Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
476 Who do you prefer to fetch you, me or Du Wen?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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476 Who do you prefer to fetch you, me or Du Wen?

"You! You are still touching! Ji Ziming, stop right now!"

She glared at him and then swatted his hand away.

Ji Ziming glanced at her briefly the moment his hand got shoved away.

"What are you looking at?!" She snapped at him while her hands busied themselves with tidying her hair.

She did not even need a mirror to know that her hair was turned into a mess by the man.

"Confetti." He stretched out his hand before her eyes.

She was stunned by this.

"Huh?" What confetti?

Suddenly, her eyes widened at the confetti in his hand. Looking closely at it, the object appeared to resemble a torn piece of the tissue she had used earlier.

"T-That can't be on my head, right?!" she asked guiltily.

Although he did not speak and his face wore no expression, the way his deep-set eyes stared straight into hers made her feel even guiltier.

So this annoying fellow suddenly reached out to my head because there's confetti on it…

Oh, no! Wouldn't that make my reaction seem quite exaggerated… It's so embarrassing!

"Uh… I-I…" she stuttered, shame-faced.

Before she could form a coherent statement, the man stepped on the accelerator and drove off.

"…" She could only swallow everything she wanted to say at that point.

She pursed her lips and looked away when she saw how focused he was on driving.

What is this! What a disrespectful fellow! Anyway, if there's confetti on my head, he should've just told me about it! No need to help me with it.

What she did not notice was that, as she grumbling to herself, the man stole a glance in her direction before retracting it quickly.

Of course, she also did not notice that a piece of tissue with a missing corner laid at his feet…

The car arrived quickly at her neighborhood.

"Thank you for chauffeuring me home." She removed her seatbelt, opened the door, and hopped out of the car.

"I heard that you don't want Du Wen to fetch you?"

The man asked her this just as she was about to shut the door.

"Mhm. I'm familiar with the route now, so there's no need—" She did not get to finish her statement as the man interrupted her.

"Then, I'll pick you up tomorrow," he said coolly and plainly.

"Eh, eh, eh eh?!" She widened her eyes in shock. "You want to fetch me tomorrow? Why do you want to fetch me tomorrow?!"

She must be hallucinating; otherwise, why would such words come out of this man's mouth?

"You don't want Du Wen to fetch you." This was his simple answer.

She turned Sparta at his illogical answer.

This annoying person decided to take over the task of chauffeuring her around just because she did not want his assistant to fetch her?!

"It's not my intention to have you fetch me when I told Du Wen not to pick me up anymore. I just feel that I can take—" Before she could say that she would just take the bus to Bauhinia Court by herself, he interrupted her once more.

"Either I fetch you or Du Wen fetches you. Choose," he said plainly.

"I already said that I can—" Again, her words were cut short by him.

"You only have two options to choose from." He fixed her with his cold gaze.

"…" D*mn it. This annoying person is really… too self-absorbed!

She pursed her lips and exhaled wryly under his smoldering gaze.

Forget it; forget it. I can at least save on the transport fare by taking Du Wen's car daily! It's also more convenient! Why not take advantage of it when I can?!

"I'll take Du Wen's car, then," she muttered reluctantly.

For some reason, the moment she uttered that, the air in the car became a lot colder.

When he just stared at her without a word, she blinked and muttered inwardly, Something feels off here; I'd better scram now.

"Well. If there's nothing else… I'll be taking my leave now." She blinked and smiled.

"… Hmph." After maintaining his silence for a while, he eventually lightly snorted.

"Good night, then, Ziming!"

She hurriedly closed the door and rushed into her block, as though a beast were hot on her heels.

"…" The man narrowed his eyes coldly at the fast receding back of the woman. If looks could kill, she would probably be dead by now.

That d*mn woman actually chose my assistant over me?!

She'd rather look at him than me?!

The petty man narrowed his eyes coldly as frigid air continued to bellow from him.

Du Wen seems to be very free recently, too…

"Achoo!" A particularly slacking assistant sneezed violently. "Strange. Why did it suddenly become so cold…"

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It was only after she had reached her apartment's door that she stopped running to catch her breath.

Once her breathing was back to normal, she then took out her key to open the door grill.

However, the moment she unlocked the door, and before she entered the living room, Zhang Manhua's voice was heard.

"Ge Ge, why did you switch off your phone for no reason?! Xiaoyu is anxiously looking for you!"

Her mother's face had disapproval written on it as she walked up to her from the living room with the phone in her hand.

Quickly connecting the dots, she figured that her best friend had probably called her mother when she could not reach her.

"Good. She still dared to call and complain to you. Hmph!" She huffed.

Tang Xiaoyu, you rascal, now you know the anxiety I felt when I couldn't reach you!

Still, you have mom's number to contact when you couldn't reach me while I only have your number!


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