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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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472 Is he that Ji Ziming?

In this location, Ji Ziming and Pei Ge were harmoniously having dinner.

In another location, in a foreign country, Tang Xiaoyu was looking the worse for wear. Her posture revealed her extreme lethargy, and one look at her was enough to tell that she was lacking in rest.

"Xiaoyu, your boyfriend's condition is stable now; he already passed the critical stage. You don't need to continue camping here." An Asian woman in white nurse uniform gave her a reassuring smile.

Sitting in a padded chair inside a recuperation ward, Tang Xiaoyu shook her head and replied hoarsely, "No, Linda. I'll stay here until he wakes up."

"You, really! Must you do this? Look at yourself; you're nothing but skin and bones. I think that, by the time your boyfriend regains consciousness, it will be your turn to faint and be hospitalized, instead!" Linda shook her head helplessly at her.

"I'm fine. My body is strong and can still handle it!" She made light of her physical state by laughing it off.

"You are 'strong and can handle it', huh! Let me tell you that no one can continue functioning well without getting enough food and rest for three weeks straight! You can't torture yourself like this." Linda was really helpless when she did not take her advice.

"Look; Zhengrong is bound to wake up soon. I'll be fine with waiting a bit more." She looked at the man lying in the hospital bed with gentle and loving eyes.

If Pei Ge were to see her best friend right now, the former would most likely sigh about the man, who was currently confined to bed, being the latter's true love!

"Yes, yes, yes. I can't win an argument with you, but I must insist on you visiting the washroom to clean up. If you don't, I'm afraid that, when your boyfriend finally regains consciousness, he will be scared by your haggard look into entering a coma again." Shaking her head in resignation, Linda left these words to her on her way out of the VIP ward.

Once the woman left the ward, Tang Xiaoyu touched her cheeks with her palm. When she felt the dryness of it, she hurriedly stood up.

"Zhengrong is about to wake up; I can't let him see me in such an ugly state!"

She proceeded to walk out of the ward and toward the nearest supermarket, intending to buy some cleaning essentials to make herself more presentable to the comatose man.

The moment her plane arrived at the airport in New York City and she alighted from it, she received news of her boyfriend being involved in a vehicular accident and currently being confined in a hospital. In her panic, she rushed to the hospital sans her luggage.

Having not left his side by even half a step since then, she was definitely looking very unkempt now.

Ding! A fashionably dressed woman entered the elevator Tang Xiaoyu was in.

Following this, a whiff of Dior's Floral Sweetheart perfume entered her nostrils.

The strong saccharine smell made her dislike the woman even before she saw her face.

She disliked the smell of sweet perfume the most, especially this Dior Floral Sweetheart series!

She still recalled that the woman, who had tried to seduce Zhengrong before, also loved this perfume.

"Brother Ziming, you actually hung up on me! Hmph! I definitely won't call you first next time!"

Tang Xiaoyu was originally not intending to look at the heavily perfumed woman, but she changed her mind when she heard her mention that name.

Brother Ziming?

She frowned and tilted her head in the direction of the woman.

Is 'Ziming' a very common name?

I seem to recall my best friend's boss being called 'Ziming', too…

The man this woman is talking about shouldn't be that Ji Ziming I know, right?

Thinking up to this, she curiously eyed the woman who had just walked inside the elevator.

Seeing the woman's appearance, she could not help praising her looks.

She's stunning!

That saying, 'A woman's looks rely 30% on heredity and 70% on style', fits this woman before me to a T! Just her looks alone are an 8 or a 9, while her style earns her full marks.

She's truly very eye-catching.

Tsk. What a beauty.

She praised the woman's good looks inside her.

Besides her perfume not being to her liking, she really could not find any flaw in her.

Young, pretty, elegant, and fashionable; from what she's wearing, this woman should be from an affluent family.

As she scrutinized the woman for mentioning that name she was familiar with, the latter, who was busy grumbling while staring at her phone, lifted her head and happened to look in her direction. As such, their eyes unexpectedly collided.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The pretty woman's huge eyes were expressive. However, before she could finish appraising her, she saw a trace of disdain flash in the woman's eyes.

The woman eyed her as if she were a piece of garbage.

"What are you looking at, ugly?"

"…" Aiyo! The hell is up with this woman?! She's got no manners at all! I didn't do anything to her and only looked at her, yet she dared to say such foul words at me!

Tang Xiaoyu's eyes opened wide in anger. She was about to lash out to the woman when—

Ding! The doors split open as the elevator reached the first floor.

Tak, tak, tak! The woman, who was as proud as a swan, sauntered out of the elevator sans a backward glance amid the clanking of her heels against the tiled floor.

From the woman's posture, one could clearly pick out her disdain for her.

"F*ck you, sister!" Failing to lash out, she could only satisfy herself with cussing the receding back of the woman.

What kind of person is she?! The h*ck if she's pretty?! There are countless beautiful women in this world; what is there to be proud of?!

F*ck! If not because I haven't washed my face for almost three weeks, I would've blinded your dog eyes with my beauty!

Tang Xiaoyu continued to rant inside, What 'elegance'—that's a load of claptrap! It's better if that woman doesn't open her mouth again. The way she talks shows her poor education and background! What a pretentious woman! Hmph!

She furiously stepped out of the elevator, totally forgetting about that woman mentioning a certain 'Brother Ziming' in her speech, which had attracted her attention to the latter in the first place.

F*ck! She'd better not appear before me again. Otherwise, I'll make sure to educate her properly on what is called 'ugly'!


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