Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
483 Ji Ziming“s mother wants to meet me?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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483 Ji Ziming“s mother wants to meet me?!

"I. understand! I. will. definitely. wait. for. you. this. afternoon!"

She immediately hung up the phone after she had finished saying that.

"F*ck! What kind of person is he?!" she exclaimed before complaining inwardly, As expected of an annoying fellow! Hmph!

However, she had just put her phone back into her pocket and was half a step into the study room when it rang again.

"… Is there something wrong with him?!" She clenched and unclenched her hands before she whipped out her phone again.

She did not bother checking the caller ID and just directly answered the call as she knew that it was the man calling again.

"Hello! Zi! Ming! I've already agreed, haven't I?! I'll wait here for you till the afternoon! Are you done yet?! I won't run—" A loud shriek over the phone interrupted her words.

"AHHHH! Sister Pei Ge, are you really together with my cousin?! Are you truly in a relationship with my cousin?! AHHH!"

Qin Qitong's excited squeal almost busted her eardrum.

She moved the phone away from her ear and stared at it blankly as a series of screams continued to come from it. Inwardly, she was screaming together with the girl.

AHHHH! What should I do?! I spoke arbitrarily to the wrong person and just exposed my relationship with Ji Ziming!

Wrong, wrong! It has made this lass misconstrue my relationship with that annoying fellow!

Sigh! That's not right, too! We are pretending to be a couple to bluff exactly that man's family!

Since Qitong is Ziming's cousin, she'll find out sooner or later about our relationship, anyway! There's totally no reason for me to panic!

"Sister Pei Ge, you have let me down! How can you not tell me that you are in a relationship with my cousin?! So much for me treating you as my sister!" The girl's indignant voice came through the phone incessantly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She could only sigh helplessly at her phone.

"What's wrong, Sister Pei Ge? Why are you sighing? Did I go too far and made you sad?" The girl immediately grew anxious upon hearing her sigh, and her voice became laced with some guilt.

Her heart warmed when she heard the girl's self-blame.

This Qitong is always this innocent and cute. More importantly, she's always thinking for my sake.

"No, you didn't. My sigh isn't caused by you." She smiled. "I just felt like doing that."

"Hah! Scared me to death! And here I thought I made you sad." The girl heaved a huge sigh of relief, her voice feeling with happiness.

"Qitong, it's not that I don't want to tell you about me and your cousin; rather…" For a moment, she did not know what to say.

Their relationship was built around a contract; hence, she really did not want to tell anyone about it.

"My cousin forbid you from telling anyone, right?" Qin Qitong supplied the answer for her. "I knew it! My cousin is truly the worst! He snatched you away behind my back! I'm your sister, all right?!"

Pei Ge could not help shaking her head wryly at the girl's indignant outburst.

"If not for auntie asking me about you, I would still be in the dark even now!"

"Are you telling me that Ziming's mother asked about me?" The smile on her face falter the moment she heard that.

This cousin of that man could naturally not see her expression as she admitted to her deduction obliviously. "That's right! I heard it from my aunt.

"Cousin most likely told his parents about you and of how you are his employee, so aunt came looking for me to ask about you."

She felt uneasy when she heard that.

I'm dead; I'm dead. Ji Ziming, you a*shole, how can you keep it from me that you have told your parents about us?!

"Sister Pei Ge, I really didn't expect for you to actually snag my stone-faced cousin! He he! Should I start calling you sister-in-law now?"

The girl saying the word 'sister-in-law' pulled her back to reality, and a bitter expression slowly surfaced on her face.

What 'sister-in-law'? Our relationship is fake. While we did get married, that… is also a lie.

Our connection will revert to how it was one day.

No, it won't revert to how it was; instead, it… will worsen.

"Sister-in-law, sister-in-law! You must take charge of my cousin from here on! If I ever quarrel with him, you ought to take my side!"

Every statement of the girl only made her stiffer and stiffer.

Before long, her mood plummeted to the negative digits.

"Qitong, don't speak arbitrarily and, more importantly, don't call me sister-in-law." Her tone was solemn when she said this.

"Huh? Why not?" The girl was unable to get what she meant. From her perspective, if her cousin disliked someone, he would never date that person.

She thought that, since her sister was such a nice person, her cousin should like her a lot. Therefore, they would surely get married in the future!

Hence, it was perfectly reasonable for her to call her 'sister-in-law' starting now!

"Ugh… We… are not at that stage yet." Pei Ge pursed her lips and then continued speaking in a stern tone. "Anyway, don't call me 'sister-in-law'. I really can't get used to it."

"All right, all right! I get it. I won't call you that!" The girl decided not to ponder about the way she should address her anymore.

Her sister would marry her cousin one day, anyway! It would not be too late to call her 'sister-in-law' then!

"Sister Pei Ge, my auntie wants to meet you. Are you free this weekend, hm? Let's go eat some desserts at a dessert shop! My aunt loves that, too! You two have lots in common and definitely won't have any of the common issues between in-laws!" The girl grew more excited the longer she spoke.

Pei Ge, for her part, felt extremely flustered.

OMG! Ji Ziming's mother wants to meet me! Me! My gosh! I'm not ready for that yet!


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