Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
482 Pei Ge, I will be checking your cooking skills today!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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482 Pei Ge, I will be checking your cooking skills today!

She sat by herself in Bauhinia Court's reception area and soon spotted Li Qi running toward her while panting.

"Mi-Miss Pei, I'm really sorry. I carelessly got the dates mixed up! I'm terribly sorry!" He bowed so deeply to her he was close to genuflecting.

She quickly got up off the sofa at this solemn display of his.

"It's fine; it's fine. Don't do that. It's also my fault. If I weren't so careless, you wouldn't even be making this kind of mistake." She shook her head in reassurance.

He was deeply moved by her reassuring words.

"Miss Pei, thank you so much. I heard from Brother Du that you don't want to swap me out. I'm truly very grateful to you for that. You are such a good person," he said, abashed.

Having been issued the 'nice person' card, she laughed in amusement. "It's not your fault in the first place. Plus, your driving is really good. It's fast yet stable, so there's no point in swapping you out."

"He he!" He rubbed his nose in embarrassment at her praise. "Then, Miss Pei, let me send you home now."

She frowned lightly at that.

"What's wrong, Miss Pei?" he asked, noting her frown.

"I'm not going home yet. Just come and fetch me tonight," she smilingly informed.

"Huh? Why? I thought Miss Pei doesn't have anything to do here today?" He could not comprehend what her intention was.

She did not answer his questions and just smilingly said, "Just pick me up tonight. I can't go home right now."

It was not that she did not want to leave, but that she could not go home at this time of the day.

She did not tell her mother that she was studying stuff somewhere, so her mother thought that she was working at the office right now.

It was still the working hours, so how could she possibly go home now?

"Oh, all right then, Miss Pei. If you want to leave early, just give me a call." He just nodded at her request despite not understanding her intention.

"Okay!" She proceeded to save the new chauffeur's number on her phone.

"I will go now, Miss Pei!" He energetically waved his phone at her.

"Mhm-kay." She nodded in response.

The young chauffeur was soon gone from the villa's living room.

Thus, she became the only person inside this spacious villa.

Observing the large and empty villa, she suddenly felt that, although the place was beautiful, it was not lively at all.

While it did resemble a forest with lush greenery… it was devoid of any animals!

Only yesterday did she find out that the occasional bird chirping in the surroundings was actually just a recording!

It would be played whenever there were visitors to make this man-made small forest seem more natural.

Still, something that was fake would always be fake.

"It's better if they raise animals here…" she mumbled.

She was someone who loved animals. It was a pity, though, that her mother was averse to raising anything with fur.

Fantasizing of this while sitting on the green sofa in the living room on the first floor for a while, she got up and made her way to the second floor.

If my memory serves me right, there should be a huge study room with lots of books on the second floor!

On the second floor, as she was about to enter the study room, her hand phone started ringing.

Who is calling me at this time?

Taking out her phone, she promptly nudged her lips speechlessly when she caught sight of the caller ID.

Why is that annoying fellow calling me?

"Hello, CEO Ji." She answered the call.

"It's 'Ziming'." The man corrected her softly.

"Oh, Ziming," she repeated, clearly merely placating him.

"From now on, every time you address me incorrectly, I will deduct 500 from your salary." The man issued this warning upon perceiving the latter's insincerity.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She sputtered at that.

"A-Ah! How could you?!"

"I can since I'm the one giving you the salary," he replied nonchalantly.

"… But 500 is way too much!" She voiced out her unhappiness through gritted teeth, feeling aggrieved.

"There won't be a need to deduct if you call me correctly." The man remained nonchalant.

"… All right, I got it. How thankful I am! Zi! Ming!" She emphasized each syllable in her annoyance.

"Mhm." Seemingly not sensing her irritation, the man only responded casually by humming.

"…" She really wanted to vomit blood at his unperturbed hum.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she asked, "Zi! Ming! May I ask what this call is for?"

"Oh. It's nothing important; I just want to check if you are still at Bauhinia Court," he answered very casually.

She exasperatedly rolled her eyes at him again.

Tsk! This annoying fellow must be calling to mock me!

"Yes, I'm still here. Now… Zi. Ming. You can hang up now," she said with evident annoyance.

"I'll come over this afternoon." The man appeared not to have picked up the hint that she did not welcome his presence.

"… Huh? You're coming this afternoon? What for?" she asked, baffled. To mock me in my face?

"To check your study progress over these last two days." He sounded like her form teacher.

"… It's just been two days. What is there to check? Honestly speaking, I haven't learned anything useful these two days, so you totally don't need to come over—" Her words were cut short by the man.

"I'll be coming over to check your cooking skills," he replied in a serious tone.

"…" She was momentarily made speechless by his reply.

Oh, please! Great CEO Ji, can your skin be any thicker? What do you mean by checking my cooking skills?! Just tell me to cook for you if that's what you want!

So much for checking my cooking skills!

"You're not allowed to leave. If you do, I'll deduct half a month's worth of your pay." He readily made use of his trump card when he did not receive a reply from her.

Of course, she could not continue maintaining her silence at that.

"I. understand! I. will. definitely. wait. for. you. this. afternoon!"


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