on to Old He. When Ji Ziming did not seem to be against it, she nodded and called, "Alright, G-Grandpa He."

"Mhm. Good child." Amid her shyness, Old He continued happily, "You are much cuter than this lad, Ziming."

"He he…" This annoying fellow is nowhere near cute, indeed.

Muttering this inwardly, she followed the elderly man into a small bamboo house as they chatted along the way.

"Grandpa He, is this your home? It's so beautiful!" she gushed as she scanned their surroundings. The small bamboo house, especially, amazed her.

"He he! It can be considered as my second home." Old He laughed. The more he interacted with her, the more confident he felt of his best friend's grandson's taste in women.

From his experience in life, he could tell that this woman was pure and kind-hearted. She was not the calculative type and was just simple by nature.

"Grandpa He, the first time I saw your house, it reminded me of a poem." After chatting with Old He for a while, she felt at ease enough in his company to share this.

Although her grandparents died when she was still young, she still remembered how good they were to her.

Hence, after she started calling this elderly man Grandpa He, she began to treat him as her real grandfather, and as a result, she became more outspoken with him.

"Oh? What poem is this? Do tell me." Old He's interest was piqued, and he kindly prompted her.

"It's a poem called 'Drinking Wine' from the Dongjin poet, Tao Yuanming."

When she said that, the elderly man's eyes instantly shone, but she, who was focused on reciting the poem, did not notice it.

"'While plucking chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, my eyes fall leisurely on the mountain in the south. The mountain view is good by day or by night, especially with the birds occasionally passing by on the way to their nest."

She really felt that this place was exactly as described in that poem.

While picking chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, one raised their head to look at the beautiful mountains on the southern side. The fog in the mountains and the golden hue of the sunset were made more exquisite by the flock of birds flying home.

As the sun was just about to set, the moment perfectly gave life to the poem.

"Ha ha ha!" Old He laughed heartily after she recited that poem.

She turned to look at him in perplexity.

"Lassie, look there." Old He stroked his beard happily as he directed her gaze on to a one-meter slab of stone near the bamboo fence.

The stone was carved uniquely; the most astonishing thing about it was not its shape but—

"Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh?!" She looked at the huge stone in disbelief. "Eastern Fence Abode?!"

Her eyes opened wide when she caught sight of the three words carved on it.

Although the writing was cursive and gave off an aloof feeling, she could still tell what was written by piecing the different sections together.

"That's right, lass. This place is indeed built according to that passage in the poem by Tao Yuanming." Old He chuckled.

She blinked at him, not having expected to hit the bull's eye with her random guess.

"Ziming, your eyesight this time is pretty good. I like this lass." He smiled at Ji Ziming without hiding his fondness for Pei Ge.

Ji Ziming merely shifted his gaze from the elderly man to the woman beside him.

Noting her blur look, he involuntarily shook his head in amusement as he proceeded to squeeze her hand lightly.


This stupid woman really has a fool's luck!

Unexpectedly, Old He took a liking to her. The elderly man was someone who looked amiable on the outside but was a dispassionate, sly fox on the inside. Usually, he kept his distance from people.


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