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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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473 No Need to Scheme so Much

"Grandpa He, I'll be taking my leave first. I'll come visit you again next time."

After dinner, they continued chatting over tea, and before they knew it, it was already 9 P.M.

Noting that her tea cup was empty, she informed the elderly man of her intention to leave.

"Yes, yes, yes. Do remember the number of this ole man's assistant, okay? Call that when you want to come by, and this grandpa will be sure to prepare a sumptuous meal for you." Old He was all sunshine when he said this.

"Mhm!" She nodded affirmatively and smiled. "I already saved Sister Han's number! I even memorized it!"

"See; I already said that you, lass, are smart. Only Ziming, this rascal, calls you stupid." The elderly man laughed as he stroked his beard, shooting the man in question a look filled with jest.

Her eyes drifted onto Ji Ziming.

Having conversed for so long with the elderly man, she was already feeling very relaxed.

Hence, upon hearing Old He's words, she nodded in agreement once more, as though she were Ji Ziming's actual girlfriend.

"That's right! I'm not stupid at all." She pouted while glaring smugly at the man.

Ignoring the words of the two that were acting like a real pair of grandfather and granddaughter, Ji Ziming lightly stated, "It's getting pretty late; Old He, I'll accompany her home."

"Tsk!" She nudged her mouth when he did not react to their words.

After saying their goodbyes to Old He, the man dragged her out of the Eastern Fence Abode by the hand.

Pei Ge looked up at the twinkling stars in the night sky and then lowered her head on to the tall and imposing man in front of her.

This was when she realized that her hand was still in his.

"Hey," she blinked and muttered, "we are already outside; you don't need to continue acting."

Ji Ziming, who had been taking large strides away from the house, halted his footsteps the moment she spoke these words.

She blinked confusedly when he stopped walking.

Just as she moved to speak, she felt him separate their tightly clasped hands.

The moment the gentle touch left her hand, a sense of disappointment rose from her heart.

I clearly told this annoying fellow to let go, but the moment he did, I feel disappointed about it.

I'm really too self-contradicting!

She scolded herself inside.

Pei Ge, just get used to it. This man won't be forever by your side.

She was in the middle of hypnotizing herself with this when she felt her hand be tightly grasped by a well-defined palm.

"Pei Ge, you should remember that you don't have any say in this." He held her hand tightly. It was as if… he were afraid of her running away.

"… Mhm." She hummed lightly in acquiescence and, as if she feared the man, lowered her head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The truth, though, was the opposite.

She had lowered her head because she was afraid that the man would see the bliss in her eyes.

That was also why she maintained her silence as the man held her hand.

The car was clearly parked not too far from them, yet this short distance seemed to stretch indefinitely before them.


Getting into the passenger seat, Pei Ge quickly buckled up her seatbelt.

Ji Ziming noted this without comment and simply stepped on the gas to drive toward her house.

"Have you adjusted to the lesson these two days?" he asked out of the blue.

Not knowing how to answer him, she merely pursed her lips.

It was not right to say that she had adjusted to the lessons, but it would also be wrong to say that she had adapted to them.

"Why? Is it a tough question to answer? Didn't you have a lot to say in front of Old He? I didn't peg you as someone who would shy away from speaking her mind." Noticing her hesitance to answer, he snorted in displeasure.

"It's true that I'm that. Well, if I speak the truth, you can't get angry with me, okay?" She nudged her lips when she sensed his displeasure.

"Heh… Say it." He smirked.

"Remember not to be angry!" She blinked at him before she started voicing out her real thoughts.

"If you are waiting for me to adapt to the lessons, then forget it as that's not going to happen! How can you even think that it's possible? Those classes are just too odd, and those teachers are just too scary! I haven't encountered such before!

"CEO Ji, I think that you are out to give me a hard time by arranging those classes for me. I really don't see the value in me learning all those things. You told me to learn all that stuff so that I don't bring shame to you as your girlfriend, but haven't you thought that, even if I learn those things, it's useless because we are essentially just pretending to be in a relationsh—"

She was speaking with much fervor when the car did an emergency brake.


Her body was pushed forward, and as a result, she was cut off mid-speech.


She turned to look at him.

There's no red light ahead and no obstruction anywhere, so why did this annoying fellow suddenly stop the car?

"… Pei Ge, do you honestly think I'm trying to make things hard for you?" After a while, the man turned to regard her coldly.

"I…" She involuntarily gulped air upon seeing the stormy look on his face.

"Do you think I'm the sort to put so much effort into torturing a small fry like you?" The man felt that he was about to go bonkers from getting angered so much by her.

He spent a lot of effort into reaching an agreement with her and even hired all those professionals, whose services could not easily be acquired even with money, to be her teachers, yet this woman actually thought that he was out to make her life difficult?!

I really want to pry open her brain to see what exactly is in her mind!


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