Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
471 Ziming, your eyesight is really good this time.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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471 Ziming, your eyesight is really good this time.

"Why are you sitting on the grass?" He frowned at this.

It was already winter, so the floor was obviously cold, and while it was covered with grass, it was still cold in his opinion.

"Huh?" She only noticed his presence at this point.

"Stand up." The furrow in his brows deepened when she only stared at him blankly and did not show any intention of standing up.

The floor is so cold. This dumb woman… She'd better not catch a cold!

She blinked, unable to grasp why he wanted her to stand up.

Perhaps, the night view today was just too wondrous, so her mood considerably improved, and she became more outspoken.

"Why do I have to do that? I'm comfortable sitting here! In fact, I find sitting cross-legged on the grass as I watch the night sky to be very enjoyable!"

When she refused to stand up and spouted so much nonsense, he decided to pull her up himself without bothering to argue with her.

"Ah!" She shrieked in surprise when he suddenly pulled her up from the ground.

"Ji Ziming, you a*shole! What are you doing?!" Being forced to stand up by the man, she immediately started shouting at him.

The man merely snorted at her display of anger before he reasoned, "You look ungraceful."

"Ungraceful?!" She felt her anger boil.

He forced me to stand up just because he found my sitting position 'ungraceful'?

What a finicky person!

"There's no one else here; why do I have to mind my image? It doesn't even affect you! If you find me ungraceful, then just don't look at me!" she muttered indignantly.

Seeing her spiritedly talk back to him, rather than getting mad, he felt at ease.

Mhm. Seems like she didn't catch a cold.

When the man merely stared at her, she did not bother quarreling with him anymore. She only lightly snorted before she turned to walk indoor.

Ji Ziming silently trailed after her.

Noticing his action, she peered at him and asked flatly, "You went with Grandpa He to assist him, right? Is cooking too demeaning for 'young master', so he decided to excuse himself from the kitchen this early?"

He frowned at her sarcastic remark and coldly informed, "Old He is done cooking."

"That fast?!" Her eyes widened at him in disbelief.

Only a short time passed, yet Grandpa He is done preparing dinner?!

"Hur. It only seems fast because a dumb woman like you is sitting outside in a daze." He felt wry at her look of shock.

"Ugh…" She took out her phone, only to learn that she had been outside for quite a while now!

The two had just taken their seats inside the room when Old He entered.

"Lass, did you wait long?" Old He smiled at her.

She shook her head, beaming. "Grandpa He, I didn't. I was just admiring the night scenery in your Eastern Fence Abode, and before I knew it, you're done preparing dinner. Time slipped by so quickly."

"He he, great, great! Let's have dinner now, then, lass!" Indeed, her every word was music to his ears.

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"Yes, please! I'm actually a little famished!" She nodded earnestly.

While they were exchanging words, the traditionally dressed woman entered the room and started laying the dishes on the table.

Pei Ge was stunned when everything was served.

Her shock did not stem from the dishes looking exotic or being laid elegantly on the table; rather, her shock stemmed from them looking very plain and being presented in a normal way! It was as if the dishes were not cooked by a prestigious chef but by an average cook, instead, the way these plain-looking dishes were served!

"What's wrong, lass? You look stunned." Old He stroked his beard amusedly at her surprised expression.

She nodded and voiced out her thoughts.

"Yes, I'm pretty surprised. I thought that the dishes cooked by Grandpa He would look as pretty as those cuisines featured in pictures; instead, they just look like what I usually eat at home."

Ji Ziming did not know whether to be amused or be angry when he heard her say that.

This dumb woman really has guts to say anything!

"He he! Are you disappointed?" Old He was still smiling when he asked this.

She shook her head and, eyeing the dishes on the table, answered, "I don't. I just think that homemade food should look like this. Just their smell alone is making me salivate!"

"Ha ha! You lass really do know what to say!" The elderly man burst into laughter at that.

She grinned and blinked innocently at him when she sensed his amusement. "Does Grandpa He want me to lie, instead? There are already enough people doing that to you; I believe another bootlicker is the last thing you want."

"Ha ha! Among all those people trying to please me, you, lass, are definitely the best." Old He was getting more and more satisfied with her.

He thought of that and then turned his attention to his half-disciple.

"He he. Ziming, looks like your eyesight this time isn't bad. I think that your grandfather will take a liking to Ge Ge." Old He stroked his beard and nodded approvingly at Ji Ziming.

Ji Ziming's heart stilled for moment as he shifted his gaze on to the woman beside him.

This old man taking a liking to her was… totally out of his expectation.

"Grandpa He, alright! Let's start eating!"

"He he he! Lassie, are you, perhaps, feeling shy?"

"I'm not! Let's dig in; dig in!"


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