Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
485 The first time CEO Ji worries for a person.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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485 The first time CEO Ji worries for a person.

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The doctor put on his glasses and inspected her finger seriously. In the end, he was left feeling exasperated.

The cut on her middle finger was neither too deep nor too big; in fact, it was not bleeding anymore.

As such, when the doctor saw that her finger was simply grazed and did not even have blood, he truly felt very exasperated.

"… Mr. Ji, besides this wound, is there any other injuries?" The doctor tentatively asked this question after inspecting all her fingers for so long.

"No." The man shook his head.

"…" The corner of the doctor's lips twitched a few times.

She was made speechless by the two men's exchange.

This was especially the case when she saw the profound look in the doctor's eyes.

Hey, hey, hey! What's with that look in your eyes, Doctor Yue?! I didn't tell this annoying fellow to have you come over! He's the one who insisted on calling you, and I even tried to stop him! Don't you go assuming things, Doctor Yue!

The doctor, who was of the same age as the annoying fellow's father, volleyed his gaze between the man and woman in amusement.

He had never seen this young man be this anxious for someone before; more importantly, it was for a woman, too!

Are they in a relationship? Otherwise, he won't make a big fuss over such a small wound.

"Doctor, her hand is fine, right?" The man appeared to be very unconcerned about her.

However, just his act of calling the doctor for a hurt finger already gave away his true feelings!

This dense woman was unable to perceive this, though.

"It's okay; it's just a minor abrasion. She'd be fine after the wound is disinfected and bandaged." The doctor smiled patronizingly.

"You see? I told you my hand is fine. It's just an abrasion." She promptly felt smug that the doctor's diagnosis was just as she had said.

He simply ignored her words, though, as he gave the doctor a nod before he asked seriously, "Is there anything that we need to be careful about?"

"This lady avoiding getting her injured finger wet will do."

With that said, the doctor opened his medicine box and proceeded to disinfect, as well as bandaged, her wounded finger.

Since it was just a very minor injury, dressing it was quickly carried out.

"All done." The doctor smiled at them once he was done tending to her wound.

"Thanks, doctor. Sorry to trouble you." She eyed her freshly bandaged finger and smiled gratefully at the doctor.

"No worries." The doctor smiled in return as he closed his medicine case and bid them goodbye. "If there's nothing else, I will take my leave now."


"Bye bye, doctor!"

The two were soon left in this spacious villa by themselves again.

"Eh, Ziming, what should we eat for lunch?" she asked cautiously.

"… What would you like to eat?" When he, whose thoughts lingered on her injured finger, heard this gluttonous woman inquiring about food, for some reason, he was suddenly overcome by a sense of powerlessness.

"I don't know; I'm not particular with food, and anything is fine." She shook her head lightly.

To her surprise, this arrogant and egocentric man did not give her an immediate response.

When she saw him suddenly grow pensive, she called out to him.

"Ziming, what's wrong?"

If it were in the past, the man would give her an answer in an overbearing manner.

"… Let's eat outside." He finally spoke after a long bout of silence.

"Oh." Pei Ge was overcome with doubt at his reply. It was just a meal! Was it necessary to be silent for so long?!

What she was unaware of was the reason behind his protracted silence.

Having learned from Old He yesterday how to cook sweet and sour pork tenderloin, which was this silly woman's favorite dish, he was mulling on whether he should cook for her or not. That coot did praise his cooking as decent… so should he cook for her or not?

Cook? Forget it; I'd better not… I only know how to cook that one dish, we can't just eat that for lunch…

If he were to fail and frighten away this woman, what would he do at that time?

The above was the following reason for his long-drawn-out silence.

In those two minutes, his thoughts had gone from cooking to not cooking to what if it did not turn out well and she did not like it. Would he fail to win her affections in the future?

"Forget it; let's not eat out and just eat in." He just got up off the sofa but changed his mind halfway and returned to his seat.

"…" She felt that he was acting rather strange today. He was usually a man who would stand firm on his decision, yet he seemed to be changing his mind every time today. It was really shocking for her to say the least.

"Oh, then, I will go cook our lunch now." She nodded her assent to him and got up off the sofa.

In the middle of standing up, she saw him frown and then make a lunge for her uninjured hand.

"I said not to cook. Also, you can't get your hand wet in the next few days." he ordered firmly, narrowing his eyes at her.

"… What should we eat for lunch, then?" She looked at him with bewilderment, muttering to herself, If we're not going out to eat and I can't cook, then is this annoying person going to cook for us? Please kid me not!

"I'll ask the chef to cook for us," he replied coolly, giving her a fleeting glance.

"…" All right! She truly did not understand the world of the wealthy.

"What would you like to eat, Chinese food or western food?" As he stared straight at her, she inexplicably felt that he seemed to be very nervous.

"Chinese food. I'm not fussy, so any few dishes will do."

Hearing her reply, he faintly snorted. He remained expressionless on the surface, but deep down he was actually boiling…


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